Friday, February 21, 2014


Bro. Minister Malcolm X
May 19, 1925 - February 21,1965

On this day February 21, 1965, Our dear beautiful brother Min. Malcolm X was brutally and viciously assassinated. His life snuffed out in a hail of bullets as he stood at the podium addressing an audience of 400 in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom attempting to teach us about us. Why? Because he loved us so.

He was and is today, as our dear late brother actor & activist Ossie Davis spoke of him in his eulogy at Bro. Minister's funeral, "Our Own Shining Black Prince".

Bro. Minister will always be our example of what courageous strong black manhood should be. Brother Minister fought for the liberation and salvation of the black nation. He did not fight against them. No! He taught us to love our black selves and to hold our heads up high at all times.

Everyday is "Black History Month" here on The Black Fist Blog.
And today we are remembering Bro.El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Minister Malcolm X.

We will forever love and miss our dearly departed "Shining Black Prince", however his teachings will forever live on in our hearts, minds, spirit, soul and deeds.

49 years ago today, we lost one of the greatest black men to ever walk the face of this earth and as long as I live I will always remember, teach and live by the principles of Bro. Minister Malcolm X as he taught and lived by which was:

- Black Love For Self.
- Black Unity Amongst Our Black Selves.
- Black Militancy and the principle of telling the white man to his face the truth about himself regardless of who likes it or not!




Anonymous said...

All praises due to allah for Malcolm X he was a great leader for us poor black people and so are you General Nikki X for even having the guts to write about this great black man! Something about that letter "X" the 2 of you share huh?
Peace be unto you Sister General.
Trey T. Always at my General's Service

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see our strong black men get cut down trying to speak out for us. I will forever mourn Malcolm X. Thank you for posting this one & when will you be bringing back the black fist black history series I miss that it was great? Stay strong Nikki X our shining black queen:)

Don said...

I have so much respect for this man right here. The movie X is my favorite movie of all-time. i pretty much watch it all the time, even now. i watch alot of YouTube videos where he spoke.

He spoke what so many, so many of us feel.

The picture of him wrapped up is a sad image of a strong black man who was equally intelligent in his thought. They didn't have to kill him.

Anonymous said...

Great post General I will miss Bro. Malcolm forever he was a great black man just like you said. Black power to you sister.

Anonymous said...

When you start your series back up, people would be interested in hearing about Van Jones, the pioneer of Green jobs and the Green movement across the country. He's brilliant, innovative and one of the most influential individuals in the country and an inspiration to everyone. Check him out and spread the word. We have to look forward and he's a big part of insuring a future for our kids.

Anonymous said...

Any black man who becomes a muslim, but fails to read what the koran says about his own people, dishonours himself and the whole of the black race, and furthemore helps devalue the pain of 1000 years of Arab slavery that continues to the present day.
Islam is already destroying Africa, and will destroy the west too.
That a black man of note accepts islam, does none of us any favors when his life becomes based on a fantasy invented by the very people who enslaved us.
We are all well warned.

DoshMynthrill said...

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