Monday, December 8, 2008



A woman who used her car to run over an ex-boyfriend, used her cable TV show to harass a woman, used abusive language to a judge in court and spit on a jailer, finally is going to prison.

Joy Rolland, 33, of South Cumminsville, pleaded guilty Friday to spitting on a Hamilton County sheriff's deputy while in jail on other charges. When Rolland is sentenced Jan. 9, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Winkler can send her to prison for up to 2 1/2 years.

Rolland was calm in court Friday - unlike a September court appearance.

Rolland was before Municipal Judge Melissa Powers, accused of harassing Nikki X. Rolland was accused of violating a protective order by harassing and threatening Ms.X during Rolland's public access cable television show and for chasing Ms. X in her car.

Rolland became so agitated at that Sept 24 hearing that she berated the judge, shouted "screw this court" and called the judge "a joke". That resulted in Powers citing her for contempt of court six times and sending her to jail for 180 days. After Rolland served 50 days on the contempt charges, Powers released her.

While Rolland was in jail, she spit in the face of Deputy Sonya Trollinger.

The conviction for contempt and spitting on the deputy violated the three years of probation Rolland was placed on in 2007 for the charges involving Ms. X. She also hasn't paid $4,123 in restitution and probation fines and fees.

In 2006, Rolland was arrested for using her car to try to run over an ex-boyfriend.

(Story by Kimball Perry courtesy of The Cincinnati Enquirer online)

Joy R. Rolland is one dangerously sick bitch!!!

One correction to the story is: Bi polar Joy Rolland is set to be sentenced on Jan. 7, 2009. NOT Jan 9th.
January 7, 2009. 9:00 AM Hamilton County Courtroom 380 in front of Judge Robert C. Winkler.

Everyone who has ever been threatened by crazy bi polar Joy Rolland over the years prays to The Most High God Almighty and Lord Jesus Christ that Judge Winkler throws the entire book at her on January 7th!!!


(NOTE: I am not at my computer station in National Black Fist Headquarters, so I am unable to provide a picture of crazy Joy Rolland to go along with this story. Yet I'm quite sure all of you, my faithful readers by now know exactly what that hideous witch looks like. In any event, when I return to Headquarters a picture of the beast will be added to this entry.)

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