Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In this second installment of our series: Domestic Violence Against Black Women.
We will explore the how's and why's of when "Love Becomes Hurtful". This article is enlightening and insightful. I know that some sista out there reading this blog post is probably hurting right now. Let me say to you beautiful sista that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Do you hear me? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We have all experienced relationships at some point in time where the feeling is so euphoric at the genesis that you just believe off the top "This is the one for life". Then you wake up one morning finding yourself at revelations laying in bed with a mean black abusive monster! But that is the monster you chose (of course, not knowing he was a monster), and that is the monster you may still love.
What a dilemma to be in, huh sis?

Well, waking up finding out that your beautiful black man is an evil mean control-freak monster is one thing, and that has to be deal with. However, waking up finding out your beautiful black man is an domestic violence abuser ..... that is a totally different entity. Physical abuse is totally unacceptable. There is no reason under the sun for a black man to brutalize and terrorize his own black woman. NONE!

Read the article linked below and marinate on what you have read. Some black men just don't know what they have lost in a good woman until that good woman is gone. And then some black men don't even realize it then, due to their own stupidity, arrogance, stubbornness, and never-ending greed for new pussy. We keep it real here on The Black Fist Blog so there it is!

Spousal Abuse affects black women in so many different negative hurtful ways. Ways that we will examine further in an upcoming installment. But for now, I would like everyone including you black man, to read, think, examine, digest then comment on whatever is on your mind and in your hearts. I titled it as "spousal abuse" but what that includes for the sake of this discussion is not necessarily just husbands and wives. It also means, a boyfriend & girlfriend type couple, the "we just kickin' it" couple and any other heterosexual black man/black woman relationship. We here at The Black Fist Blog are solely sticking to domestic violence between the black man and his black woman. And That's it!

Also, I have added a bonus video to accompany this installment, it's dedicated to all the black men out there who had a good woman and you lost her. A woman that was in your corner and down for you regardless of your circumstances and situation. Domestic Violence Abuse stems from a lot of external situations & factions, that is just a fact. Domestic Violence Abuse also stems from a helluva lot of internal bullshit & past situations that carry over into the current relationship.... And the black woman ends up being his punching bag for it!

Black Love Is A Beautiful Thang. But Not When That Beautiful Black Love Becomes Hurtful!!!

Please Click Here: Domestic Violence: When Love Becomes Hurtful | is the premier online destination for health and wellness resources for and about African-American women and their families.

Sis. Angela Winbush singing "You Had A Good Girl". From her 1987 LP "Sharp".



Anonymous said...

That article was deep and it did give insight to why the black man goes crazy on the woman damn! that was a very good piece you wrote to. I love some angela winbush that used to be my song back in the day it was good to hear it again I played it 3 times before I commented. Keep up the good work Sis. Nikki X

Yvette P.

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X those pictures are so sad this whole situation of domestic abuse is a terrible thing in our community I just wish that men would realize they are bigger and stronger than us and realize abuse could kill. My dude is a than that big in weight but he is like 6'2 and he picked me up by my throat and slammed me against a wall my back was bruised and I had a red ring around my neck then he said he was "sorry" its always "sorry". I loved him but what I used to feel for him is gone! I hate his guts now and he made it that way.


Anonymous said...

Damn Sis. Trina! I'm sorry that ever happened to you ma. These niggas I mean negroes that beat their woman should be shot down like the coward dogs they are real talk!!! Them the same niggas I mean negroes that are too punkified to fight a real black man back the sorry sons-o'-bitches!
Stay up girl& get rid of that bitch ass nigga if at all possible! Punk nigga!

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Seem like I'm always behind Bro. Trey & that's what's up cuz tha brother be right on point. I wish I would find out one of my sisters biological or not getting they asses beat by some coward ass punk muthafuckah I'll tell you right off the rip that bitch ass nigga gettin' smokes 'n' ask questions later fo' sho'! Fuck that! Yeah stay strong Sis. Trina & any other beautiful black queen out there that's dealing wit some fool ass nigga! And Sis. Nikki remember what I said on the other blog you wrote I mean that shit girl you better holla at a nigga if something's wrong!

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

Sister Nikki X, This is one of the most important things that I take to ALL of my Heart, and soul each moment that I have. Thank you for the posting of the thoughts to be taken to my heart. Love you Baby. Bro.JT