Monday, August 1, 2005


I attended a Cincinnati City Council Meeting back in February 2005, and it was so disgusting that I felt the need to write about it today. City Council was having its regularly scheduled meeting at City Hall and instead of doing "the peoples business" and dealing with the problems that face the City, What the majority of Council found more "important & pressing" to deal with was an article written by Councilman Christopher Smitherman in "The Cincinnati Hearld" entitled "Council members vote to cut funding for HIV/AIDS". Where Mr. Smitherman told the truth about 6 Council members who voted to accept a lower amount of Federal Governmental Funding for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. The budget these 6 Council people voted on was to cut "HIV/AIDS Funding", That's right folks HIV/AIDS. When it is a proven fact that Black people, in particularly "Black women" suffer from this deadly disease more than any other race of people & It is "The Black Woman" who has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the City of Cincinnati. Councilman Smitherman also stated in that same article "Residents should hold City Council accountable for the vote to "cut" funding from people with HIV/AIDS". "Responsible citizens must use discernment of when to separate personal from business". "There may be Council members who you think are nice individuals, however, are they voting for or against your best interest"? Now I ask you the readers of "The Black Fist Blog", what in the hell was wrong with that statement? In our opinion, absolutely nothing at all. You see, what we as Black people living in the confines of these United States of America fail to realize is "we do have freedom of speech". Just as General Nikki X is able to write a "commentary" in a local newspaper or on this BLOG that same privilege is extended to Christopher Smitherman!

Let's talk candidly, the problem is these 6 crybaby councilmen don't want you nor I to hear "the truth" about what the devil is REALLY going on at 801 Plum St. They want to be able to run around the black community in an election season saying, "Vote for me, I'm fighting for you". What a load of garbage! But David Pepper the man who I might add also falls under "freedom of speech" guidelines and who shares the privilege of writing his articles in "The Cincinnati Hearld" (but only during election season, go figure) and who thinks he can somehow become your next strong mayor in November 2005, has turned out to be "The Biggest Crybaby of Them All"! He started "the whiney brigade" at that meeting. Then his "4 good ole boys plus 1 colored good ole boy" jumped right on the bandwagon, "Smitherman wrote this about me", "Smitherman should'nt have written that about me"! My God, nobody but nobody on council have to this day complained, whined, cried or even asked the question, "Why is the local mainstream (white-controlled) newspapers writing falsehoods & lies about "our colleague" Councilman Smitherman"?
You know why? Because they don't care one bit about Councilman Smitherman being "attacked", "slandered" & "blantantly lied" upon in the media or anywhere else for that matter as long as black folks don't find out the "truth" about THEIR voting records. Remember the name of the game this election season is "Go to the black churches/communities, smile, lie, grin & dip".
We have to be critical thinkers this time around. We can't keep falling for the same thing over & over and expect different results. Councilman Smitherman told the truth about who voted for the cut in HIV/AIDS funding, don't take my word for it, review the council tapes and/or voting records for yourselves.
And you will see it was Pepper, Cranley, Crowley, Monzel, Tarbell and (the black man) Malone who voted for that devastating cut on February 24, 2005. Council woman Laketa Cole spoke up against the vicious verbal attacks launched against Mr. Smitherman. While Council woman Reece spoke up ONLY in defense of "her own interest" and how the council should have accepted "her" budget (again) & what "she" thought "she" should have gotten during the December (2004) budget (again). She also stated at that meeting, "I'm not here to speak [up] for Mr. Smitherman, Mr. Smitherman can speak [up] for himself". But she's the queen of pointing out who did not "support her" when she thinks she should've been "supported" (which for her is 100% of the time). But when Mr. Smitherman "needs" some support on the floor of council, on not just this particular debate but also on some very vital "Police issues", she offers that same weak scared-to-death statement, referred to above.
But are you really surprised? I'm not. That's only staying "true to form" in regards to that particular Council woman. Sam Malone, all I can say is come election day in November...."Black folks need to leave him alone"! As in vote him out!

The 6 crybabies on Council read as such: David Pepper, John Cranley, David Crowley, Chris Monzel, Jim Tarbell and Sam Malone.
But in all fairness to Council member Sam Malone, He said "Nothing" during those vicious verbal attacks on Councilman Smitherman which is also "true to form" for him as well. He knows he had "BETTER" keep his lips sealed shut or else he'll have FOP Vice-President Keith Fangman & The Westside Devils to contend with.

We need true leadership on City Council not a bunch of "He's picking on me" kinda clowns we have today. The truth was told in the public, the good ole boy 6 didn't want you nor I to find out about it. And that Black Cincinnati is what I call "The Bottomline".

Pay attention, Think smart and Keep these Politricksters OUT of the Black Churches during election time. Cause that's the only time you'll see them there anyway. And when was the last time a "Black" candidate was "invited" to speak at an "All-White" Church in an "All-White" community?
I can probably guesstimate..."The Tuesday Next To Never"!

And one thing to remember, if the good ole boy crybaby 6 would do the right thing and STOP voting AGAINST everything that's GOOD for the black community....Then guess what?...."The Good Ole Boy 6"....wouldn't have anything to "cry" about!

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The Dean of Cincinnati said...

No one has ever told me how to check the council members' voting records? Is it an easy process? Can you post it here?

Or better yet, would you be willing to list some of those issues that, in your view, are key to the past few years, along with how each member voted on them? It seems like you already have voting records documented...