Saturday, October 20, 2007


As I sit and listen from time to time to local talk radio, in particularly black talk radio, with its oh so "highly intelligent" host and its daily stream of (the same people everyday) callers especially its radio activist callers....
I have but one question: "If black talk radio just up and disappeared off the airwaves for good in the City of Cincinnati do you think there would be a massive wave of black people committing suicide in the black community"?

I do.



Anonymous said...

In the past couple of weeks I have found out some shocking things about black people: A black man that sometimes use to fight for black people now goes around Jeff Berding to black clubs for him to try to gain votes which he never showed interest in black people before, wonder how many few dollars he got for that.

Number two, how black people turn on each other when it shouldn't be this way.We may disagree with each other at time but, it should not amout to a 180 degree turn around...To many weak black people in this city.

It will allways be hard for black people in this city because they are too many weak ones that is so convincing to many others and we ( black people ) fall for that every time.

Be strong black people!!

General Nikki X said...

True That.

And speaking of talk radio which is the topic of this entry, we can not be fooled by those who want to be "the one and only leader" without EVER having a proven track record of anything except running thier mouths and cowarding in a corner WITHOUT a so-called "title".
A "Jim Jones type person" can come in ALL colors and gender and if black people don't stop, look and listen and USE THIER OWN THINKING BRAINS it's easy to "drink the poison kool-aid" and except whatever bullshit is put out there by the wanna-be so-called leader all in the name of needing and longing for a "activist"/"savior".

Think about that the next time you listen to talk radio on Sundays between 2-4pm.

Thank you for your comment "anonymous" and Thank you For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

One of our biggest down fall on radio is the baptist ministers that only chase the small amount of money white people put out to change there dumb ass. They will sale us out at a drop of a dime. They are fake, weak,artificial, adulterers and some fags, that is will they even allow fags in there church.

Look how easily they attempted to sale us out by trying to gathering every black voter to vote for some shit that would keep us down even worst that we are, Shame shame shame!