Monday, September 16, 2013


Greetings Brothas & Sistahs!

As some of you may know by now blue-eyed soul singer Robin Thicke (always known on this website as "Lil Robbing the Hood" Thicke) has filed some sort of frivolous lawsuit against the Estate of the Late Great R&B soul artist and legend, Mr. Marvin Gaye.

The lawsuit by Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke is nothing more than a tactic to beat the Gaye family to the punch!  The jest of all of this is simply: Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke has basically gone through Marvin Gaye's entire song catalog and took what he thought could be his.  This man, Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke has done more than just your basic "samples" of Bro. Gaye's music, more than just your basic "tribute" to the Bro. Gaye, & even more than just a nod and a wink to a classic soul legend .. Awww! Naw! Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke has literally obliterated the man's entire extensive musical legacy and basically said to Marvin Gaye's family, his Estate, to Marvin Gaye's vast fan base, and to the world, "Fuck it! I'ma build my whole singing career off of not only the black world of music, I'ma STEAL all of Marvin Gaye's shit to do it!"

Is Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke for real??? Really??? That's how you get down???  Well now, Bro. Gaye's people and their attorney's just might have a little something to say about that ...And We Hope They Fight Your Ass Tooth & Nail!

RIGHT IS RIGHT & WRONG IS WRONG!  If Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke had done like so many other lazy ass so-called "artist" of today, he would've sample the shit to death, gave the family of Bro. Gaye some paper (that's money for the squares out there), and kept it moving while keeping it pushing. But NO! Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke figured he can robbed the man's musical legacy blind right under the nose of the world and the deceased man's clan and nobody's gonna say or do shit. WRONG AGAIN!

It's a sad situation that as producer and contributing vocalist to this song "Blurred Lines", our dear Bro. Pharrell has joined in on Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke's frivolous lawsuit shit. Come on Pharrell man! Now YOU know better!  Don't lose your cred & your rep fucking around with Robin Thicke to where both of y'all will end up looking like desperate public houseclowns in court and in the court of public opinion, along with having to pay the Gaye family ALL that money cause man you know that's where it's heading nephew.

Same goes for our dear Bro. T.I. Tip Harris. Man T.I. come on bruh don't do it! You know what the game is for real and you shouldn't wants no parts of it! You rapped your lil part on the song now move on to your next cut and try not to get caught up in Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke's bamboozling song stealing vanishing act!  T.I boy! You know all that shit sounds 99.9% just like Marvin Gaye, hell even Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke's vocals are just like Marvin Gaye's!

Well Brothas & Sistahs, I believe I've said enough. I want YOU the faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog to listen and decide for yourself if as Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke claims these are ALL his songs & his music and he don't owe nobody nothing -OR- If Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke is trying to bullshit his way to the top of the R&B game (with all due respect) on the black back of a legend.

Do we like Robin Thicke's music?  Honestly, we would have to say yes.  However, we will NEVER like his shit enough to silently stand by and act like he didn't steal an original musical genius' entire style, favor, vocal fusions, music, and vibe. Fuck That!  We're going continue to keep it 100 regardless of who likes it or not.  Truth will always be Truth.

We dig Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke's music but NOT enough to EVER buy it or support it! And NEVER EVER enough to not let the world know it was all stolen from our dear brotha and sorely missed long gone but never forgotten R&B legend the original extraordinaire soul singer ...
Mr. Marvin Gaye.

Check out the songs listed below and you decide. I've organized them in a way that when you hear Robin Thicke's version & right under that you'll hear Marvin Gaye's original version. Yes, there are some slight variations on the music and tempo bu ain't nobody stupid ... The shit is the SAME!

As I close out this piece, my elite top notch team of highly trained and specialized Black Fist Investigators have informed me that there are quite a few more Marvin Gaye rip-off cuts out there from Lil Robbing the Hood Thicke, and you can trust know and believe that when we get our hands on 'em ... YOU'LL HAVE YOUR EYES ON 'EM!

Love After War - Robin Thicke

I Want You - Marvin Gaye

Million Dolla Baby - Robin Thicke

Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye

Blurred Lines fea. Pharrell & T.I - Robin Thicke

Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye

Leave us your comment and thoughts on this subject. We here at The Black Fist Blog rarely if ever censor our faithful readers. But we will kick off in the asses of any clown who tries to be insultingly clever and flip! Which is most always the racist devils and their cohorts of brainwashed dumb ass negro helpers.  So to whom it may concern, the administrator of this website, General Nikki X ain't in the mood for no shiggety!  Take that bullshit to another site cause I'm really not in the mood tonight & won't be in one tomorrow!  OK? OK!


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Anonymous said...

Not to mention Robin Thicke did this song with TI who knows not to come back to Cincinnati. He came here once and got into a gunfight that got one of his friends killed.

TI is no better than Robin Thick. Birds of a feather flock together. These two birds need to fly away.