Thursday, January 30, 2014


Our Black Love Series Continues ... Let's Talk About Love

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

It's been a while but today our series on "Black Love" resumes!  Black love is a beautiful thing in any season of the year.  Yet there is something about the feeling of love in the spring and summertime (even now it the middle of winter) that feels even more special.

Brothers & sisters, we are so blessed to see another day on this beautiful planet called Earth.  I have a saying that I have used for years pertaining to everyday I wake.  I say, "I have another day and another way to get it right!"  Meaning that whatever was not right yesterday, The Most High has seen fit to bless me with another day and another way to "get it right". 

What a wonderful Most High we have!

Today dear friends I wanna talk a little bit about black love then ask all of my good & faithful readers to help me make a very important decision.  I know I can count on you!

I will begin by saying black love is such a special precious gift.  There is nothing more precious and treasured on Earth than the love a black woman feels for her man and vice versa.  Brothers and sisters, look outside here in good ol' Sinsinnati, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a cool breeze is blowing, the clear blue sky is just that "clear & blue", the flowers are in full bloom, and black love is in the air. 

Sometimes family, we have to go through a lot of silly nonsensical bullshit just to reach the rainbow on the "other side" of love.  Sometimes we subject ourselves to unworthy people who do nothing but take up airspace cause they don't want nothing out of life and are jealous and envious of you because you do.  These same losers will always say they "love you", but when the veil and the scales are removed from the eyes, as the old song goes, "I can see clearly now the leech is gone", OOPS! That's not exactly how the song goes but you get the picture ...

When you finally find someone who is on your intellectual and emotional level, who supports you, who prays for your health and wealth as well as their own, someone who is striving for the betterment of himself or herself, who is loving, kind, & generous, who will protect and not neglect you, who is truthful, and respects you for who you are and all of your accomplishments ... I'd say that person is a keeper, wouldn't you?

This is the season and the reason to sit back and meditate and contemplate the seriousness of just what black love is ... and what black love is NOT! 

Black love does NOT involve domestic violence abuse, alcohol abuse, crack cocaine abuse, destruction of property, lies, deceit, manipulation, disappearing acts, selfishness, sneakiness, double standards, fake phony proclaimations of betterment of self while really ain't tryna do shit for self but be jealous and envious of your daily progressive upward mobility.  And brothers & sisters faithful readers and friends, Black Love does NOT entail evil enraged viciousness that can shorten a muthafuckah's life with the quickness!  

That's NOT what black love is all about.

I can say today that I am blessed with health, sound mind and body, and I have plenty of black love!  What a beautiful piece of sunshine after the rain!  My hope is that everyone is as happy as those who are so fortunate to experience love of family, love of friends, love from the community, and of course that beautiful so so fulfilling thang called "Black Love"!

Now on to that decision I spoke of earlier:  Dear and faithful readers I would like your opinion on which one of these would be the better gift to receive from someone or purchase for yourself... 

This One?


This One?

Yes Yes brothers and sisters!  That is the important decision I would like for you to help me decide.
Which one of these brand new vehicles would you choose, if you had to purchase one for yourself or your special love decided to "gift" you with one as a present "just because" he (or she) truly loves you and wants nothing but the best for you.  Black love values happiness!

You know, really in life through all the ups & downs, hurt & pain, cussing & arguing we are forced to defend ourselves against in a time-consuming unproductive merry-go-round type relationship, at some point you have to STOP LOOK & LISTEN to what's really important in your heart and to your spirit.  And when you've found that special someone all that other bullshit you dealt with in whatever previous so-called relationship becomes null & void because... Nothing Really Matters ...

Nothing Really Matters ... At All.
Except Beautiful Black Love Between a Strong Black Man and his Equally Strong Black Woman ... Together

Ummm ... Let's Talk About Love.  Black Love ;-()


Anonymous said...

I feel ya' sister queen! I feel ya'!

Sis. Tracy K

Anonymous said...

OMG! The red 1 Nikki X you must have a good man!

Sis. Lisa

Anonymous said...

The black 1 is the shit!

Anonymous said...

Damn ma I would've bought you a car why you ain't ask???

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

The red one is pretty. That article was on point I like your black love series more men need to get serious and stop playing cause like you say a nigga's life can come to a end messing with the wrong woman's feelings.


Anonymous said...

Queen General get the black 1 a strong black woman needs a strong black whip

Bro. Jason

Anonymous said...

Does your dude have a brother? LOL! Get the red 1 sis

Sis. Fatima