Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I reserve the right to comment at this time.

There has been several Black Fist Blog readers who have emailed & called me wondering what my opinion about the recently held "election" of a new president to The Cincinnati Branch of The NAACP are and one such reader even took the time to write a very lengthy and well thought out comment to that regard. As I informed that reader, until all the votes are officially counted and I know who the real president of The NAACP is, at this time I have no comment.

When such time comes where Cincinnati has an official president of one of the oldest so-called black organizations in this country - The NAACP - then will, [if we so choose] The Black Fist position be known.

However, until then I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to inquire in person, send your emails, place your calls and share your thoughts via this site. And of course thank you, to all of you who rely on The Black Fist Blog for your source of news and gaining truth from the black militant perspective!

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Anonymous said...

You have no comment about that organization anyway, I know that you do not care for Christopher Smitherman and he hasn't done a thing to you so, it has to be a personal problem/grudge.

One other thing, Did i see you at the child support court and the divorce court on Thursday Dec 7th 2006. Were you getting a divorce and it's been pending since 98 or 99?

If you need money, let me know, I will help you but, you have to pay me back.


Anonymous said...

So!" you don't want to publish the truth about yourself ", you just want to make people believe everything you say is true. "

You do not like Christopher Smitherman, he won and is now the president of the NAACP and no one can do anything about it.

You also have personal grudge against other people and going public with it so, then you have to get the same....don't think we do not know.

Chill with that right now!!


General Nikki X said...

To BM,
On comment number 1: Wrong.
On comment number 2: Wrong again.

When you have something to say that isn't stupid, ignorant and and flat-out made up out of the figment of your imagination and on the topic of my discussion please feel free to comment otherwise "chill" with your generic detective activities, save it for someone whose interested. And while you're at it save yourself the embarrassment of typing utter foolishness on this site because I won't be publishing it.

No one has to read between lines when it comes to the views and opinions of General Nikki X...I know how to make it plain!

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!