Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The Cincinnati Local Branch of The NAACP has a new president. Former Cincinnati City Councilman Christopher Smitherman defeated imcumbent President Edith Thrower.

According to news reports the vote came down 187 for Smitherman and 134 for Thrower.


Anonymous said...

What negative thing do you have to say about Smitherman now Nikki X?

Anonymous said...

Who's going to break the news to him that the NAACP aint the Panthers or the Nation. He's got people believing a lie. That he's going to change the schools, the laws, and a anything else that comes to his mind paying no attention to the mission and purpose of that organization. Mark my words. The next step will be that he'll get in a hissy fit and try to break off from the national. Then, whatever contribution the NAACP has been able to make locally, will now be zero and our local branch will go up in smoke. It makes you wonder where Smiterhman comes from, who are his backers, what is he really up to?

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1 said "What negative thing do you have to say about Smitherman now Nikki X?"

Hahahaha! Believe me if Smitherman's worshippers are worried about Sister Nikki X they really are a gang of dummies.
Smitherman is doomed by his own loud mouth and this sister should be the very least of his worries.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2 hit the nail on the head!

Steven Hill said...

Hey People!!!!
Let not forget about "Wendell Walker", exceptionally close friend to Chris Smitherman and his former chief campaign aid, who is now serving 4 years for child rape. This sicko was the executive director of the WestEnd Health Clinic and raped this black child repeatedly under the false pretext that he was mentoring this poor youth. Wendell Walker is a young, bright, married, family man, with children and Chris Smitherman's closet friend besides his brother Joe, who is married to a white homosexual named, Jason. We remember "jason" from Halloween, don't we? Now this band of merry and ferry gays will be at the NAACP chasing young, black 'peters'. Please people, please don't make the same terrible mistake that the child victim's mother made by trusting these black, modern day 'pee wee hermits'. The only difference between them and Michael Jackson is the 'jacko' sings his way into little boys pants, this infamous group employs civil rights rhetoric. Sooner or later they will be clowing homosexual and child molesters over there at the NAACP-National Association for the Advancement of Clowing Punks.

Steven Hill
Former Eye 9-Team Investigator,
and convicted child rapist

Anonymous said...

See, that is just what is wrong with black people in this city ( men amd women ), We have to give our black bro. and sis. a chance first and than spank them on this blog not this white man newspaper.