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(Top 2 pictures: Lyn Collins 2005, Days Before Her Death At Age 56)

(Lyn Collins, In the 1970's)

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Welcome to today's Flashback to the Past 32! Today's edition is from a little known sister yet superbad all the same introducing, Ms. Lyn Collins.

Lyn Collins was discovered and cultivated under the watchful eye and skillful hands of The Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother Number 1 James Brown. As you read Ms. Collin's bio below then watch look and listen her music videos you will see and hear soul Brother number 1 James Brown's influence throughout her music, and through her vocal skills. Lyn Collins has gone down in history as the ONLY woman to ever go toe-to-toe with James Brown vocally in the recording studio.
On several occasions, Lyn Collins was respectfully asked by various producers when recording with Mr. Brown to "please stand back away from the microphone because your voice is so powerful, you are over singing Mr. Brown".....

Something that had NEVER been done by anyone before or after Sis. Lyn Collins!

Lyn Collins is affectionately called "The Female Preacher". You will see why when you hear her soulful expressions and dynamic vocal skills. Lyn Collins' music has stood the test of time having been remade and sampled by some of today's biggest and brightest recording artist from, R&B Artist Sybil -to- The Queen of Reggae Patra -to- Hip Hop Artist Rob Base.

Also worth noting is that when in the early 1990's reggae artist Patra remade the song "Think", she asked Ms. Lyn Collins to guest star on the single. It has been recorded that Lyn Collins was so honored that one of today's great artist reggae rapper/singer Patra wanted her to duet with her on a song she made famous some 25 years prior that ... Lyn Collins broke down crying so overwhelmed that she was even remembered by the recording industry thought long well to have forgotten her.

Thanks Sis. Patra for putting our sister Lyn Collins back on the map for a whole new generation to enjoy!

Now Brothers and Sisters you sit back and enjoy for yourselves the sister, Lyn Collins!

Until Next Week's 33rd Edition.....


b. Gloria Lavern Collins, 12th June 1948, Lexington, U.S.A.

d. 13th March 2005, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

Born in Lexington (not Abilene as some reports state. Lyn told me.), Lyn Collins was discovered by James Brown and later moved, and grew up in Abilene, Texas.

She, actually, began recording at the age of 14, recording a song called 'Unlucky In Love'.

She was given the nickname 'The Female Preacher' by the 'Godfather Of Soul', whilst he toured with her at his Revue's.

Marva Whitney then left the Revue, and Vicki Anderson was re-recruited.

In 1971, she recorded the song 'Wheel Of Life' and officially joined James's Revue in 1972 after Vicki Anderson departed again.

Lyn was one of several James Brown discoveries, including Bootsy Collins and Catfish Collins, who were, actually, not Lyn's relatives.

She sang background vocals on many of James Brown's releases, however she released her own material via the People label (a Polydor offshoot), including 'Think (About It)' in 1972.

Other James Brown produced albums on Polydor include 'Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now' in 1975, including 'Rock Me Again & Again & Again'.

Lyn eventually became backup session vocalist, and appreared on the soundtracks of the film 'Dr. Detroit' and the TV series 'Fame'.

She recorded on Belgium's ARS imprint during the late Eighties and early Nineties, releasing the songs 'Shout' and 'Break Your Heart' (for an Italian label).

Lyn then remade 'Think (About It)' with the singer Patra in 1993

In 2005, Lyn teamed up with the singer Martha High for several European shows, including London's Jazz Café in February of that year.

Lyn Collins passed away on the 13th of March 2005 as a result of complications from a seizure she had suffered the previous Thursday 10th of March. She was only 56.

Her friend Martha High was with her. She had choked on some food and was brain dead by the time the Medics had arrived. She had a cardiac arrest on the 13th at the Huntingdon Memorial Hospital.


Think (About It) (People 1972)

Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now (People 1975)

(Information on Lyn Collins courtesy of Soulwalking Online United Kingdom Edition)

Never Gonna Give You Up


Don't Make Me Over

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Anonymous said...

I Love Lyn Collin's Singing, music, and Her entire album/C.D. She ( Lyn Collins) is an all time Great of Black/Sistah songstresses that have did great musical songs, and paved the way for MANY other Brothas', and Sistahs' in this BMI. Thank You again The Great Sistah Nikki X. The General is the title that you've earned. Bro. JT.