Sunday, April 1, 2012


Toure and Piers Morgan Face Off on CNN Over Trayvon Martin

After Piers Morgan’s softball interview with George Zimmerman’s brother, Touré took to twitter to berate Morgan’s underperformance.

Then, Morgan tweeted some insults at Touré, and invited him on his show. Touré took Morgan up on the

offer, and reamed Piers Morgan in the interview below:

Here is the original video that started this controversy between Bro. Toure and CNN's Piers Morgan. The Piers Morgan interview with George Zimmerman's brother. (The brother we now know he hasn't even spoken to in years):

George Zimmerman's older brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. went on The Piers Morgan Show to do nothing more than lie and make up shit to save his murdering brother's ass. Later after the interview it was revealed that Robert Zimmerman Jr. has not even spoken to his murdering brother George in years and he has absolutely no knowledge of what happened the night his brother murdered in cold blood a black child, Trayvon Martin.

So it would not be to farfetched to say that Robert Zimmerman Jr. needs to crawl back under that rock he's been hiding under and shut the fuck up on a situation he has absolutely NO knowledge or credible information about!

Yeah! We Said It!!!

(Story & Video Courtesy of BlackLikeMoi & CNN)


Anonymous said...

I knew that bastards brother didn't know shit and I'm glad Toure got in Piers morgan's ass old english mutha...! They all stick together! George Zimmerman needs to go to prison ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Please take the time to read the latest on Trayvon Martin: "The Tragedy that Sparked Revolution"