Saturday, March 31, 2007



On this day 02/01/03, We called for a City Wide Moratorium on Police Brutality. 200 years of brutality from The Cincinnati Police/Watchmen/Slave Catchers is Enough!

We, The undersigned call for an immediate halt to Police harrassment, Police Brutality and the killing of Black Men by The Cincinnati Poilce.
We, Call for The Cincinnati Police to stop the wicked act of Racial Profiling which they are 100% Guilty of.
We, Call for The Cincinnati Police to stop protecting and babysitting the KKK when they have their Cincinnati Police revivals on Fountain Square.
We, Call for City Hall to control your outta control Cincinnati Police, and use some of the Tax Payer's money to buy some GUTS to do it.
We, Call for The Cincinnati Poile to stop pointing their guns in Black people's faces, and end the act of forcing Black people to lie down on the ground as if Black people are dogs.
We, Call for the end of the practice of bringing false charges against high-ranking Black Police Officer's, and then using the court system to end their careers, to make sure NO Black Police can become Chief.
We, Call for The Cincinnati Police to end the practice of Tricking Black Women to have sex with them, with the promise of, I'll let you go free.
We, call for ALL Black people to remember that we have a right to "self-defense" by any means necessary, including defending ourselves against Police Brutality.
We, call on all GOOD Police to publicly condemn BAD Police and embrace the philosophy of Prison for Police who kill Black people "UNJUSTIFIABLY".

We, the undersigned make this call for a "Moratorium on Police Brutality" because we are the defenders of The Black Nation, and we recognize that Police Brutality and The KKK are a threat to our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.


[UPDATE: This moratorium was created by the founders of this organization (General Kabaka Oba and General Nikki X) on Januuary 29, 2003., and finalized and presented to the public on February 1, 2003. And first posted to this blog on July 24, 2005. This important document was read aloud to Cincinnati City Council, The Hamilton County Commissioners and on various local talk radio shows. This document is still very relevant today.

I re-posted it as a reminder to all of what The Black Fist stood for then and stands for today.

4 YEARS LATER: Alot has happened within this organization and within the black community as a whole since the two of us sat down one evening and drafted this most powerful document, but one thing remains the same: The Spirit, The Fire and The Committment to Justice for all black people. The one thing The Black Fist will always be at the forefront in doing our best to achieve.]

The Black Fist is a black militant organization dedicated to the salvation and liberation of the black nation. It always has been and IT ALWAYS WILL BE!





Charles* said...

Thank's Nikki X-Black Woman of a higher Calling to Appease, The plight of "Black People"
[in need of it] inside the City of Cincinnati Ohio and in fact "The Whole State and as we look deeper "Behind and Forward "The World.
Findlay Market-Those Major Black Neighborhoods subjected "To Not only Police Brutality_There's Systematic Genocide taking place on so many levels_Economically / and
The more Subtle one_Paid [with drugs or money/favors-ETC.] Murders and Chaos Creaters_I'll forever believe as so many are filtered [with ease] into a Black community of same flavors or close..these "Sudden Appears of "Latinos over the years...As well as "Any Whites__Non Allow without Question of New faces as we do__Let A Black Face go into another Hood and seek to establish a life Legal or otherwise__Those in surround will "Filter their existence to know all they possibly can..
So as the Ease of the see is "Police Brutality and it Still occurs _Inside the Incarceration facilities & As you said of those "Black women being Subjected to all sorts of RAPES and Abuse_For whom do you call_When the ones "You're Raised to Call is the Perpetrator..Never Hard to Prove/ Just Tough to remain legal and gain Satisfaction within the Hamilton counties System of Design__This recent CPD Officer Charged with Raping that Black Female during a situation of Domestic Violence..Is only being Addressed at length of being Crosshaired by the "Law __Due to him Being Black__Stuff happens "Daily and Often through out The Day__CPO are Sexual Demons..Show me a White [ healthy ] Man who isn't_They're Whole existence is surrounded with Who to Abuse for sexual gratification__Never Inked/ Never Thought of__Due to the Bubble of Cloaks Worn and upheld__Noticed "WELL" When those Priest were Denied Prosecution from wrong doing's not long ago as the "Prosecutor Himself is Soon Found Guilty of "Work-Site Abuse of a Female__Don't Ask me Why Gaines Hired that pcs of S***/ must be some connecting areas not able to have been Bridged and now are?? Noting: Gaines is a Player 1st and Far most.

General Nikki X _i'm Proud to see you Stand the placement of Worth as you do and soon to follow__i'll send "A Poem i'd wrote when General Kabaka Oba was detained and Pre-Being Demonically Manipulated by "Flesh of which "Men allowing "Their Flesh" to stand taller than any Higher Power and it's Rely as said for Men as well applies to Females..
And i'll also attach assorted Sends i've designed of a personal capture "Realized _Here and Above in my 50+ Years of Existence in Sinsinnati Ohio__Funny to see you capture that phrase[sinsin-ati__For it was mine while in "Teen Prison back in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

You would be surprise if some people would take the chance and talk to others about the police officers on the force. I have and the white ones have so disrespectful and racist you would be angry at what they are still doing.

A large amount of them are from the west side, had previous problems with people of color/ blacks, don't like blacks, now police officers and, act like they are fair but don't show it, still make racial slurs/remarks, tazed the hell out of black people, dis respect our youth and convince that it's there fault all the time, bottom line, they don't like us!!!