Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A while back, a dear particular friend of mine suggested I read a book he'd recently completed, he thought it'd be a great source of information, clarity and very relevant to the times which surround black folks in this city. This book is called Snakes in Suits by Paul Babiak, Ph.D. & Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.
A certain Sinsinnati Snake in a Suit revealed himself to me a few years back and upon that revelation shortly thereafter I dropped that snake in a suit like a hot potatoe.
Why you may ask, do I choose today to discuss a snake in a suit I dropped from years ago? Well, I'll tell you my faithful and loyal readers. This conning snake in a suit has appeared to have lost his mind completely! This snake in a suit's slimy ways has appeared to have gone undetected by the majority of listeners to black talk radio. This snake in a suit has appeared to have bamboozled, flim-flammed and hookwinked a majority of blacks in this town, even the blacks we once thought was our "best & brightest". And even some unsuspecting whites.
While this particular snake in a suit issues all kinds of orders and demands to the black community on what they should or should not be doing, this slimy reptilian himself believes he is sitting on high looking low and is truly Lord & Master to all negroes without EVER having track record of actually doing anything for anybody other than himself and his wallet. This slimy reptilian little fellow has slithered his way into a position of somewhat lite-weight authority in a nonrelevant so-called black organization in this city and how did he do it? This snake in a suit did it by issuing threats to sue other black folks, loud boisterious self-grandisements and attacking any and everyone who didn't march in lock step with his ideas and so-called profound judgements.
Pronouncements by this snake to overthrow an organization after it is my understanding only having joined himself 2 or 3 months how in the hell does that work?
Nevertheless in his wake, this snake in a suit managed to transform or should I say "assist" in rebirthing the reptilian qualities long hidden by our now deceased co-founder of this very organization called The Black Fist. Oh yes, dear friends even pushing, prodding, pumping up, exciting and inciting the already out-of-control ego of our deceased co-founder to the point where our deceased general no longer thought for himself, no longer cared about those who cared about him, no longer focused on the issues of The Black Fist Agenda and brainwashed him so bad he no longer had a purpose in his own life except to defend and protect his reptilian master at all cost. And through it all the deceased general with the backing of his reptilian puppetmaster, believed himself to be totally invincible. He could threaten to kill people, terrorize his own people, get in the media and verbally and viciously attack his own people and all the while doing so, he always so gallantly defended the chief snake against any and all attacks of verbal and physical hurt harm or danger! Oh yes the deceased general's one true mission in the last 3 years of his life was to serve his reptilian master to the end.
And as God is my witness, to the END he served him!
And this snake in a suit is soooo underhanded and sooooo dirty he even convinced what we once thought were rational intelligent thinking black folks into believing he knew nothing about the reasons his faithful servant met his untimely demise! Oh what a conning little fellow this slimy snake really is! This snake even tolerated his servants filthy terroristic whore/sidekick knowing full well she hated him with a passion and publicly attacked him at every juncture!
Wow!!! What a tangle little dirty web this snake in a suit had weaved!
This crafty but cowardly serpent has even taken to the radio airwaves to attack me! Yes, good people, General Nikki X is now under PUBLIC attack by this snake in a suit and has enlisted his poison kool-aid drinking follwers to do all the dirty work for him on radio and internet. I said "public attack" because this cowardly serpent has been behind the scenes for quite a while attacking myself and other black activist but only now since I've called his reptilian ass out on something he jumped out there on the radio airwaves spouting does this snake "touch the surface without actually saying my name" but being the crafty reptilian devil that he is, he's brainwashed his followers into calling into comedy central, forgive me, I meant his little radio show, and under his strict command they do what they've rehearsed in their sessions before the show actually airs. And what is that you ask?
ATTACK General Nikki X and any other black or person the snake decides is opposing (or exposing) his positions or lack thereof and/or bullshit laced statements. How do I know? Well I've had PLENTY of those "rehearsed sessions" with the snake myself, of course with him being the coward that he is and trying to look netrual as a then councilmember, he was always calling myself or the deceased general at all times of day or night on the telephone telling us to "say this to so & so on the radio -or- say that to so & so on the radio"! As the following examples will show:
"General Kabaka call Willie Cunningham and say this or General Kabaka tell Keith Fangman I'm not a drama Queen! or General Nikki X sister back them up off my children" or "General Nikki X they're attacking me again, call the buzz & say this" or "General Kabaka tell Hamilton County prosecutor Mike Allen I'm not a smart-mouth little punk"....
Well I'm sure by now you get the picture.
Ever heard of something called "set-up calls"? BINGO!!!, That's what I'm talking about.
What is funny about this whole thing is on a daily basis on a radio station with the call letters WLW, there's a caucasion man by the name of Slick Willie Cunningham and this known racist has made it his business to let his majority white listeners know that he will do whatever it takes to ensure our snake in a suit never sees the inside of City Hall unless of course, one of the council members or the mayor needs a hot cup of coffee or a paper stapled. This radio talk show host, Willie Cunningham is running promos of long winded speeches made by our crafty little snake during his one term on city council, he is also running promos of the children of this snake (sweet innocent little boys, I might add) when they spoke before city council about the taser issue and this white man Willie, is boldly letting all his white and negro listeners know that this one term snake in a suit IS NOT TO BE RE-ELECTED!!! EVER!!!
Well now I bring this up only because it just seems so odd that this snake in a suit, a user and exploiter of black people, one who proclaims daily in the white-controlled press and BLACK talk radio that he and he alone (well not total alone I suppose, he does have a hijacked organzation under his belt and a few shell-shocked bamboozled negroes to somewhat back him up) will "hold people accountable" has never said a blasted word about a racist white man with power and influence on a 50,000 watt radio station with world wide web capacity -or- even in fact has NEVER himself called into that station nor has he ever
boldly driven his big black truck over to ClearChannel on Montgomery Road and dealt with this racist face-to-face. If not for himself, at least this snake in a suit can transform himself into a man for a mintue and stand up for his innocent children who can not defend themselves! Hell, even in times gone by I've stood up publicly for his children and stood up publicly against white racist Willie on his behalf but my my how people forget....
Hey wait a mintue!!! DO SNAKES HAVE MEMORIES??!!??? Hmmmmmm I'll have to research that and get back to you.
What this cowardly reptilian some bitch will do is attempt to publicly attack my credentials in this community. Attack my credibility in this community. Attack my years of activism in the community and yes, allow me to make it plain as our dear Bro. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Bro. Minister Malcolm X taught me and come on out and say this Johnny-Come-Lately Reptilian FRAUD has been circulating slanderous, dangerous, and incitive material through the United States Postal Service about myself and another hardworking dedicated longtime activist in this community, our dear brother Nate Livingston.
What's the deciding factor in all of this? It's an obvious one: General Nikki X and Nate Livingston are BLACK. Willie Cunningham is WHITE.
And face-to-face confrontation with the white man is not what this cowardly reptile is known for. That was our deceased general's most prized job [on the snake's behalf] and my [volunteer job on the snake's behalf] before I woke the fuck up and decided this snake was a user, a phony and a con man & I don't work for his ass!
In any event, our supporters know the reasons behind what this cowardly snake in a suit is doing and a hellava lot of people are not gonna sit idly by and continue to allow this worthless snake to continue on his slimy path unexposed and not held accountable for his actions. ACCOUNTABLITY INDEED GOES BOTH WAYS.
The moral of this story is twofold:
1. Our Sinsinnati Snake in a Suit will do battle, defame, slander, threaten to sue and virtually attack any and all BLACK people who dare to use their own mind and boldly challenge the snake's almighty statements and positions. black people who not afraid to hold his slimy ass accountable. But in turn this snake in a suit will allow a white racist or white person period to slander, defame, make mockery of and attack the snake and his children without a word of resistance and without the courage to even attempt to fight back. Bottom line - The snake is scared of the white man but will attack black people. Wow! now can some of see how the snake and the deceased general got along so well? BINGO!!! They both loved to attack black people only the deceased general had more courage in his baby toe when it came to dealing with the white man and the snake is trembling in his boots at the thought of having to do so...on his own!
2. When the city council elections really gear up and this slimy reptilian predator comes-a-smithering, I mean, comes-a slithering into your neigborhood begging for money, votes & talking that bullshit about "whether you agree with me or not or understand my positions on an issue just follow my leadership... take the time to remember, reflect and hold this two-faced slick talking reptilian some bitch ACCOUNTABLE!!! For, as our now deceased general used to always tell me in times gone by...


Anonymous said...

Yeah I hear your comments about one little snake in a suit. But what about the little snake you cavorted with before the demise of Brother Oma l/k/a Kabaka Oba & the videotape of you two in comprimising positions...

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X you are so right on everything you said I don't even know where to start. I've been noticing every since Smitherman lost the election he's been completely out of control his arrogance knows no bounds and he thinks he knows everything under the sun and he's extremely patronizing to black people. Willlie Cunningham said he was unamerican and anti-cop that's the reason he spends so much time on his radio show telling everybody they're a great american. This man is not fit to be reelected to city council nor is he good leadership for the NAACP. Keep up the good work General X I heard his little swipe he took at you on the radio that's why I am so glad you wrote this piece to remind the people it was not only Kabaka Oba Smitherman used and manipulated he was also trying to do the same thing to you. Turns out you were smarter than Kabaka and dropped him.
The comment above me is simply B.S. lookout General cause Smitherman's attack dogs seem to be coming for you! I know you can handle them.
Peace & Blessing Sister General

Anonymous said...

The person that wrote this is completely "out of control and dumm!" it's obvious that you don't know what you're talking about. See White or Black people like you only make it harder for you to comprehend because of your ignorance.

Stop the madness!!

Anonymous said...

Nikki, is this a website for the promotion of the black race, or a website that you can use as a platform so you can lauch attack after attack against your personal enemies. I come to this website to see what kind of ideas you have to increase race relations in the city. Instead all I have seen are rants and personal vendettas run amok. Until you can rise over your personal problems, you will never be a leader for African-Americans. You need to be able to put your personal vendettas aside and push for the advancement of the black race as a whole. Do not lower yourself to Smitherman's level. RISE UP WOMAN...RISE UP.

Anonymous said...

The madness is that you don't seem to have enough mastery of the English language to make a coherent point. What the hell are you talking about?

Charles* said...

Hey General Nikki X

This is the Poem I'd wrote when Kabaka Oba was Arrested and Was sent to a few_And at that time Mr. Smitherman was in close confer with Kabaka and i wasn't yet aware of all the "Joy mess involved__My assumption and ask of Smitherman or one of many recieving it to Share it with "Kabaka and "Glory Goes to The Creator _I want NON.

You're Still The Solider of a Cause needed.

Do it as you feel comfortable with__Just Know the "Action is Reaction to the Devices from HELL it's self and _Entering Such a Realm needs Devices Destined to Support Your Cause__PRAYER IS THE ANSWER and Faith in the energy being Manifested through the source Bringing about a "Much More Positive Ending that the ending of "One Life or a few Lives__To have the Sameness continue onward as Before_"Control IT As never Before and Feel your "TRUER POWER NIKKI"

Note: As i'd included other mentions of situations directed by Satan during the same time frame as links lastly and left all as Original when 1st sent out.
The Poem:In a message dated 10/15/2005 10:14:43 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, HRDPWR writes:
Black activist Oba is indicted

This is once again another plight to fight without "$$& Might_Filled with Can't Cope, That can become more Addictive than Dope...

Here's a "Black Man_That i really do "HOPE_Fairs well, Many From around here Know all the Stories he Tells...

No Holes in this mans Tongue from "His Feelings Being Released/ About the Racial injustice in Cincinnati_From All Areas & Even the Police...

Guilty until proven innocent is something i'll Forever Profess.. & it will be one, Form of a Miracle should he fair well from this mess...

Took upon himself to be present at all the "City Councils Meets & it was a Strong Stated Comment to the Mayor Luken & the City Hall Police...

What all happened at this "Junebugs to bring this all about??
Some need to realize/ WDBZ, the Buzz is Black owned_By a Republican "No Doubt...

I have chased that place Junebugs to purchase something there "One Day...
And after all the "Ignorant Hoop-La/From there i'll forever Stay...

Seems the Cook ran the place & the Cashier was in a Fight_Single Glares from a Off
Duty Cop & Stiff Eaters Delights...

Best of Luck to them & All need their own place_Some without a doubt enjoy it & seek & often
show their face...

Never have to worry about seeing me There Ever again/ one whole hour wait to get Shrimp & Some sort of Rib order for Dinn...

After this long see of tiffs & Sputes from this "Cook Crack" _ Seems as if he wondered why
God Made Women Exact...

That's an observe i got from all i took in & guess the / Swissher boy felt it & knew i was no friend..

I Never said a Word & Keep my Sunglasses on_But sometimes i guess i come across just like a Loud ringing phone?

Well Best to you all in these issues _This Week & May the Better Person of "ELECT get to Fart more in those Seats...

This Episode of "Oba is a Case Example of What i'm "FOREVER TALKING ABOUT" _After all these Years & Yakking & Nothings developed to get him Out...

Yes he may be out now?[ Deeper in Debt ] But the Fact remains the Same_Some Well know our issues,

We're MEN_That stand alone & it's very hard to find one, with which to clone..
Because soon that issue of "Non-Agree & That Mutha#$%r_You'll never want to see..

You Lost your Mind?
Wanna_ GET SHOT!

So a battle continues inside so many on a smaller "Scale & this time it's taken a voice of
Point Maker_Closer to his "Professed HELL.

Soon the "Beast will Grow & that's whether "In Jail or Out" _Will he still be a Bus Driver??
Will NIKKIE X _Spread his Clout??

Doing your SON any good Now?
And once again a Republican Rules_Lincoln Ware...Keeps You all Set up & is forever taking YA! to School.

KATRINA_isn't just a Hurricane & can be Scaled down to a Storm...
So Much Swirling inside & Now all those you Despise you reside..
Some think you have to "Die to Go to HELL_Well listen to Me Now & You'll Do Well.

He has the one & you do To & the Little Girl in Norwood, Died from Dads hands & True..
Small Child did a Victim of a Dad prior to That & You still looking at "THE PERSON?

Demons Hopping & Hopping & Hopping & it's "NOT EVEN Easter yet.
[ Got His Easter Bunny Smile On/_W/Fangs ]

Figure out away to Give "THE GOD" a Call.

Dad charged with murdering cheerleader, 13

Dad indicted in toddler's death

General Nikki X said...


Thank you for your heartfelt comment. God bless you my brother.
I'm wondering if this is the Charles Kabaka & I know? If so, please drop me a line at I'd sure like to know.

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #2,

I feel ya. Thank you for your comment.

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #1,

The correct spelling of "comprimising" is "C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-N-I-N-G".

Thank you for showing our readers and the world your profound ignorance!
Have a nice day.

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #3,

"Dumm" is correctly spelled "D-U-M-B".

Thank you for also showing your profound ignorance!
Have a nice day!

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #4,

Thank you for your comment. I hear you and I feel you.

Thank You and Charles (whom I'd forgotten to thank) For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #5,

How's this for mastering the english language...

Go To Hell!

And on your way there...Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Smithermann haters!! keep hating and see how it feels when that same hate comes back to you.

Anonymous said...

Smitherman is a con artist just as Nate Livingston and General Nikki X have pointed out! What has this small time hustler done for any of you dumb ass black followers of fraud to warrant all of this undying groupie-ism?
Keep exposing the truth Nate and General X!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nate Livingston, Do you have a job now? Nikki X, there are a lot of people that isn't as kool as you think they are and will turn on you for a dollar ( money ).

Some of these people you have done community work with and some you see everyday. Don't be fooled!!

Anonymous said...

AOL Search results for "Charlie winburn"

Here's Others Said's of this

The Necktie "Tells me he's Lost and wants World Wide_

Well there's one thing he does have in common with the "World.


See the Picture in "BLACK BLOGS__Nate's one time visit to "That IDIOTS [ winturds Church] Isn't near enough time to "Judge the repeated "Ant-Kicks" from this "Mental Giant"-His Collected Group in his "Church _Move and Trade ID's often__He's not like a Family as Nate said "They are__More like __Hypnotized and "Torn in the Moments of confusion_But being lifted by "Poisoning Helper..Most discove it before they pass on and seek the Anti-dose.
See what's free at

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of snakes in this city, Cincinnati is the worst city in the United States when it comes to " Fake " black men and women. Black men stand up! Black men always sticking their chest out I'm this and I'm that but when that white men stand up, your punk ass sit down and can't even protect your black women, Shame, shame, shame!!

Anonymous said...

Black people in this city has got to stop thinking that we must show that white man howeager we are to serve him. We will go against our own when we do not have to, We fall into this white man trap everytime. Ex: drugs, crimes, guns e t c and then we let these half men ( gays ) tell us what to do, what the hell is going on!!

Anonymous said...

You right General the fag is nothing but a snake in a suit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I notice, living in this city, we have to be very carful of who we deal with. There are people in this city government that is dirty as hell!! Ex: Mayor Mallory, commissionner Todd Portune and David Pepper, Prosecutor Deiters and others are weak, racist,and no good!!

People who practice wicked things like that, something will happen to them watch them , it's coming.

It is bad we black people live in one of the most racist city in America and most of us in this city act as if they don't know until something happen to them.