Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Silly Cincinnati City Councilman Cecil Thomas is revisiting his silly superficial weed ordinance once again today in Cincinnati City Council chambers. (Boy was that a mouthful!)

At 2:00 p.m today, you - Mr. and Mrs. Cincinnati Negro, can attend this farce of a meeting and voice your 2 mintue opinion for -or- against renewing this dumb ass ordinance.

I don't spliff, never have nor do I ever intend to. My opinion is, as long as an adult smokes their gunja in the privacy of their own home and not blantanly out on the streets, what's the big deal? There was already a law on the books in this city about this issue anyway, it was called a $100 fine.

Our concern today is why in the devil is Silly Cecil, Chairman of The Law and Public Safety Committee wasting time on some dumb ass weed ordinance when the crime and murder rate in this city is outrageous!!!

Is this the ONLY thing that concerns Silly Cecil at this moment in time in his sworn capacity as The Chairman of The Law and Safety Commitee?!? Cincinnati City Council cry about the jails being overcrowded, the three Hamilton County Commissioners with the exception of one along with the Hamilton County Sheriff could care less about what the voters in this county voted on i.e., NOT using tax-payers dollars to build a new jail. But NOOO Silly Cecil wants to waste the none existing jail space the powers that be are constantly cying about, and draft then attempt to renew an ordinance that swoops people up -PREDOMINATELY BLACK PEOPLE- and throw them in jail!

For a joint Silly Cecil?!? It just doesn't make any sense.

This City Council is one of the worst incompetent councils damn near in the history of Cincinnati City Council. From that whining idiot Leslie Ghiz to Silly Cecil Thomas to Mr. Bengals debacle himself Jeff Berding. I mean Give Me A Break!!!

Silly Cecil earn your keep by doing something about the out of control crime and murder problem we have in this city. Black men and women are dying everyday in this city and you sir, are screaming about WEED?!?

The November 2007 Cincinnati City Council elections can't come around soon enough for me....


: According to news reports...


Cincinnati's stricter law for marijuana possession stays in effect.
The ordinance - which makes having even a small amount of pot punishable by a $250 fine and up to 30 days in jail - was set to expire this week.

But City council members renewed it this afternoon.

More than 20 people testified Tuesday and Wednesday in favor of letting the one-year ordinance die. They said it only contributed to the crowding at the Hamilton County jail and that police officers should be spending their time fighting serious crime.

But Police Chief Tom Streicher said the ordinance led officers to 62 guns between April 2006 and the beginnning of February.

Councilmen David Crowley and Jim Tarbell voted against the renewal.
Tarbell suggested putting another one-year cap on the ordinace, but that would have required Councilman Cecil Thomas, who put to ordinance forward, to allow an amendment.

Thomas did not.

Once again folks, thanks to Cincinnati City Councilman Silly Cecil Thomas -NOT (at least)- amending his dumb ass weed ordinance -- it has now found itself: RENEWED!

We've always said, "Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher should be the Mayor of Cincinnati, he's ALWAYS given the orders to council and he's ALWAYS parted the part."


Anonymous said...

This council is the enemy of its constituents. Instead of ruining somebody's life over a joint, or even a bag of weed, they better concentrate on making people's lives better. And there's plenty to work on--jobs, decent housing, education, health care, child care, elderly services, and yes, crime--real crime. What a bunch of assholes.

Sean said...

You're precisely right when you say people smoking weed in the privacy of their own home should be left alone, and that is exactly what has happened. These tickets are being primarily handed out to people idiotic enough to be smoking out on the street or when the get pulled over on one of their doob cruises. Even though their is a debate on whether or not weed is a drug, it's still against the law to use it, possess it, sell it, and buy it. So the police are cracking down on people who are breaking the law. Why is that a bad thing? If they are arresting predominately black people, then here's a thought....don't smoke weed. If a lot of black people are being arrested for pot or ticketed, do you not think there is a problem. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty, if not more white people out in the burbs or in the country toking up left and right, but instead of bitching and moaning about the oppressive police beating the black man down, why don't you admit there is a problem, and hold people accountable for their actions. I really don't see why this is a problem. You break the law, you get a ticket or get put in jail. Isn't that how the system is supposed to work?

Anonymous said...

Approximately 3,000 arrests have been made under this law and 60 guns confiscated. So 2% of those arrested were in possession of guns. Had guns. No breakdown if the guns were illegal, for protection, etc. I contend that of any population of 3,000 people, 60 guns could be present. Hell, a church congregation could have that many guns. Cincinnati's done a lot of chicken shit stuff but this is the worst. The damage from pot is all conjecture. No definitive studies link pot to crime or anything else. On the other hand there is decades of data to irrefutably establish that alcohol is a bane on society, respsonible for crime, misery, destruction of families, robberies, rapes, murders, and ruination of lives. How many people are rotting in jail because of crimes committed on alcohol? And how many people are sitting in jail because of crimes committed on pot? How knows? But far fewer I'm sure we'll all agree. And a big fuck you to Sean. First he admits that more white people smoke pot in the burbs but then says that black people should be accountable. Not whites Sean? Be very aware of each council member' stand on this issue. This should really be a one issue race. Those members for the pot law should be voted out. Simple as that. And it's not just about pot. It's about the council members fucked up priorities and lack of sound judgment. They're acting like cops, not legislators.

Anonymous said...

Cecil Thomas is the biggest, lowest, sneeky, and dirty black man I have ever seen on council, That is why things like what happen to his daughter happen.

Anonymous said...

Cecil Thomas will have other things happen to him because of how he is to his own people.Ecc 3:1 there is a time and season to everything under the sun. Watch what happen to Cecil Thomas next as a result of how he is toward his own people. He's not done a thing to level the ballfield for black in this city.

Anonymous said...

Cecil Thomas is just as fake as a 3 dollar bill. He is so fake, he don't know if his name is really Cecil. He is a poor excuse for a black man politically in this city!!