Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is video from a recent April 11, 2008 council meeting in Detroit. Amid the Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick so-called "text message scandal" and all the tension within the office of the mayor and its so-called chaos in Detroit City Hall as a result of, take a look at how Detroit's city council gets down on the floor and their interaction with each other.

What do you think of this video? Check out the sister councilwoman calling the president of council "Shrek", that big fat green lumpy looking ogre type monster from the popular children's movie. Talk about funny & crazy all at the same time. Now I know at times The Black Fist has been accused of letting city council and then mayor Charles "Charlie John" Luken have it in regards to its reckless disregard for the black community when it comes to fair distribution of tax dollars coming back into the black community and of course, we let 'em have it every chance we got when speaking against police brutality against blacks. However, this is council member -vs - council member! WTF!?!

Way too funny and way too pitiful. But hey I suppose sometimes you just have to get thangs off your chest that just can't wait even if it could be perceived as "unprofessional".

My question of the day is a simple one: "Have you ever been on your job and had to get buck wild and clock on your co-worker, supervisor, boss & etc.?" How did you feel afterward?

Yes, I'm sure most of us know there's a time and place for everything and yes, there is something called "professionalism" in the workplace, but I can't help but to feel some people can push a person over the edge at any time in any place and what comes next could be volcanic.....
Or you could just be called a "Shrek"!

You tell me.



Don said...

the only time i've ever had a physical confrontation was with my drill sgt while in the army. but he put his hands on me so...

as for the video, i don't know why, but it seems this always seem to take place @ council meetings doesn't it. funny stuff.

Sister P said...

***head held down in shame***
Monica Conyers is such a trip.