Friday, May 22, 2009



In this week's edition of The Cincinnati Herald, there is a short yet we believe very important announcement regarding a chance for the general public to debate the City of Cincinnati's proposed streetcar initiative.
It reads as follows:

The Pros and Cons of the proposed Streetcar

Should the City of Cincinnati build a new proposal for a streetcar line? Since the initial airing of the proposal for a streetcar, local citizens and groups have lined up for and against the initiative. In fact, signatures are currently being collected for a ballot initiative that would prevent the city from going forward with this project.

At the next Community Issues Forum, at noon, May 28, at Christ Church Cathedral, The Undercroft, 318 East Fourth St., Michael Moore, director of the City's Department of Transportation and Engineering, will speak in favor of the streetcar proposal, and a representative of the coalition against the streetcar will speak against against it. Lunch can be purchased for $5.00, or you can bring a brown bag.

What do you think about the City of Cincinnati's plan to build a streetcar?
Are you for or against it?
And why?

Today's discussion on The Black Fist Blog is about the streetcar. Let's talk about it.


Metro Driver said...

General Nikki X, I would like to commend you for your presenting this topic for comments and discussion. You should run for council, because you already proved that you were more popular than former vice mayor, "Kizzie" Reese. I think that you would when. The fact that at a time when the African-American community in this city is being swallowed economically by third world people from the middle east and Africa, which is a alarming crisis, in and of itself, yet we are being told that we need a 'street car'. At a time when the city has allowed the Director of Community Planning, Mr. Michael Cervey, a known racist, to illegally direct millions of dollars away from African-American small businesses and into the pockets of his racist, Aryan and Nazi business friends is a crime that needs to be investigated by the city, the state and the Federal Government. Someone should contact the U.S. Attorney General's Office, then file an injunction in federal court against the 'street car' because it is a 'getaway' car being used in the commission of a crime against the Black community. The SBA numbers are shocking and appalling, yet we are discussing a fucking street car. At the rate that people are stealing money at city hall, they should use this fucking street car to haul some asses to the state prison. Yet, we are having a discussing across the city about a damn 'street car'. People in this city are jobless, homeless,without food and medical care and hopeless, yet there is a discussing about a 'street car'. We have lost our rational, caring, sharing, kind and compassionate minds and hearts. This is a gigantic indication of this fact. A Motherfucking 'street car'.

TreyX said...

Beautiful sister general I think a streetcar would be a good thing for the downtown cause that's the only people who will benefit from it. It will do nothing for the hood. Good topic sweet sister.
Your faithful subject,

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X, I think that this StreetCar item is a very, very 'hauling' idea. They could use it to 'haul' any retarded ass, pre-school drop ass, hiding in the graveyard of a oppressed, ghetto mind ass, fool ass, clown ass, stupid ass, sassy punk ass, soul circus monkey ass, nigga ass, then wore his ass now, "Trey X", with that gay ass, "your faithful subject ass shit".

TreyX said...

Whoever send that comment is the fool what's wrong you? You want Nikki X for yourself and she ain't hearing it. Sister General I am your faithful subject please ignore the punk ass haters.

Creep Police said...

General Nikki X, If I didn't know better I would think that Anthony Kirkland had broke out of the Justice Center and is wondering around, at the Public Library, using the computers down there, posing as an admirer of you, when, in fact, he is a sex offender, with homicidal tendencies. Or, this 'Gay X', excuse me, I mean, 'Trey X' guy is Terry Summers. In any event, whichever or whomever, call the motherfucking police!!! This guy is a sicko trying to be 'slicko'. This is a site and venue for uplifting education and information to free the minds and behinds of our community! Yet, we have this or these creeps trying to 'woo' out sister with some pre-school 'rap', about being your "faithful servant". "Servant", will someone call Police Chief Thomas Striker, we got a serial sex offender, 'silence of the lamb' ass, 'ignut' ass, bitch ass, jackoff ass degenerate on this blog. Go to the NAACP blog and be a "faitful servant" to Chris(the bitch_ Smitherman. He will at least give your sick ass a tip. On this site blog your will get nothing but dick and bubble gum, and I gave the last piece of gum to yo mama. So, quess what I got left for you? Yep! That right, faggot, D-I-C-K!

TreyX said...

Creep Police what a fool.
Beautiful sister X I won't defile your website responding to a idiot that calls himself creep police.

Brother Love said...

General Nikki X, I thank you for being in the forefront of the discussions regarding the topic of love, respect, honor, etc., etc. because it goes to the center of reality as to where we were as a people and where we are suppose to be in good health and wealth of love, joy and happiness!!! Any human being with the crown of a anointed spiritual God and goodness is in love with God, life and one another. Not to be in love is to be on the path and road of hate. I don't to take up to much of your time, but I am of the conviction that we, as a people, "must" take collective and individual inventory of what is going on in our lives. If I love you, sister or a sister, all that I give is good to her/and or/our child or children. My love cannot be predicated on whether or not we are having sex. Sex is not love. Sex is a physical expression of amorous desires and organic procreation. Sex can be titillating and enjoyable, it you know what you are doing, but it ain't love. Love means I will honor you, protect you, respect you because I have the same for God and myself. The minute that I try to defy or deny this divine order of things I am in trouble and a sister and children that is involved or connected to me is in big, big trouble. I will being to rationalize and justified all that I do to please "myself" and this very dangerous, because instead of giving pieces of heaven from my heart, I will bestow dark and painful things from which the 'darkness' that I have selected for myself. Yesterday, I brother in Price Hill came home to his wife and seven children and murdered the mother, then shot and killed himself. This is ultimate evil! Another brother made in the goodness and image of God, started making the wrong or evil choices in life and relationships and became consumed by the 'darkness', evil, hate and madness. This is becoming a often occurrence in our communities and it is directly related to the absence of love between each other and the absence of the 'unity of purpose'. I am so, so sorry, if I have bored you and your readers, but I was compelled to share this. Now, I must go and do my 'superman' thang and celebrate and worship Almighty God!

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your comment Brother Love. This comment would've been best placed under our topic "What's Black Love Got To Do With It". However, I'm sure my faithful readers will read and understand.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!