Sunday, July 24, 2005


Welcome to the All New "Black Fist Blog"!
This blog will be like no other blog you've ever seen OR read.
For those of you who are not familiar with us please allow me to introduce ourselves....

The Black Fist is an Organization dedicated to: #1. Stopping Police Brutality in The City of Cincinnati. #2. Stopping the Klu Klux Klan from coming to The City of Cincinnati. #3. Ensuring Justice, Equality and Civil Rights for all Black People in The City of Cincinnati. #4. Fighting for Economic Equalitities and Fairness for Black People in the City of Cincinnati. #5. Promoting Black Power, Black Unity, Black Self-Love and Black Community. And Last but NOT least...
#5. Reuniting The Black Man and The Black Woman for a Strong Black Unit who "TOGETHER" will raise and nurture Strong Black Children. What equates into a "Strong Black Family".

In The Black Fist, we believe in The Knowledge of God, The Knowledge of Self and The Knowledge of The Devil.

We Believe in speaking out against racial hatred in various forms. We have spoken out at Cincinnati City Council Meetings in City Hall, The Hamilton County Commissioners Meetings, The Hamilton County Courthouse and we believe in shining a light/shutting down No-Good Racist where they live, work and breed! And there will be those rare occassions when we must "deal" with our own "TRAITOROUS" black people so don't be surprised if or when your name is called out!
We will not allow anything OR ANYBODY to get in the way of our freedom struggle nor will we "BABY" or "Hold the Proverbial Hand" of those who try too!

The Black Fist is a "Black Militant" Non-Compromising Organization known throughout the region for speaking the truth even when the truth hurts. Saying the things others are afraid to say. Whether it be in the White-controlled press, White right-wing talk radio or to the Whiteman's face. We've even been known to show up on black talk radio whether it be Christian, Muslim or Hebrew Yisraelite..."The Talk don't change only the audience".

On this blog we will be discussing an array of different topics ranging from Politics local & national, Economics, Social and Racial issues. Including The Cincinnati Boycott, Cincinnati City Council Races, The Cincinnati Mayoral Race and a whole host of enlightening, interesting and mind-provoking subjects.
Sometimes we may even have a blog entry where our Black Brothas and Sistas can "Express Themselves" through (copyrighted) "Personal Poetry", (copyrighted) "Personal Rap Lyrics" or just a "I'm Tired of The Man's Foot on my Neck Get it off My Chest" brand of expressions...Now where ya gonna get all of that without the fear of Ol' Capt 'n' Charlie breathing down ya neck ??? NO WHERE but "The Black Fist Blog"!!!

We welcome all comments, questions and/or concerns from all of our Black Brothas and Black Sistas in Cincinnati, The Tri-State Area and from around The World. But I must WARN you now that this blogspot is NOT for the "Weak at Heart", The "Timid" in Nature, The "Weak on the Stomach" NOR is it for the "Why did they have to say it like that crowd". We are NOT interested in People who love and try to help everybody in the universe but when it comes down to helping BLACK's Oh No!!! "lookoutderenow" we've got a problem!

Hell No!!! The Black Fist is not interested in throwing out life preservers to every other race of people when (for a lack of better words) "The Black Boat is Sinking"!!!
No, No, No, This Blog is for Black People who believe in "Truth", The Hard-Core Truth that is seldom spoken out loud! Truth that will ONLY HELP Black Folks NOT HURT them.
Ya' Dig?
Don't get us wrong anyone can participate and comment on the subjects posted here. Just remember this is "The Black Fist Blog" NOT "Diversity Central". Understood? Good. Let's move on....

As Blog Administrator, I'd like to take a moment to WARN all you PARENTS out there who have children who like to surf the world wide web. Some of the things that will be printed and discussed on "The Black Fist Blog" WILL NOT be suitable for children so it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOT MINE to monitor what your children will or WILL NOT see on this blog page.
I don't want to hear nothing about "Why This" OR "Why That". I'm WARNING you now some of the language and/or subject content WILL NOT be for your children's eyes to read and/or should NOT be repeated out of your children's mouths.

Now enough of the "warning labels" and on to the business at hand.

My name is General Nikki X. I co-founded The Black Fist in the year 2000 at it's conception. I am "Head of Security" and "Head of Telecommunications" for The Black Fist. I am a Proud Black Woman. Age (none of your business), A descendant of Southern United States Slaves, A Fighter for The Liberation and Salvation of The Black Nation, A Hard-Core Guerrilla Protester and a believer and PRACTICER of "Self-Defense", if aggressed upon and/or provoked. A Black Militant Warrior, Skilled in The Art of "Psychological Warfare" who is prepared to fight for complete and total "Reparations" for The Descendants of Slavery here in these so-called "Hells of North AmeriKKKa" until my last breath!

I was taught by The Great General Nat Turner, The Great David Walker, The Great Sista General Harriet Tubman, The Great Marcus Mosiah Garvey along with his wife and helpmate in the struggle Sista Amy Jacques-Garvey, Minister Malcolm X along with his wife and helpmate in the struggle Sista Dr. Betty Shabazz, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and last but certainly NOT least "The Great Afrikan Warrior", The Non-Compromising, Bold (gave them "Hell from The Cradle to The Grave") Blackman by the name of Major General Minister Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad....Peace be upon them all.

Some of you may or may not know about The Black Fist Organization, in time I hope you will get to know us through our views, philosophies and opinions.
Some of you may have heard of and/or read some of our articles that have been published in various publications such as "The Cincinnati Hearld", "City Beat", "The Cincinnati Post", "The Cincinnati Enquirier" and "Cincinnati Magazine".
We are the proud authors of many "Black Militant" writings such as, "Can The Blackman Get Justice Under Whitey's Law"?, "The BlackWoman is Next", "The Prosecutor is Santa Claus", "Just a Few Questions", "Who is The Real SuperFreak: Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen or Rick James"?, "Making Pepper Mayor: A Big Mistake", "City Council Full of Crybabies", "Whose Really Under Those Hoods"? and "Introducing Cincinnati's Own Condoleeza Lemmie..GoodBye". Just to name a few.

The Black Fist are the proud authors of the now Historicial Document "The Moratorium on Police Brutality" which we signed on January 31, 2003. and presented to the power that be.
The Black Fist believe Police who kill Black People "Unjustifiably" should go to "PRISON"! Period.

The Black Fist have called for some of the most (if not THE most) "Controversial Marches & Protests" against racial hatred and injustice, we can be found in different neighborhoods throughout the Spring, Summer & Fall months lecturing and handing out literature on our "The Black Fist Presents: Stop-The-Black Violence Tours" and we are stanch supporters of The Economic Boycott placed on The City of Cincinnati along with the sanctions on "Travel & Tourism". We have publicly called for changes in the WHITE status-quo power structure here in Cincinnati, what we call "The Last Plantation".
You may have seen us at different Rallies on Fountain Square (with City ISSUED Permits, for you inquiring minds out there) maybe these events ring a bell: "Black Power Day", "Black Freedom Day" and "Black Resistance Day".
These are yearly events that have opened the minds of [some] of our people for 4 years straight.
And The Black Fist Annual "10 and a half mile March against Police Brutality" starting point: Seymore & Landon Farm Rd. in Bond Hill (directly across from "Integity Hall") and Final Destination: "The Federal Courthouse in Downtown Cincinnati".

And Finally we whole-heartedly believe Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher should be FIRED immediately! End of Discussion!

As Blog Administrator, General Nikki X reserves the right to "delete" any comments found unsuitable for this blog. I know you may not like that but Oh well, I would suggest you go start your own blog and deal with it there. Because this is "The Black Fist Blog" and as "The Administrator" of this Blog, I run the show.
Thank you very much.

The Black Fist looks forward to some enlightening, interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes "Heated" conversations from all of you who chose to participate on this blogsite. And in time you will get a chance to hear the views and opinions of "some" members of our elustrious organization. And there will be "some" members you won't be hearing from at all.
I am a proud member of The Black fist, as is every member of our Organization. And every member of "The Black Fist" is a "GENERAL"!

Well, that's about it for our 1st blog entry.

Please Feel Free to comment on anything written here so far and "Stay Tuned for More Blog Entries" as the days go on.
We are new here in the land of the bloggers so please bear with us until we get our bearings!

General Nikki X leaves you now with the greeting coined by The "MEMBERS" of The Black Fist...
"Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation"...."Black Power, Every Hour"!


kingkemuel said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Brigadier General Nikki X said...

Thank You for all the Warm & Fuzzy comments.

And due to all of the "POSITIVE" responses received on our blog thus far, you can be certain that there will be even "MORE BLACK MILITANT TRUTHS" coming your way soon...

So thank you once again and keep reading "THE BLACK FIST BLOG"!

Anonymous said...

I just found this web site and I like what I have been reading. Keep up the good work. Stay black and strong.

lene said...

I may be unlike every other straight white man on earth but I don't think so. I support your cause for strong black people and organizations. It is not the white man that has held you back any more than it is the black man that is responsible for the problems in our City. I agree some people are bigots. That type of ignorance is found in all races and classes.

The problem is the corporations that own us. Black or White we are slaves to the corporations that hold the power over us by having their puppets elected to office. We think we have free elections but nobody has freedom when someone is behind the scenes manipulating the outcome of every election. Money buys politicians, both black and white, to create programs that will ensure we remain indebted forever unless we stop them.

Corporations legally are treated like people but they aren't people because they have no heart or soul. Instead of having a face they have a logo. They care nothing about people, they care only about profits. They have a CEO that receives millions in compensation and teams of experts that control your future.

These corporations control the media and feed us propoganda to keep the people seperate and at odds with each other.

Valerie Lemmie, for all of her shortcomings was quoted as saying, "just under the surface lies that nefarious, ugly demon called racism. The demon we try to ignore, refuse to publically acknowledge, and hope through lack of acknowledgement it will go away. Yet it affects and influences what we do and how we respond individually and as a local government."

The racial tension in Cincinnati is real and is not getting better. The 2001 riots didn't solve anything they only allowed the pressure to be released momentarily like a pressure cooker. The pressure is building and will release again and we will have meetings and talk a lot about who is to blame for the terrible situation. Polarized by the corporate media and demonized to keep us hating one another.

How many homes could be rebuilt with the money we are spending on the Banks and Fountain Square. Cormedia(Corporate or corrupt media) explains in detail how the actions of City Council are good for us and how wonderful our future will be as soon as they finish these PORK projects. They claim it will attract billions of dollars in investment, tax dollars. What is happening is they are turning public funds into private wealth and we the people need to take a stand. Black, White, Red, Yellow need to speak with one voice and say NO.

We need leaders that will be strong in the face of this deceit. Whites and Blacks have worked together for years to bring about the changes that have occured. Whites were on the front lines in Selma and other places. The Underground Railroad was not just a Black venture. Whites helped slaves to freedom and fought in the Civil War to correct injustice. Not ignorant whites but people that care about people regardless of color fighting for what is right.

To move forward we must once again unite and speak with one voice. Opportunity is created by people having the courage to take a stand. We need to begin to have open public discussions that result in some action to correct the inequality in our society. I've read that over 50% of white people don't know there is a racial problem. Until you're profiled you don't know what it is like. We need to educate those people that there really is a problem and we can change the world in which we live. Someone has to stand up!

Yossarian said...

Lene- Are you HIGH? You are rambling on and on only taking time for a cheeto snack break against corporations?!!!!

You can't blame the problems of Cincinnati on Cinergy. or Krogers. or even P&G (even with the rumors of devil worship - Ha-Ha). If these corporations left town then the city would be bankrupt. Plain and simple.

Also have you looked at the contribution list of most candidates? I have and I can tell you that most people who sit on City Council don't take money from 4th street (these are called Democrats).

So go on and cast your vote for justin jeffre or some nonsense like that

Anonymous said...

look at the Pepper contributions from the gang at 3CDC and tell me there aren't strings.

Naima said...

I belive you are fighting the wrong enemy. If you just like me claim to have been taught by Malcom X's teachings you would know this.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you "Naima" for your comment. It appears you are new to The Black Fist Blog. Please continue to read our site then you will see I know exactly who my "enemies" are, and capable of dealing with them under the teachings of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad AND Bro. Minister Malcolm X.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!