Saturday, May 23, 2009


(Pictured from left, Rob Richardson, Bobby Maly and Joe Sprengard are co-chairmen of Cincinnatians for Progress. The group is working to stop the frequent ballot initiatives they say derail the city's ability to move forward)

Lucy May, Senior Staff Reporter for the Business Courier of Cincinnati has written an article a very enlightening article about a group of Cincinnati citizens who have started a group for the sole purpose of stopping the current influx of petitions by local group(s) that are attempting to stop what they call "the city becoming economically competitive" and "derail the city's ability to move forward".

The story reads as follows:

As far as Rob Richardson, Bobby Maly and Joe Spengard are concerned, the streetcar ballot initiative isn't about the city's$200 million streetcar proposal, not at all.

The ballot language would require a majority of the people before Cincinnati city government could proceed with any kind of passenger rail service or planning throughout the city. And that, they argue, could stop economic progress dead in its tracks.

"We can't limit the ability of the city to even entertain different forms of transportation," said Richardson, a lawyer who worked locally on Barack Obama's presidential campaign. "This is really about being a city that's economically competitive."

Meet Cincinnatians for Progress, a new organization with broad support from the city's political establishment.

--(End of Business Courier of Cincinnati Story)--

Now, what do you think of that folks? A group of citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble and express their thoughts and opinions whether others agree with them or not. Now I know you will hear all kinds of stuff on local so-called black talk radio and a lot of rhetoric from a local organization's PRESIDENT who, of course will express (very loudly I might add) his PRESIDENTIAL thoughts regarding this new group and its "true intentions". This so-called PRESIDENT will attempt to brainwash you into his way of thinking. But what this PRESIDENT is unwilling to accept due to his own out of control ego is people have their own thoughts and opinions and not everyone out here is stupid, dumb and ignorant.

Nor is everyone out here with black skin under his so-called divine "strong leadership".

Cincinnatians for Progress are assembling to counter whatever it is they think is not in the best interest of Cincinnati right, wrong or indifferent. They have that right.

FYI FOLKS: People can think for themselves. Believe it or not. And guess what? The people of Cincinnati don't need the permission of the NAACP or the permission of its current ego-driven PRESIDENT to do so.



Leonard said...

Chris Smitherman is mad cause Rob Richardson is out here talking about the dictorship way smitherman runs those naacp meetings and how he was ousted by smitherman as legal redress for the naacp for favor of a white man Chris Finney who supports the tea party and John McCain for President.
Chris Smitherman has history of demanding others to explain themselves but he will cry like a sissy bitch if someone demands he explains his own actions. Why would smitherman dump a black lawyer (richardson) for a white one (Finney)? The only thing Smitherman cares about his his own 9failing) political career the members of the naacp better wake up and wake up fast. Thanks General for The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...

Who made you the spokes person for black people in this city Ms. X? you are far from a spokes person for me. You do not speak on personal issues when on this website, you are almost always personal when i happen to read this site.

Take a deep breath and then state your facts and maybe you can then be more specific when trying to explain something.

General Nikki X said...

To "anonymous" Friday the 13th:

Uhhhhhh actually I do speak on personal issues on this blog and anything else I want to speak on. This is "The Black fist Blog". I am the administrator of this blog. If you don't like it then go read some other blog because on this one I run the show NOT you "anonymous".

Have a nice day ;)

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Smitherman, How are we ( black people ) doing on this banks project so far? are this weak city still using the word minorities and excluding blacks etc or , are you all ( NAACP ) on it?