Saturday, March 28, 2009


Pictured above is the latest Hamilton County Sears mugshot portrait of crazed animal Joy R. Rolland. Don'tcha just love the Simon Leis House of Adams orange jumpsuit?

We, the victims of Joy R. Rolland have just this morning been alerted to the fact that she has been transported back to the City of Cincinnati and redeposited back into the Hamilton County Justice Center. Why? You may ask. Well, it appears this animal has a child custody hearing on March 31, 2009. at 800 Broadway Juvenile Court.

We, here at The Black Fist Blog will be praying for our dear brother Damian Finnell, the loving father and only competent parent of the young child of this currently incarcerated crazed terrorist. Bro. Finnell has fought tooth and nail to gain and retain custody of his son (who will not be named here for he is a minor). Bro. Finnell has an uphill battle in front of him to undo all of the psychological/emotional abuse heaped upon his innocent son at the hands of his bi polar mother, pictured above.

Court documents indicate that: An active holder is placed on Joy Rolland and she MUST RETURN TO MARYSVILLE PRISON*****

Thank God for Jesus! For the quicker this wilde beest is restored back to her Marysville Prison cage the better for all her victims, this city, this county and the child (her & Bro. Finnell's child) in question.

We will continue to keep you informed of this crazed animal's movements.
The City of Cincinnati can NOT afford another Anthony Kirkland!!!



G.D. Simpson said...

General Nikki X,
Where have you been? We need you, my regal and strong Queen of the struggle here in Sin-sir-nati. Thanks for the 411 on Joy Rolland. her pictures on this blog look different from the one posted at the health department. It appears that Joy's name had been given to the health department as the carrier and host for several different strains of STD's. So, all you brother's that was on the "Joy Train" when she was in the 'hood' spreading her poison joy had better run to get checked out! I am out......

Anonymous said...

Damn G.D. man I was with the bitch too!!! I'ma have to go get my shit checked out too! I been wondering why I been peeing green...

Anonymous said...

That trick look like something straight outta one of them prison horror films YUCK!