Friday, August 5, 2005


Mayoral Candidates will Debate at The Greenwich Tavern on Saturday, August 13th at 8:00pm, 2442 Gilbert Ave. in beautiful Walnut Hills.

This Mayoral debate will be moderated by my good friend, Kathy Y. Wilson who I'm sure you've read her weekly columns in "City Beat" magazine and she was a regular guest on the now defunct Sunday morning TV show, Ch.9's "Hot Seat".
And she's always on top of the issues of the day so I know she'll keep the ball rollin' with her "straightforwardness", her "candor" & her own brand of ...Let's say... "humor"! I'm sure we will be entertained as well as educated!

I'm happy to learn "ALL" the Mayoral Candidates have agreed to debate the issues in front of the people in the heart of the 'hood. They need to come to where we're at NOT to other way around.

On the panel to ask (I hope not soft-ball set up) questions will be Editors & reporters from "The Cincinnati Post", "The Cincinnati Enquirer", "The Cincinnati Herald" and "City Beat".
WDBZ 1230am "The Buzz of Cincinnati" will be broadcasting live from this event for those of you who can not make it but don't wanna miss the action.

The Mayoral candidates, as of this writing, who will be in attendance include: Senator Mark Mallory (D), Charlie Winburn (R), Justin Jeffre (I), Councilwoman Alicia Reece (D) & Councilman David Pepper (D).

It's good they're having this debate in the 'hood but one thing I'm not too happy about and that's the fact that questions from the live audience CAN NOT be posed directly to the candidates, if you want your questions asked you MUST submit them by email and that email address is: Write down that email address and save it for sure 'cause if you think you gonna roll up in there with a piece of paper in your hand ready to "get some eye-to-eye convo" (as in conversation) going with these candidates...YOU CAN FORGET IT !
Some candidates get a little "shaky" when they have to address the people "one-on-one", so I'm assuming the organizer & co-owner of "The Greenwich", Mark Yates didn't want things to get too "off the hook".

But "The Black Fist" is always prepared for whatever so I look forward to seeing all of you there asking your questions (by "EMAIL") and "holding these Mayoral candidates feet to the fire"! Especially the (2) Mayoral candidates who are CURRENTLY on City Council & The (1) Mayoral candidate who is a FORMER City Councilman.
Send your emails in early and come prepared to learn what these Mayoral candidates "claim" they can & will do for you !

For More Information Contact: (513) 221-1151

There will be some kind of "pre-debate" public meet 'n' greet social type thing going on starting @ 6:30pm. So come early if you want to "Meet the Candidates"!

Keep Checking Back on "The Black Fist Blog" for General Nikki X's Mayoral & Council Candidates List of Endorsements.... Coming Soon !!!

Black Power!

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your anti-Reece comments. Her voting record shows that she can work with all and get things done. What I have seen her do is meet the requirements of the boycotters through legislation, is that a white agenda? but she slowed the boycott itself against the city, that's pleasing both white and black and all other races. They took her tourism committee because she was ahead of Luken and Pepper in bringing people and blacks to our city. The westside has been trying to go against her saying she is pushing the black agenda, make up your mind. And she basically got on they butts down at city hall to do something about the homicides, put the police to work and not let them kill our people, the giving away of our money to people like convergys and the budget cuts. So it looks as though your just kind of mad at her for some other reason, don't bring personal things into a race when the city needs someone that will better the city, especially for blacks. Crooked preacher Winburn only would get in the race when he was given $1 million from the REPUBLICAN Party and he has his church (black older ladies) following a white man as a campaign manager. Nothing done at the state level to better Cincinnati in his term Mallory, who is supposedly Homosexual also has more white workers on his campaign, even working on his house and teammate to Tim Burke who is sueing the city for wanting inclusion at the Convention Center, so who are you voting for, Jeffre, Noble?