Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The Black Fist is an organization proud to spotlight black businesses, black organizations and your ordinary everyday black people who are working hard and getting it done in and around our community. And we are proud to use this website to get the word out to all of you!

One such organization right here in the greater Cincinnati area that is doing great work in the field of justice, helping prisoners, the families of prisoners and working toward self-help and independence.

This organization has been around for 15 years old and is ran by a strong black man who cares about his people and the conditions of his people going in and out of the revolving door of the penal system.

That strong black man is our dear brother and executive director of Justice Watch, Michael Howard. This is a re-print of a Justice Watch brochure that will be followed by information on how you or someone you know or love can get in touch with Bro. Howard and the beautiful hard-working folks over at Justice Watch.



We support prisioners, their families, and all who work for humane conditions until such time as prisoners no longer mirror a society based on classism and racism.


Justice Watch was founded in 1991 by Reverend Maurice McCrackin, other church people, families of prisioners and former prisoners who were deeply concerned about the human rights of prisoners.

Advocacy was the primary focus of Justice Watch's first few years, during which time a number of projects were initiated, including the Justice Watch quarterly newsletter. In 1993 Justice Watch purchased an abandoned building in the West End. After a year of fundraising and hard work to bring the building up to code, the Garden Street Transitional Home opened as a shelter for men coming out of prison.


Garden Street Transitional Home

Garden Street Transitional Home provides a structured, sober living environment with supportive services for homeless men who have recently been released from prison and who may be suffering from drug addiction and/or mental illness.

Quarterly Newsletter

Justice Watch is mailed to about 3,000 people, with news about efforts to abolish the death penalty and end racial and economic disparities in the criminal justice system. The newsletter is received by many prisoners in Ohio and the country, and many of the newsletter articles are written for prisoners to help them understand and cope with their situation.


Justice Watch Board members advocate for criminal justice reform through a number of programs, Board members:
  • Sponsor letter-writing campaigns to gain clemency for death row inmates
  • Lobby state and local officials to support policies that will prevent crime and foster rehabilitation,
  • Give presentations to churches and social services agencies about our programs and principles, and
  • Exchange letters with hundreds of prisoners across the nation.


Operational decisions for Justice Watch are made by its Board of Trustees. Long-term planning for, as well as review and evaluation of, Justice Watch activities and programs is vested in four Board committees:

  • Development Commitee
  • Finance Commitee
  • Program Commitee
  • Public Relations Commitee
Volunteers are needed to serve as commitee members. Contact Justice Watch at 241-0490 for more information.

Justice Watch
1120 Garden St.
Cincinnati, Oh 45214

Phone: 513-241-0490
Fax: 513-241-6850


If you think the services of Justice Watch could be of service to you in your life or the life of someone you know, please contact Justice Watch Executive Director, Michael Howard or the beautiful sister Angela today and get on the road to self-help and independence.

This was another Black Fist spotlight on What's Good In The Hood!



Bro. Malik said...

this is a good program my uncle went through here a couple of years ago and got straighten up.
keep up the great job you doing sister General nikki X this city full of blacks need The Black Fist babygirl!

RICLAND said...

Oh, I was ready to ask if he wants the Welfare checks sent to his office or his house until I saw the address at the bottom.


General Nikki X said...

ricland your punk ass must be on welfare cause you post your dumb ass comments on everybody's blog all day and half the night so you couldn't be gainfully employed.

This is a good program but since I posted it under -what's good in the hood- and the executive director is a strong BLACK man, of course YOU -the white man's flunky-wouldn't like it.

RICLAND-The desperate houseklown!

Do me a favor and boycott this blog like you encourage folks to boycott Nate's.

Anonymous said...

Since it's necessary to mention the director's color maybe you should mention that the program was started by a strong white man and is now staffed by majority whites including volunteers even though majority of blacks take advantage of the program. You're the one that focuses on color so be accurate.

General Nikki X said...

Open your eyes and R-E-A-D then you to can be "more accurate" anonymous oct 11 10:38am:

Within the re-printed brochure I posted for Justice Watch it clearly states, "Justice Watch was founded in 1991 by Reverend Maurice McCrackin." I didn't mention Maurice McCrackin's color because it is not in the brochure. But you could have in your comment if you so choose too but I suppose you were too busy calling yourself "correcting" me which is fine because I am taking the same liberty with you...

The executive director of Justice Watch is a strong B-L-A-C-K man who runs the program today and I have no problem expressing that sentiment. But obviously you do have a problem with that and that is in no way of my concern.

It is my understanding that Justice Watch never discriminates their serves based on race so why would I even bother with mentioning who takes advantage of the program and who does not. That's just a silly question for you to ask.

Allow me to make this perfectly clear: This is the Black Fist Blog and we focus on issues concerning black people so if you find it strange or odd that a black woman who runs a black blog in a black militant organization would focus on black people and address the strengths of black men and black women then maybe you are reading the wrong site and should go find a rainbow blog that caters to everybody and perhaps suits your taste better.

But until such time as you complete your search...

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

The way you manipulate your entries either by outright lies or by ommission, the name would more rightly be the Black Lie Blog. Why would it hurt to be honest even if it does by chance put someone else in a good light? Any kind of unity across culture, race or ethnicity you find threatening to your pre-conceiced notions.

Anonymous said...

Sister Nikki X, Why are you so stressed out over Joy Rolland? Could it be that The late great General Kabaka Oba choose her over you.

Signed, BM

General Nikki X said...


Thank you for your comments.
Allow me to address them.

Why are you so stressed in telling me what I should or should not be "stressed" over?
If you've read this blog for any length of time you'd certainly know your "late great Kabaka" has absolutely nothing to do with why I report on pyscho nutcase Joy Rolland and has everything to do with her repeatedly threatening to kill me and other black people in this community.

If you cared at all about your "late great general" then you'd know this bipolar mental case mentioned above is directly responsible for the demise of your "late great general" and the attempted murder of her own son's father last month (Oct 10, 06)right in front of the child and right in front of her own mother.

She's been indicted on felonious assault, criminal damaging and endangering and has an electronic monitoring device around her leg which means she is currently on home incarceration.

I'd suggest that you tell channel 5,9,12,19 and 64 The Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post not to report on this black terrorist, then come back and give me their responses to your request then try again in telling me not to report on this black terrorist...I'll be glad to give you mine as well.

One more thing: When it is you that has been targeted for death, defamed, slandered and threatened some more on TV, radio, internet and email you can chose to ignore the threat if you like, but as for me I will continue to track that rabid dog for however long it takes.
I will not become another victim of Joy Rolland like your "late great general" so stupidly was.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Responding to Nikki x, 11-10-2006 at 10:34am. I am not saying anything bad about you, all I am saying is stand strong, stick to the things that affect black people in the black community, not J.R.