Wednesday, December 10, 2008


9-33 years in prison for OJ Simpson.

Lawd Jesus Christ!!!
What can you say about OJ?

In the first video you will see OJ's emotional plea to the judge.
In the second video you will see the actual sentencing.
In the third video you will see Fred Goldman the father of Ron Goldman the person killed alongside Nicole Brown Simpson 13 years ago... doing his usual.


OJ Simpson was found NOT GUILTY of killing Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. There are those out there who still think OJ killed those two people. Well, of course everyone has their own opinion about the case even to this day. But the fact of the matter is NOT GUILTY was the verdict. Like it or Not.

And another fact is OJ is going to prison this trip!
Was this justice -OR- Did OJ serve his own ass up to an injustice system that was just waiting on him to fuck up anyway?

Lawd Jesus have mercy on this ol' negro name Orenthal James Simpson.
Will he EVER learn???

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Anonymous said...

Ron Goldman family got nonthing, this white man were still going to get oj. That is what he get for making poor white women rich when in fact the bitch didn't have anything!!