Monday, March 30, 2009


This little story comes straight from the Cincinnati Enquirer online
By Jennifer Baker:

NAACP endorse Crime Stoppers

For the first time in the nation, a local branch of the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People is endorsing a Crime Stoppers program for its efforts to solve crime.

The Cincinnati NAACP branch will take that historic step today at an 11 a.m. ceremony with officials from Crime Stoppers and Cincinnati police at Martin Luther King Park, 3740 Reading Rd., according to police.

Recognizing that violent crime affects everybody in the community, the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP is encouraging their membership and all of Greater Cincinnati to support Crime Stoppers and to use the program, police said in a prepared statement.

Officials from both organizations will jointly announce their cooperation to encourage citizens to realize that silence in the face of crime must change, and to send the message that murder is unacceptable, police said.


Now. For someone such as the Local president of the NAACP (always referred to here on this site as the ("Snake in a Suit") to be in the Cincinnati Enquirer allegedly endorsing Crime Stoppers we ask.... Where's the news?

I mean who in their right mind don't endorse Crime Stoppers? The local Snake in a Suit will use any and every opportunity he can use to get his name and face in a newspaper he claims is soooo racist and soooo bias toward black people in the city and especially racist and extremely bias toward him. You can't have it both ways.

Same as with The Cincinnati Herald, our weekly black newspaper, when things weren't going his way he encouraged black folks to unsubscribe, encouraged his friends and family to unsubscribe and declared strongly (rather screeched very loudly) that he himself will unsubscribe. Yet when The Cincinnati Herald writes a positive story about the NAACP or about the snake himself....Oh! it's hallelujah time! The Herald is a great paper. Read The Cincinnati Herald!

I think you, my faithful readers, get the point.

The Black Fist Organization to this day thank Crime Stoppers for broadcasting and capturing a local sexual deviant and mentally deranged punk by the name of Terry Lee Summers (pictured above in his current Hamilton County Justice Center mugshot & always referred to on the site as "Tiny Terry Lee The Midget"). Thanks to Crime Stoppers Tiny Terry Lee was captured right downtown in front of the Cincinnati Public Library by the Cincinnati Police Vortex Unit for violating a court-ordered restraining order for stalking, sexual stalking, telecommunication terrorism, internet stalking amongst other vile perverted criminal offenses.

Thank you Cincinnati Police Department and Crime Stoppers.

In saying all of that, we feel that what that snake in a suit is doing is once again nothing more grandstanding and promoting himself not the issues he claims to be so passionate about.
And to that we say.... HOW PATHETIC!!!



Anonymous said...

Damn that nigga's ugly & Chrissy Smitherman is a fool amongst fools!

The Watchman said...

General Nikki X, court records indicate that Terry Summers is the cousin of one, Ronald Summers, who along with Alfred Clay, Jr., in 1976 Rape and Murdered a white female. They both were found guilty and sentenced to separate sentences-Summers, now on parole was sentenced to 14 to 50 years for Rape and Involuntary Manslaughter and Clay was given 15 50 Life for Rape and Murder. Clay is still confined and is scheduled for another parole hearing in 2010.
Court records indicate that the picture that you posted is definitely that of one, Terry Summers, a sex maniac and psycho-sadistic planner of sexual maiming and mayhem of innocent women. Recently, Terry Summers was founded "not guilty" of sending sexually violent and profane emails to women. One where he stated that he would rape and sodomize Republican Vice Presidential Candidate,
Sarah Palin. He also was charged with describing in countless emails some of the most sick, twisted, animalistic and unmentionable things that he wanted to perform on you, General Nikki X. This monster is another Anthony Kirkland in the community and the entire community should be put on notice and on guard. We have been monitoring his movements and he frequents the public libraries in Walnut Hills on Kemper Ave and the main library on Vine St. downtown. This predator was put back in the by Judge Brad Greenberg, not because he thought that he wasn't guilty, but certain rules of evidence were not followed. This placed yourself and other women and girls in harms way by this 'Frankenstein' demon. He resides in the Walnut Hills area on William Howard Taft and Melrose Avenues. District 4 and 2 have been notified. If he breaks into the home or dwellings of anyone, or approaches a young girl or woman it is out hope and prayers that he will be shot to death to spare the tax-payers the unnecessary tax-burden of financing his trial and paying for his stay in jail and prison. Three clean shots in the head will be gracious justice for this animal. In it time for the community to protect that sanctity of our women and young girls in our communities. This guy's mind is beyond counseling or therapeutic repair. His fixation on sex and violence towards women makes Ted Bundy look like a school boy. We must stop him at all cost! Pay close attention to the homicidal look in his eyes. It appears that Terry Summers is infinitely angry with all females because of the woman that birth him into this world did him a ugly injustice and he has spent his entire predatory existence trying to repay his mother through other innocent females. I careful look at Terry Summers reveals that he looks indentical to the now deceased, "Travis", the ape that was shot and killed has he attacked and tore the face off of a female last month. May Terry Summers be dealt the same fate. Everybody say, "Amen".

June Bug said...

In the famous words of the Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the movie, "The Terminator, "That is one ugly mother-fucker". Damn, if this food smell as nasty as ugly as he looks, then Terry Summers is a gigantic, walking pail of 'shit'. They should shot this mad dog with a animal tranquilizer and put him back in his cage.

White Citizens On Patrol said...

Somebody call Rev. Garr, Walker, Hall and Jordan funeral services and tell them that keep on reserve a midget coffin because we got one "mo" to go...This little nasty, sick, black bastard should have someone saying his last rites as I speak. I cannot believe that any rational court of law let this fucking road lizard walk out of the courtroom. Now they will be rolling this ugly ass, American flag disgracing and debasing "lil black sambo" motherfucker into Dr. O'Dell Owens ice box at the morgue. Look at this psycho-piece of shit, I would trust him around the Cincinnati Sewer District, because he is a threat to any form of organism. They should bring back community "pick a nigga day" and I would pick this 'nigga' to lynch, no offense Rev. Lynch. This is such a serious community alert, us good white people on the WESTSIDE will pay people to keep their eyes on this fucking hyena. We will even pay the blind people to keep an eye on this repulsive slime. I don't ususally agree with you, General X, but all of the good white people and most of the bad negroes agree with you on this one. I am going to keep this goofy looking bastard's picture under the bottom of my truck and if I see this lil monkey, the front wheels of my truck will ride his ass like he was a black donkey looking for death in the graveyard.

Anonymous said...

I remember once early in Smitherman's radio career, while he was still on City Council, referring to The Delegate as "briliant" and someone who "tickles [him]."

God, what were the voters thinking in 2003?

Anonymous said...

Action! Nikki X, At least Mr. Smitherman did make it as a council member and I would say, if you ran you would not make it at all. You would make last or next to last place. Nikki X, Why don't you explain the reason you can't stand Mr. Smitherman when in fact he hasn't done a thing to you?

General Nikki X said...

I don't explain anything. The Snake is a fucking KLOWN. PERIOD!
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