Monday, April 3, 2006


Knowing we are in Babylon the land of confusion: Where right is wrong & wrong is right, Down is up & up is down. The Black Fist pose the following question to its readership: What can a concerned person do when they know another person is having a very public 100% complete emotional & psychological mental breakdown?

Should they:

  1. With extreme caution approach the mentally ill person and try to reason with them in the hopes there's something still there to reason with?
  2. Reach out to the family of the sick individual and inform them of the danger their loved one is causing to themselves & the public at large?
  3. Place a call to the proper authorities (Cincinnati Police Department) and make them aware that a sociopathic/mentally deranged person is on the rampage, terrorizing innocent people with absolutely no end in sight?
  4. Contact the proper authorities (241-KIDS/Hamilton County Department of Jobs & Family Services a.k.a. The Welfare) on behalf of the innocent offspring (son or daughter) of the sociopath? What if hurt, harm or danger comes to the child from the hand or circumstances of the psychopathic parent because they are 100% out of touch with reality and the general public at large knew of this sickness and did nothing?
  5. Take it upon yourself to beat the shit out of that person until they've had enough and the victim(s) know they will no longer be attacked and/or victimized by the psychopathic/mentally deranged stalker?

Faithful readers of "The Black Fist Blog," you decide. What would be in the best interest of the community at large when dealing with a deranged stalking psychopathic manic? We are taking all reasonable suggestions and comments under consideration due to the seriousness and the safety of us all.

The strangest thing of all is "When compassion, empathy, prayer and reason go flying out the window, what's left for any sane person to do?"

The Black Fist ask the question today, "What would you do.....?"


Anonymous said...

the one thing I don't ever remember you giving as an option in any of your blog entries referring to these two people is probably the simplest option:



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No. Yes. No. No. No. Maybe.