Wednesday, January 25, 2012


(First Picture Above Not The Actual Woman That Died. The Second Picture is McDonnell Photographed Entering His Car)

Having met on a fetish website, a 43 year old woman was persuaded to have sex with a 57 year old man's dog a few hours later she died.

Published by Spencer Hawken on July 15, 2011., in Alternative News

A woman who died after having sex with a dog three years ago, will make history after the man who owns the dog is to be prosecuted.

Sean McDonnell from Church Meadows, Raheem , Ireland has been charged under the offense of Buggery with an animal contrary to section 61 of The Offenses To A Person Act of 1861.

Three years ago, the man and an unnamed woman aged 43 engaged in the encounter, which involved his German Shepard dog. While the sexual encounter it seems concluded happily (if happy is the correct term) the alarm was raised the same day when the woman started to comment on a unwell feeling, things get increasingly worse and by the time the paramedics had taken her to the Mid Western County Hospital she was dead.

The autopsy showed that the woman had suffered an allergic reaction not dissimilar to that of the reaction of someone who has an allergy to peanuts.

The dog in question is fit and well, but is held in quarantine.
Mr. McDonnell was granted legal aid to fight the matter through the case, but was shown an extensive book of evidence, the prosecution has had three years to collect sufficient evidence to present a solid case.

While cases of animal related sex are common, ones in which there are victims are rare, and it is usual for someone to face charges.

A date for the court process to begin has yet to be made public.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, "why would General Nikki X post something like this?" And most of you who have read this blog for more than a minute KNOW why.

For years now there has been a debate going on at this website regarding a blog post I wrote years ago regarding the white Hollywood produced movie Brokeback Mountain. I made the point back then I believe it was 2005., (Type in the search bar on our homepage & See Blog titled: Sodom & Gomorrah Hits Hollywood With Brokeback Mountain: The Movie) that the white man is a deviant sick bloodthirsty murder-loving ungodly being that loves to have sex with animals and brutalize the black man, his black woman and black child.

This story comes straight out of the white man's news publication. It is not I who made it up or just wanna "be racial", as some of you scared-to-death knee-knocking buck dancing tired 'n' trembling house negro blacks and racist ignorant trailer park white folks would label me. As if I truly care anyway. For this is The Black Fist Blog, where the truth will be told and not sold and it may not always be good news but it's hood news! That's right brothers and sisters that is still what I say and still how I say it. Nothing has changed here at The Black Fist Blog, only the days and years on the calendar.

In any event, getting back to this gory ungodly sick perverted fuck pictured above, Sean McDonnell. What in the sam hill was on the mind of this Sean McDonnell that would make him so-called "persuade" this equally as ungodly sick perverted fuck and now dead-as-a-doorknob broad the so-called "unnamed 43 year old woman" to have sexual intercourse with his innocent household pet?

Yes, I said "innocent". Because that German Shepard was unable to stand up on his hind-back legs and look those two deviants in the eyes grow human vocal chords and say, "Hell naw I ain't fucking this white woman or no other woman! I'm a dog you two damn dummies and I ain't giving no dog dick to no humans! It's against the laws of nature, the laws of God who created me before he created humans, and guess what you stupid nasty idiots.... Uh... she just might DIE!"

I mean really folks! These is the same kind of questions I was asking back in the days when the so-called hit Hollywood movie Brokeback Mountain was being hailed as a "touching love story". And so what! That those precious little innocent sheep in the movie was suppose to be tended to by those two white men undercover homosexual cattle ranchers. Yet some of them (those precious sweet little sheep) met a bloody grisly fate all because those two white men decided to "tend to each other" sexually instead of the sheep.

Lord God, help of us black folks who have to co-exist down here with these devils and help everybody else who even has a little bit of basic common sense to see their ungodly wickedness.

I don't wanna get too far off track here only to bring it up because we here at The Black Fist Blog caught so much heat and wholly hell for even suggesting the white man loves lowdown homosexual deviant acts such as their ungodly "backdoor love" for each other. And the downright ungodly filth and degradation of what they call "animal love". What we decent humans (and the law calls) BESTIALITY!

Webster's Dictionary Defines BESTIALITY as: Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal.

It is totally unnatural for men and women to have sex with animals. That's why that white woman is no longer on this Earth today due to her own nastiness and Buggery. Isn't that what the white man's law in Ireland called it, Buggery? And why did the white man have to even make a law like that in the first place? Yep you guessed it! To keep his fellow white brethren and fellow white female counterpart off the penises and out of the vaginas of defenseless lower creatures (animals). And for this law to have been created way back in 1861, I mean, my God white man!?! What's wrong wit'cha?!? Y'all been sexually deviant and perverted a helluva long time haven't'cha?

The questions we have today on The Black Fist Blog are the same questions we asked years and years ago back in 2005 with no true answer(s) as of this date:

1. "Why can't the white man & his white woman find something else to do with his or her leisure time except sexually terrorize, brutalize
, rape and force him and/or herself on these poor defenseless lower creatures (animals)?

2. What the hell is going on in AmeriKKKa and other countries abroad? (Yes, AmeriKKKa has a few Bestiality laws of its own on the books. And I know you can't be surprised to find that out)

3. Where the hell is the famous well-renowned world animal rights group PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) to stand up, speak out, defend and protect these poor lower creatures (animals) such as the German Shepard in this story from sexual brutalization, rape, and abuse from the ill-moral white man and equally ill-moral white woman?

We here at The Black Fist Blog wanna know the answer to those questions ASAP!!!

Until then.....

-- We hope Sean McDonnell age 57, gets the proverbial judicial book thrown at his nasty filthy ass for the crime of Buggery and is subsequently incarcerated for a very very very long extended period of time .
-- The white woman in question aged 43, who had sex with McDonnell's German Shepard and died as a result, has already paid the ultimate price for her lowdown degradation and is probably somewhere in hell by now tryna explain away her life of animal abuse, debauchery, unnatural horniness, and filth.....

-- And as for the poor sexually victimized German Shepard, he is reportedly doing well.

And we here at The Black Fist Blog hope this German Shepard is not too traumatized by the experience of being raped and is able to go on with his dog life. Perhaps finding a new God-fearing master and live out his life for many many years to come.
We will pray and continue to pray for this poor and degraded (by no fault of his own) German Shepard dog.

So what now folks? Well, we will just have to follow this case and keep you, our faithful readers informed of the outcome.

Final Thoughts: Commenting on this topic is of course open to any and everyone who would like to participate. General Nikki X loves a spirited debate, a lively discussion, or a flat-out battle royal. However, think before you speak and don't think for one minute that I have been away from hot button subjects like this for so long that I have gotten soft, Ok? Because you if think that, you couldn't be further from the truth.
Please remember the truth is what it is, and the truth stands on its own without explanation or defense.

So let's get down to it! I wanna hear what you think.

In Conclusion: The Crime of Bestiality is a CRIME because white folk couldn't stay outta the backyard barns back in the day and keep their peckers in their pockets. Nowadays, they still can't keep their peckers in their pockets only the locations have elevated.

Nowadays in the 21st century, it's the condos, mansions, everyday common homes, and expensive luxurious secret vacation hideaways of the white man and his white woman where they engage in unnatural sexual acts against God's most hapless, defenseless helpless creatures. Engaging in the act of sexual intercourse with dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, sheep, lambs, horses, small ponies, cows, donkeys & the like. Imagine, a "fetish website" created, orchestrated, managed, and visited all day everyday by these deviant dirty devils (the white man and his white woman) solely for the purpose of what this white man calls "intimate animal love between a man/woman and his animal"..... YUCK!

This thing called the World Wide Web is something else ain't it???



Anonymous said...

Damn!!! That's some nasty shit white folks need s to be called out for they dirty shit always saying blacks are animals but they the ones having sex with 'em! Nikki X you know I couldnt help laugh my ass off at how you was sayin stuff I rememeber that brokeback mountain post you had then white folks fighting and trying to get you knocked off the blog world but you tore they asses up! you baaaack! lol!

Sis. Rachel

Anonymous said...

What the fuck??!! Nikki X this is sick these white people are sicker than sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming back strong hitting hard and telling the true about this devil and they always treating us like animals and discriminating against us HA! yeah when they the ones doing the nasty stiff you wrote about! And where's my fucking reparations for slavery mutherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gaaaawd-damn what the fuck!!!????!!! hat shit was crazy! that suff do happen in the united staes to I read about the shit that takes place in them rural areas and you know kentucky right across the bridge them honkies overe there tossing a nigga or 2 in the ohio river then going home chewing tabbacco and getting it on wit fido!
Nikki great post even though it turned my stomach but like you said the truth must be told. that picture of the white bitch and the dog was way to funny girl I'm stil laughing! Brother Jaheem 2X

Anonymous said...

this brother Jaheem 2X again girl I was so rattled I messed up my comment sister. what a nigga is trying to say is them honkies over in kentucky love tossing a nigga or 2 in the ohio river then going home to get it in with fido. the rest yall understood. thanks Queen

Anonymous said...

Queen Nikki X you are something else girl that first picture off the top was hilarious!!! The story was a damn shame and fucked up! you always did expose them ofays for the true live beastly muthf**kers they are. that was good story though especially the way YOU told it lol! yeah sista you are back like the other sis. Rachel said now just stay here and don't go nowhere. PLLLLEEEEESSSSEEEEE! lol!

Your brother Trey X

Anonymous said...

Queen Nikki X girl you are something else! That first picture you posted off the rip was funny as hell! The story was a damn shame and fu*ked up! I am so glad you are continuing to expose these honkies for the true beast that they are and yes you are back like the other sis. Rachel said. Keep hitting 'em hard hard and strong queen. And since you are back stay here and don't go nowhere PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEE!lol!

Your Brother Trey X

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to post twice my first post said it didn't go thru so I sent another one oh well my bad sister. Trey X

Anonymous said...

thats one of the worse stories i have ever heard whites are the animals NOT us general nikki why oh why do you have to be a straight up a comedian for real lmbao!!! the way you explained that made me crack up allllll the way through! K.L

Anonymous said...

What in the Hell is that Horseshit?!!!! I haven't as much read this one, just the headline. I'll comment after reading this. JT.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck !!!!!!!!!!????????? white folks is crazy them mutherfuckers nasty as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Super Sick in mind, soul,and heart, and That got what is of the nature of the wicked evilness that dwells within the both of them white folks. I pray that the Dog can recover, and live a normal enjoyable long lasting dog's life. The question is still there though,where is PETA, and the animal recue creww on these vicious evil white folks that committed this brutality on this animal? If that person were black ( such as Micheal Vick the Pro Football Player) SWARMS of PETA would have been all over them with chages,Media coverage, and we all can just think of what else. Bro. JT.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you take your black fist and stick it you know where. You are full of hate and and a complete hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

punk muthafucker bitch!!! you can get yo' ass smashed talking that shit to our sister!!!! whats wrong bitch you one o' them honkies fucking a dog!!!! stay the fuck up offa this site fo' real yo'!!! sign yo' name bitch ass punk i'm signing mine!!! Bro. K.L. bitch!

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm talking to you bitch ass anonymous punk!!! Bro. K.L.

Ahmad 9ine said...

As the melaninite children descended from the eloheem we look upon this with disgust disdain outrage, etc However, allow me to humbly add some perspective. The reason why the Tamahu/Human Beast/Behaymaw male and female conduct themselves in this fashion is because it is their nature. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told of this and Dr. Malachi Z. York wrote extensively on this years ago in the sons of canaan and the dog. It is important for us as children of the most high to be aware of their nature so we can quantify and know what to expect of them furthermore this is why the tamahu/human beast has a lower nature to begin with Our Negative ancestors (melanin beings) genetically created him to be this way just like in the stories of Yaqub and others. we should not be outraged we should simply overstand THEIR nature. If you sit raw meat in front of a Lion what will the Lion do? Devour it that is the lioin's nature. It is no different for the Human Beast furthermore, these acts are the fullfilment of prophecy as they have reached the end of their genes which coincided with the end of this current lunar cycle. Don't believe me check it out.
Taawuhaat and hotep

Ahmad 9ine said...

Brothers and Sisters of the Most High an insight into nature of the Human Beast. The Tamahu has blinded us for so long that we cannot see them for what they really are and when we do they get mad because they forget that they worshipped us and we are their gods (the black madonna).

In addition Bro. Bobby Hemmitt made an affirmation to the nature of the spirit of tamahu/human beast.
They(tamahu/human beast) are a souless bundle of intelligence and animal cunning, taken from the book the souless one written by Mark Prophet.

Fear Anger confusion is not the response required we must get back into the science of ourselves our DNA our Melanin and all of the melanin-nite children in all of our variations/races (races were invented by the tamahu as a more effective means of divide and conquering of our tribes) Black/Native American/Asian/Hindu/and the so called Hispanic for hispanic is a combination of Black Asian Native American and Tamahu and due to centuries of groups intermingling the way we can tell the children of the most high is Melanin as Melanin ties directly into the physical personification of the soul. That is one reason why the human beast refers to melanin-nites as soul people. Melanin is a gift from the Elders/Eloheem Ancestors and it is melanin that will allow us to bring heaven on earth because for sure these physical human beasts have certainly brought hell on earth. So in looking at their sexual appetites their motivations make sense because they are at their nature driven by the lower chakras. . . Hotep

Ahmad 9ine said...

Here are the comment had to break the up due to the post limit:
by knotuptoit on August 14th, 2011

Reasons why a girl should have intercourse with her dog:

1. No chance of unwanted pregnancy!!!
2. Dogs do not spread STD's
3. Dogs do not tell (and so what if they do)
4. YOU are totally in control of when and where (if you don’t want him in you, send him outside or at a minimum keep your panties on).
5. Generally speaking...big dog, big penis... if you are into size then a dog has just the right penis. The knot on his penis is fabulous at stimulating the "g" spot. it also gives the "full" feeling during your orgasm that a man’s penis seldom is capable of doing.
6. They are able to stay erect for up to an hour or even more in some cases. (This can be a problem though if you are lucky enough to tie together with your dog and are in a rush to get off and get him out. if he is stuck, he is there until he finishes cumming in you)
7. A dog can have sex with you several times in a row and many times in one day.
8. A dog doesn’t care if you are fat or skinny, short or tall, blond or brunette, rich or poor. He doesn’t care if you are the most beautiful woman in the world or so ugly that you have to rub your face at night to make it stop hurting so you can sleep. He doesn’t care about the vanity of the human mind, your status in the community, or even if your arm pits and coochie stink. He will love his mistress unerringly and will protect his "mate" from harm.
9. He is likely going to be easier to train than a man ....have you really ever tried to house break a man? Good luck. It takes months to house break a dog.
10. A dog in the house allays its self to suspicion. Dogs have been a part of the human household for so long that unless you tell someone NO ONE will ever suspect that you are making love with your dog.
11. Even though you are taking a dog penis twice the size of your significant others you will shrink back to your normal size in a matter of minutes and "he" will never know.
12. Dogs ejaculate in buckets. it is wet and messy and you will gush a geyser of dog sperm when he pulls out....better have a towel ready:-)
13. You will never be lonely. You will be the center of your dogs’ world. He won't leave you to go to a ball game or to get drunk with his buddies,
14. Dog sex? It is just plain old fun. Why else do you think that in a male dominated society women have been forbidden to "do it" with a dog? Simply put "men cannot compete,
15. Women have been having sex with the dog is the one that is able to satisfy a woman the best. Maybe it is the shape or the placement of the dogs penis within the vagina and maybe it is the close companionship and bond we humans have with our closest animal friend.
16. He is not another man. So are you really cheating on your husband or boyfriend when you are enjoying the pleasure that you will find in the passionate animal embrace of "woman’s best friend"?
17. One thing is for sure, if you "do it" once, chances are good that you will "do it" again. And if you achieve a good powerful climax, which is most likely, you will continue to "do it" for the rest of your life. And by the way it may take a bit of getting used to the knot if you have a small vagina and your dog has a large penis but you will find that a little perseverance will pay off in a lot of great sex and lots of great high intensity orgasms.

Read more: Why do human females have sex with dogs? | Answerbag

Anonymous said...

Not only do whitey sex their animals they have sex with relatives and little children, sick race of devils anything they do wouldn't surprise me look how they treated slave stole whipped raped and sold us like we were animals without feelings.

Melanite Zaryus said...

I can't believe some of the whites here are defending this shit. These people truly are the devil....

General Nikki X said...

Sis Melanite,

So true. Thank you for your comment.
And Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!