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An Opening Message From The Administrator of The Black Fist Blog:

(This is a re-print of a blog I posted last year. Where I then I asked the question "Unity~Does It Truly Exist For The Black Community?" Alot of things have happened in the black community since I first posted this entry and as I look around the space for which I live I'm prone to revisit this blog entry and asked this question once more. I am still requesting answers.)

(I'm hoping the faithful readers of this website will [again] read my words carefully, understand what I tried to convey, expand your thought processes and feel free to honestly and forthrightly share your views and opinions about your perceptions of unity in the black community.)

(I chose to leave the comments from the original post for revisitation and I look forward to reading your comments of new. I take this subject matter seriously - very seriously- so any comments that are not on topic I will not publish. Please respect the boundaries of The Black Fist Blog's commenting policy and know I will not grant any exceptions to off-topic comments. This is The Black Fist Blog, a black militant website for black people to express themselves and I will not allow the foolishness I've been tolerating as of late. In other words, the crackdown is on! And if you don't like it that's too bad.)


This is the question that's been swirling around in my head for a very long time. "Unity~Does it exist for the Black Community"? It seems as though the further we as Black people here in the hells of North America progress economicially, socially, politicially, financially and educationally, the deeper we seem to sink into the absyss of self-hatred, self-destruction, treachery, deceit, deception, trickery, betrayal, mischief, devilment, falsehood, lies, hatred, jealousy, greed and envy. My question to the highly intellectual readers of "The Black Fist Blog" is..."Why"?
Why do we do what we do? -and- Do we even know what we are doing? -and- Do we know how to stop it? -and- The biggest psychological question [I have] is "Do we really want to even try to stop it?

The Black Community is in dire straights. There is no doubt about that. I have stated several times on "The Black Fist Blog" that all I want is "Peace & Unity" amongst my [Black] people, What I've found is nothing more than common "Disunity". Why is that? I addressed in my very first blog entry entitled: "Welcome To the Black Fist Blog" exactly what we would be dealing with on this site and we have kept to that mission statement. It is time for Black folks to love one another, I know that phrase is commonly used by people all over the world in songs, in movies, in books, in poetry, in "The Holy Scriptures"...and a little bit of everywhere else but I will be the one here today, in this space of time to say it again..."It's time for Black folks to LOVE one another" if for no other reason than that is what The Creator Most High [God] would have us do. "Isn't that a powerfully enough reason right there"?

We look outside the "family" for what we want, what we need, what we desire but it appears we never look to each other. We think we [Blacks] can't provide for the needs, wants and/or desires of other Black folk. And when I say "provide for the needs of", I mean there is nothing outside the Black family [Community] more precious, more worth fighting for, more worth defending and protecting than your OWN Black Family [Community] and the emotional well-being of the Black people within that sphere. I am talking to you and only "YOU" Mr. & Mrs. Black Man & Black Woman! The Original Family on Earth consisted of The Black Man, The Black Woman and The Black Child. You are the source of everything we have down here on this little bitty planet we called "Earth". The Black Man is "The King of ALL Civilization", "The Original Man on the Planet" to be valued, respected and protected. The Black Man's rightful place in existance is at "The Head of ANY place he so chooses to step and/or sit". The Black Woman is his Queen, "The Mother of ALL Civilization", "The Giver of Life" to be valued, protected and respected and to be "helpmate" to The Black man -NOT- to be HIS ruler but his helpmate. The Black Child is to be defended, cherished, nourished, nurtured and to always respect his/her elders, the ones who are to teach & lead the child. "What so difficult about the natural order of things that we can't follow what The Creator has deemed his "will"?
Even the animals of the land, the birds of the air and the life forms of the sea follow the natural order of creation/existance.

I suppose the questions in this blog will be answered by those of you out there who feel like I do, that time is winding down and we must find a way to move past whatever it is that's prohibiting us as a "Family Unit" to move our race forward. I am opening this blog entry up to whomever in the black family that feels what I'm saying is worth giving input too. I ask that serious-minded Brothas & Sistas answer the call to "Unity & Peace" and the rest of the black family listen up then proceed to follow suit. I am only one (1) Black Woman but in history [Black history] it only took one (1) to stand up and do what must be done to correct the incorrectness of whatever was the vile unjust matter(s) going on at that moment in time. General Nikki X is standing up today and have stood and I will never lie down not until "My" Black Brothas & Sistas are freed of ALL the wicked vicious "ills" that plague us and won't turn us loose. I know that may take the rest of my life but for MY people....That is what I have prepared myself to do. Nothing & NO ONE will get in my way or stop me!
"What about you"?
I can't save the entire Black race all by myself and don't pretend to say I can but I can speak out and ask others who love "B-L-A-C-K" to do the same. To start off by putting thoughts into words, words into deeds, deeds into actions and so forth & so on.....

Today the "Unjustness" is disunity, disloyality, betrayal, sell-out-ism and all of the above mentioned "ills & diseases" that plague our people from the bowels of psychological slavery stemming from the 4oo plus years of physical, emotional, mental along with psychological enslavement here in the belly of the beast, this place called....America. We still suffer from what our forefathers endured during slavery. I don't give a shit what people try to tell us, it's just that simple. It's what my good friend, Queen Sista Supreme Shaharazad Ali so graciously bestowed upon us in her blockbuster often harsh but always with love truthtelling questionnaire in book form "Are You Still A Slave"? Brothas & Sistas, the devastating traumatic disease we as a suffering Black people are suffering from even to this day is called "Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder". It's real, It's serious, It's an illness/disease and dammnit it can be deadly. Look what happen when Our Dear Brotha Collin Ferguson snapped when he was pressed too damn far by the white folks in New York City back in the 90's, that's right in -the 90's-. He killed them white folks right there in broad daylight on a public train. Now I ask you, "Whose fault was it really that Bro. Collin just up & simply lost it"?
Don't be scared to answer the damn question, Hell this is serious..."Whose fuckin' fault was it"?!?!
My Dear Sistas & Brothas all of this is part of the one thing most of us deny but have constantly and continuously staring us right in our faces day in & day out, year after year....We deny ourselves the right to finally feel & deal with the "True Nature of Slavery" and what the hell it has done to us as a Black Unit, a Black Family, a Black Community...A Black race. Once we do that we can bring it all the way back to the subject of this blog and where we are today. So the question remains..."Unity~Does It Truly Exist"?

Please, I ask of all you Beautiful Black Brothas & Sistas of Conscienceness, share your thoughts with our readership, Is your Sista General Nikki X off base? Am I just missing something? -OR- Am I hitting the nail on the head with my assessment and opinions on the root of black folks "fucked up-ism-ness"? If we as a Black nation [within] a white nation went before some medical doctor with symptoms of some sort of physical illness the following steps would be taken, We'd be assessed, diagnosed, treated and (probably) prescribed some kind of medication for whatever our "sickness" was then in turn (most likely) CURED. Well Brothas & Sistas, How can we be "cured" for the "sickness" that has gripped us for over 400 years when the wicked devilish "victimizer" and the sick, scared & afraid trembling "victims" are in what one would conclude to be "Complete and Total Denial" of what has been historically written & orally documented?!? What medicine do we take for systematic Torture, Abuse, Humiliation, Complete Degradation, Delirium and Total Dehumanization? And how do we keep those potentially "deadly" diseases from ever returning to our race of people?

We here at "The Black Fist Blog" look forward to the interaction, comments, opinions and knowledge, I know for one will be be lively, educational and deep.
I want to thank everyone in advance for participating in this conversation and I will try to response to all of your comments of "conscience" and I will delete any and all foolishness that would subsequently result in defeating the purpose of this enlightening discussion amongst "the BLACK family". We really have no more energy to waste on "blight & bullshit" so please take a moment or 2 or 3 or even 4 to think before you speak on this delicate highly sensitive entry...OK? I would hope this topic will be treated with the same care, concern and gentleness one would give to a family member and/or friend whom you just found out had a deadly life-threatening "sickness". I'd venture to say you'd only want to HELP the person~NOT~HURT the person!

So, in saying all of that let's get down to the business of "problem-solving", "communicating", "listening" and "learning". I, for one am sooo tired of being "Disunifiably Sick"...."Aren't You"? Let's seek help together and we can do this with 100% understanding & compassion.
Remember we are "Kings & Queens" and together, We can make anything possible!

I leave you with the greeting established by "The Black Fist" as a "Unified Organization"....


(The views and opinions expressed by General Nikki X come from a heart & spirit filled with a deep hurt & sadness over the declining condition of a race of people who built the pyramids but who can not seem to find their way "HOME" every sense of the word. General Nikki X's only wish for her people is nothing less than perpetual "Unity, Peace & Blessings")


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The Black pie is split into slithers. There are a lot of layers to why Blacks are not unified, but I will share my opinion from personal experience from 2 perspectives: Black Leadership and the Black Middle-Class.

On Black Leadership: Many of those that are considered Black Leaders are not chosen by Black "people", but by Black institutions that are funded by mainstream (ie white)corporations and other organizations that do not have our best interest at heart. They have other agendas. But because we don't fund our own organizations and institutions, many of these Black Leaders can't (or won't) bite the hand that feeds them. We need a serious paradigm shift of our organizations, b/c they do very little to benefit who they are supposed to help.

On the other hand, Black Leaders that are chosen by the people are always negatively labeled as being anti-white, or racists, or some other derogatory label and our outcast (ex: Farrakahn, Councilman Smitherman, Malcolm X, Damon Lynch III, others). Because of the fear that many Blacks have with being associated with such persons, instead of embracing them, they either support them from a distance or not at all.

Hence, Black Leaders chosen by whites and their followers are divided by Black Leaders chosen by the people.

On the Black Middle-Class: One the greatest backlashes of the Civil Rights Movement was the economic divide among Blacks. Those in the middle-class, have moved out into the suburbs and haven't looked back.

Last year the Enquirer ran a story about how people thought about the NAACP and questioned whether it was still needed. Many young people and Black professionals believed that things have greatly improved, although we still have some issues, but that the NAACP has ran its course. Middle-class Blacks (not all of them of course) are out of touch with what's really going on and frankly don't give a damn as long as it doesn't directly affect them.

General Nikki X said...

Interesting comments Anonymous.

Thank you for your thoughts on this topic. I expect we will see all points of views on this subject and I look forward to them all.

I agree with about 99% of what you said. "Hand-picked Knee-Grows" (as I call them) will never move anything forward except their OWN personal agendas and that IS what screws us everytime!
Their "bank accounts" grow bigger and the average Blackman & woman on the streets struggle just to keep on keeping on.

An endless cycle of nothingness for those of us who are desperately seeking "Unity & Change".

Thank you for your comments and Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 1000% General! We as black people must come together and for you to take that 1st bold step and present a forum where we can even discuss the subject of black unity shows your deep love for black people. I've followed you for years and you have always stood up and didn't take no shit! Hats off and I beleive the black fist is and was the only true group out here who DIDN'T get paid off to sell us out!
I enjoy your blog.

Peace and Blessings to you

Sister Dina Rahada-Ali
A blackwoman whose tired of fake phony blacks who only pretend to love blacks but only tear other blacks down!

STONE X said...

Let's take a closer look at the
mentality of many Blacks today as it
relates to Unity. Overstanding, as a
group that Blacks are in the bottom
of the pit.

Many Blacks Perceive any movement
toward Black Group Unity, may it be
social or spritual, to be a move
toward racism, hatred or envy, an so
that segment of Blacks, distance
themselves from other Blacks for
FEAR of reprisal.(keeping willie
lynch alive)

At the top of that list seems to be
Black Elected Officials,Ministers,
Business Leaders,Civil Rights Reps.,
Social Reps.,Pro Sports Standouts,
Entertainment Celebertie's and Those
who feel they've arrived into middle
class status, many with the mind-set
I've got mind, You get yours. Other
Blacks not choosing to get involved
in group unity, cites, they don't
want any trouble or someone might
see their picture on t.v.(More FEAR,
(keeping willie lynch alive)

European immigrants built competitive communities, businesses
and political organizations around
the needs, interest and goals of
There Own People. Other ethnic
immigrants did the same thing, many
of these groups established walls
that excluded Black people. Today
some Blacks feel the need to
apologies and/or hold their heads in shame, to other ethnic groups, because of the call for Black Group

Other nationalities and organizations have group pride
an so they prosper,while Blacks remain in the bottom of the pit.

What's wrong with our youth ?
US...the Adults.

What did your Grand-Parents teach
your Parents about the History of
Blacks in amerikkka ?
(Little to Nothing)

What did your Parents teach you
about the History of Blacks in
amerikkka ? (Little to Nothing)

What did you teach your children
about the History of Blacks in
amerikkka ? (Little to Nothing)

This is the Knowledge that Blacks
by-pass,while our children are indoctrinated with a eurocentric concepts and mind-set, and then we
asked, What's Wrong With Our Youth?

We Black's Adults and Youth who claim to want meaningful change
must make a substantial Intellectual
Investment. This change will require
Reading, Critical Thinking and
Humbling Of Self.

(Some of the keys toward UNITY)


Anonymous said...

The easiest thing that black people can do to begin to unify is to turn the TV off, turn the DVD's off, turn the X-box off, turn the cell phone off, forego a trip to the mall and talk to each other about stuff that matters.

A way to improve black leadership is to inculcate in the minds of young people with the potential to be leaders a call to serve. Don't let them be blinded by the message that they can use their education to make a lot of money and buy a lot of stuff.

I think that if you deprogram black people of the materialism we have learned from the dominant culture, everything else will fall into place.


Anonymous said...

Here's the difference. White racists are on the fringe. They aren't played on mainstream radio. When they are spotted by the media they are rightfully portrayed as freaks, outsiders, nuts. Not so with black rap racists. They are embraced by the community at large. They are also played on mainstream radio and in fact show up and are honored at the MTV, BET and other awards. That's the difference. Out of the closet white racists are isolated--black racists are revered, looked up to. Especially when they throw in something extra like women hating (bitches and hos) and gay bashing (fags). Then they're really community heroes. These girls went into hiding--and they should. Hate monger rappers mingle at the best Hollywood parties.

Anonymous said...

The above comment should have been on the blog about the crazy little white girls.

Mary Stamper said...
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General Nikki X said...

Thank you once again for your comment Sis. Mary,
The Black Fist Blog is the ONLY official blog of The Black Fist Organization. Never heard of the site referenced in your comment and it has absolutely nothing to do with this site.

Please continue to read and comment on The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

Thank you once again for your comment Sis. Mary,
The Black Fist Blog is the ONLY official blog of The Black Fist Organization. Never heard of the site referenced in your comment and it has absolutely nothing to do with this site.

Please continue to read and comment on The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

I am new at Blogging. But could not resist commenting on the exquisite expressions conveyed very eloquently, and dedicatedly by the beautiful sister, General Niki X. I also find the many comments expressed (12 as of now) at the Black Fist Blog to be very good in detailing the question, “Unity - Does it exist for the Black Community.”

To start, I would like to collaborate an agreement in principal with the comments posted on November 19, 2005. All reading my comments, I recommend you to also read this Blog. A very, very good explanation to the issues at hand.

Basically Unity exist in many shapes and forms, and is subject to the eye of the beholder. The spectrum of its existence covers the territory established by such founding fathers as Marcus Garvey’s “Universal Negro Improvement Association”, W. E. B. DuBois's "Niagra Movement", and Booker T. Washington’s Tuskegee Institute. These groups and organizations began formalizing at the turn of the twentieth century during the dark days of Jim Crow.

All three major founding fathers had unique positions and tried reaching the American “Negro”, as we were called then, in a way they felt best. All three had opposing views, and each one rose to withering heights. But there was no Unity of a common cause objective. The masses of Black Americans adhered to which ever founding father that served there needs economically and or politically. Thus, our Black founding fathers deciphered the shapes and forms of Unity in political and economical terms.

The Unity was amongst the followers of each organization, and there was no Unity between the organizations.

Judging from history, I would say Unity is a totally encompassing proposition between folks (brethren, i.e. brothers and sisters) who believe in heart, mind, spirit, and physical commitment to CONDITIONS confronting them in there lives. In any of the four states just mentioned (heart, mind, spirit, or body) Unity will be found.

In my opinion, the General Niki X expressed that she believes in the common nature connection of Black Americans, (i.e., historical, cultural, psychological, and sociological). And, above all, recognize the ultimate solutions to the plight of the Black American, is that for us to express openly our Unity. If we fail to do so at this critical point in time, we will suffer plights more devastating than ever foreseen in prior times. This question, “Unity - Does it exist for the Black Community”, is being asked from her heart; her mind; her spirit; and commitment from her body, because as our leader, she’s pleading for reinforcements. This battle which has always been wedging in the nature of human kind historically is one of survival of One’s chosen CULTURE, and not to dictated by another’s culture. She’s further pointing to the fact that at the turn of this twenty first century, that the Man has devised schemes and choices to allow all Americans to make choices, predetermined by the Man of course, to psychologically alter the paths of cultures laid out by our predecessors.

Thus, “Unity - Does It Truly Exist” should be expressed outwardly by individuals by way of their hearts, mind, body, and spirit. This is no joke. The line is drawn. You either stand for Black people, or against Black people! This is no time or place to be hodgepodge about being Black!