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16 days ago, this past January 12th would've been our dear brother, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's 61ST birthday had he not been (in the opinion of The Black Fist and other TRUE black militants around the country) MURDERED. Dr. Khalid was one of our strong black fearless brothers featured in our "Black Fist Everyday Black History Series" back on February 21, 2006., and the following is a reposting of that entry. Take the time to re-read this entry and reflect upon our brothers' life and legacy. Dr. Khalid was a true true black militant who laid it down for a race of people he loved so dearly and fought so proudly for, that's right THE BLACK RACE! And he was never ashamed to stand up and speak out on behalf of us nor was he ever ashamed to shame the devil in his house and to his face!

We will always love this brother and we, The Black Fist and I, General Nikki X on behalf of The Black Fist will always stand strong and speak out on behalf of the black race in the spirit and memory of my beloved brother Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad.



On February 17, 2001, a powerful force and voice of a people passed on. Khalid Abdul Muhammad was pronounced dead at the age of 53 in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital after suffering a massive aneurysm.
Mr. Muhammad was the national chairman of the new Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, a position many said suited him perfectly, as he was often described as a well-educated and powerful speaker and leader. Many of Mr. Muhammad's antagonist, including Louis Farrakhan, his former mentor, saw him as as a man who insulted people and didn't care about anyone else's opinion but his own. Many also considered him a racist who railed against whites, Jews, Catholics and certain civil rights leaders. Although many people disagreed with his positions, others could see that he was a confident, intelligent, determined leader and respected him for standing his ground. For example, in 1998 he fought for the Million Youth March in Harlem to continue when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani opposed it. Thanks to his lawyers, Mr. Muhammad and the March was a huge success, although it ended with confrontations between the rally's participants and the New York City Police Department.

After losing a leader like Mr. Muhammad, one would think that there would be a spirit of sadness and grief. Yet there was only a small hint of that when it came time for his memorial service on February 24 in Harlem, at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 120th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

Over five hundred people, including fifty-five members of The New Black Panther Party, attended the service to pay their respects: as they settled into their seats, there wasn't any crying or grief on their faces, only smiles and looks of deep thought. Anyone who entered the room could see this was going to be a celebration honoring Khalid Abdul Muhammad's life. Singers and African drummers did their best to feed the positive spirit in the air.

Speakers readied their speeches and poems to contribute to the mood. Although everyone was there to celebrate Khalid's life, feelings of hope, anger, and passion ignited every time a speaker got up to address the service. Among the many speakers were the Rev. Al Sharpton, Minister Michael Muhammad, Dr. Ben Johnnon, Warrior Woman, Willie Rocks, Moses Powell, Herman Ferguson and others. Every one of the speakers had the ability to move the people; nobody was disappointed.

Warrior Woman shouted, "They killed our leader, but never the revolution. Keep going no matter what!" Willie Rocks, a long-time leader in the New Black Panther Movement, called for an awakening of black people, saying: "Tear down imperialism, build organizations, set up rallies, do your part in the fight for equality we deserve."

Video highlights of Mr. Muhammad were shown after the speeches. The clips showed how, no matter who interviewed him, Mr. Muhammad always managed to make his point clearly and peopled listened when he spoke.

Outside the service, people spoke of Mr. Muhammad's specific characteristics which inspired them. Twenty-six year-old Germany Matrix said, "I would want to have Mr. Muhammad's boldness, courage, sincerity, and determination and I would do my best to be better than him and continue his legacy."

What can be done to remember Dr. Muhammad's memory? Sixteen-year-old Brooklyn resident Romanza Matrix beleives that we must carry out his dream of one day seeing our generation overcome the obstacles the government puts in our way.

Lord Tawfyz and his group Shaka Zula said, "Growing up, our hero wasn't Michael Jordan running up the court chasing a ball. Mr. Muhammad was our hero. He was one of the super black heroes. We admire for him for his courage and the way he told the truth. He taught us not to fear the enemy and that's why he's our hero"

Many people felt this way. As the service ended, the feeling was one of pride and joy. It was not as though something or someone had come to an end, but as though something was beginning and getting stronger.

(The above article was a re-print from an article written by Guyan D. Wilks. To read more about the funeral servives of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, go to: )

At The Black Fist, we loved and respected our dear beloved brother Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. We miss him terribly but we know he is with the ancestors, resting with The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The General Nat Turner, Bro. Minister Malcolm X and so on. We will never forget our brother and we will always honor him as a Strong Black Afrikan Revolutionary Defender of the Black Nation.

Our dear brother, Bro. Endure X, local spokeman for The New Black Panther Nation here in Cincinnati attended the funeral services of Dr. Khalid in Harlem, New York and he told me the spirit was just as Mr. Gilks described only more Militant and more Revolutionary than described above. He said the streets were lined with beautiful Strong Black people paying their respects to "The General" Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad and all you could see were Strong Black Fist pumped in the air and Pride on the faces of Black folks.
I've seen the pictures of the services and read the speeches and viewed the transcripts, I can say it looked to be just as described by Bro. X.

Dr.Khalid is to never be forgotten no matter what the white folks say about him, he stood strong for what he beleived and he was not afraid to tell the devil to his face what he thought or challenge the devil at any given time to an intellectual debate! Which the devil always came up short!

Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's life, legacy and his memory will always be preserved by General Nikki X and The Black Fist.
Dr. Khalid will always be "The General" of The Black Fist and The Real "People's General!"


Minister Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad 1948-2001



Anonymous said...

"When he delivered a sermon at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, March 19, 1995, Khalid Abdul Muhammad preached that the Jews deserved to be exterminated by the Nazis."

Yes, he will be missed. Where, exactly, did he get the doctorate degree?

umm adam said...

Wow! I was just going to say that I heard him speak at Mosque you have reminded me of the date. I was at that talk!

Anonymous said...

You are bringing up old news. He died of a medical condition and we need to move on.... nonthing else havebeen proven otherwise.

General Nikki X said...

To "anonymous" Jan 22nd 8:41pm,

I'm "bringing up" what the hell I brought up. I said in the OPINION of The Black Fist and others of LIKE mind, we believe our beloved brother was MURDERED. I said it, I stand by it deal with it!

Thank You For Reading The BLACK FIST Blog!

Sean said...

Thank you for finally (probably without realizing it,) admitting that you are nothing but an idiot who does nothing but hears what they want to hear, and if they don't hear anything, then just go ahead and make some crap up. Are you kidding me!?!?. You celebrate the life of a man who wanted Nazi's to kill Jews. Yet you don't hear that, you only hear that he loved the black race. That doesn't do any good. If I thought blacks should be persecuted by the KKK, but I loved the white race. Should I be held in such high esteem by the white community. Or because I wouldn't be fitting your agenda of what you believe is right, would I then be a racist and deserve to get a bullet in my head. You can't have your cake and eat it to. But that wasn't even the best part of what you said in this blog. You said he was MURDERED. This is were your senility, and just plain arrogance are put on high display. This man had the unfortunate experience of suffering a brain aneurysm. This happens all the time. What just because he is some activist for the black race, then he is immortal and untouched by the everyday health issues that plague the rest of society. Get real, he had an aneurysm, he died. But since that doesn't help you out any, you make up a story about how he was murdered without any proof to back up your claim. You just make it up because it is the only way that you can try and spin his death in a way that will once again make it look like the government is out to get you, therefore helping your own agenda. This makes me sick. Do you actually believe that you are accomplishing anything positive for the black community by posting this idiotic blogs. I think you are an idiot, and deserve to be in a mental istitution. I don't have any proof to back it up, but since proof doesn't seem to be anything you need to bring to the table on this blog, I'll say it because all I'm doing is lowering myself to your level of journalism.

General Nikki X said...


I published to your comment to do nothing more than show the world your supreme ignorance by your own keyboard and your hatred of blacks.

Thanks for exposing yourself.
And Thank You IDIOT for reading The Black Fist Blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Nikki, Sean is correct, you are an idiot. Sorry.

General Nikki X said...

No, "anonymous" Sean is not right.
And calling me an idiot is very unwise. But what I am is the ADMINISTRATOR of this blog so watch your step or else you "anonymous" and Sean will be OUTTA HERE.

Sean said...

Please explain to me why my statement shows my hatrid for blacks. Where in any of my statement did I mention anything about hating blacks. If you're talking about the KKK analogy, it was just that an analogy. It was used because of the power of the words, not because of my beliefs. All I did was point out very bad, very wild beliefs that you publish. The black community will not advance under the guidance of someone who wants Jews exterminated, just like the white community will not advance being led by someone who wants Blacks exterminated. That was the point I was trying to make. Also, I was telling you that in order to make a judgement about someone's death, you have to have proof. You can't just sit there and make up some crazy story about murder because it would fit your agenda and cast the government or powers that be in doubt. No one would ever take you seriously.
On the contrary, I love a lot of black people. My neice, and nephew have a black father, and I love each and every one of them with all of my heart. I also have a lot of black friends, who If you asked them, I'm sure they would tell you the complete opposite about what you claim me to be. I'm trying to help you. With the posts that you make although full of passion, do nothing really more than alienate a lot of people, black and white, and with your wild conspiracy theories, you do nothing but hurt your own reputation. I would love for their to be peace among all races. It seems that you hate the white race, not saying that you shouldn't, and you want all black people to hate the white race as well. That will not bring peace. That breeds anger and hatrid. Now that I have taken the time to explain myself, I would love to hear your response. A response that actually pertains, to what I wrote, instead of not being able to come up with anything good, so you play the trump card, and just call me a racist instead. People of different races can disagree on certain issues. That does not make you or me a racist.

General Nikki X said...

I can do whatever I want "Sean", and that's what's eating you up.

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...


Now it can "eat you up" that I did'nt publish your silly comment.

Anonymous said...

You did publish it.

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X you are the only person in this deadbeat racist city that would even have the guts to honor a great man such as our "other" General Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad!
And did I tell you how sexy you are?
Yeah I did.

Anonymous said...

I Love the General khalid muhammad.. He was a true revolutionary, who fought hard for our ppl, aboriginal, indigenous natural ppl and because of that he was censored by congress and then murdered by way of poison..which mysteriously caused the brain aneurysm. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know the govt had their hands in his death! I love this blog nikki x

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous December 30, 2013 5:50 PM,

Thank you for your comment. General Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad was a great & fearless leader who will be forever missed!

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!