Monday, May 15, 2006



On Saturday, May 13, 2006. I published a public plea for the violence in the black community to end. (see this: That plea has once again fallen on deaf ears. And it saddens my spirit to bring to you yet again this tragic story right out of the community of Walnut Hills.

This comes straight from the Channel 9 website:

Two suspects barged into a Walnut Hills apartment and shot a man to death Monday afternoon, police said.

It happened shortly before 2 p.m. on the fifth floor of the Alms Hill Apartments in the 2500 block of Victory Parkway.

The victim's nane has not been released. He lived in the apartment with his two sisters, Channel 9's Shannon Kettler reported.

"We heard a boom, we came over and some guy came running down saying someone had been shot," said Robert Hall, the victim's friend.

Hall said he couldn't understand why someone would shoot his friend.

Several people were seen mourning outside the old hotel Monday afternoon.

Police say there are two suspects in the case, but specific descriptions are not available.

****Channel 9 story ends there****

Another Black man dead. When will the violence end?


Anonymous said...

You're supposed to be the one with all the answers, plans, programs & pleas, so why don't you tell everyone when it's going to stop? You claim to be so good, great & wonderful.

No one is listening to you. The b on b crime will continue & you won't stop it.

However, if it will make you feel better, blame the Honkies, the illegal Mexicans & the police.

Anonymous said...

After spending some time reading your blog searching for an understanding of your views and to look for solutions to these tradegies...I concluded that you, General Nikki X are as responsible for these deaths as any trigger man. Your outcry over the wrongful and tragic deaths of Timothy Thomas and Roger Owensby ignited the police slowdown that provided criminals the safe haven and opportunities they enjoy today. Speaking of safe haven... your "No Snitchin" motto brings a smile to each criminal's face as they continue to prey on us freely. Look closely at the results of your so called "hard work"...rethink your strategy this where our people should be headed?.

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous #1. You're an idiot.


Anonymous #2. You're an even bigger idiot.

Both of you seem to comment on topics you neither understand or just didn't read.

Next time read the entries, use your brain(s) then comment,OK.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent reply. Okay, educate me. Where on this blog are the results of you and your groups' work? All I see is a beautiful young mother who was sensely shot at a nightclub as she was picking up her brother. In a large group of people no one identified the murderer? You advocate "No Snitchin" All I see is a record number of senseless shootings....You advocate a "handcuffed" police department. Where are you on education, holding fathers accountable for the children they sire, each kid getting a mom and dad who loves them and works hard for a better future? Your strategy of pointing fingers at perceived racism, hating "whitey" and pleas resting on depth ears are an Idiotism.....a senseless course of action.

General Nikki X said...

Where in the entire universal is the results of your "groups" work anonymous?

General Nikki X said...

The Black Fist ARE NOT a special division of the cincinnati police dept.
Go ask the cincinnati police WHAT THEY ARE DOING to stop crime that's who you are paying your tax dollars too.


Or better yet start your own "group" and get out there IN THE STREETS and SHOW us how it's done. Commenting anonymously on this blog about something YOU have'nt done anything about but knock someone who has at least TRIED is embarrassing on your part and quite frankly simple-minded.

Thank you for your comments however uninformed and player-hater-ish they were.

General Nikki X said...

The "BLOOD" is and always will be on Joy Rolland's hands regardless of WHO likes it or not. It was NOT General Nikki X threatening people on TV, internet & radio. It was HER. General Nikki X was minding her own business and periodically clarifiying their (Rolland & Oba's) slanderous terrorist bullshit. If it was YOU or YOUR family being threatened you'd not be quick to shoot off your mouth. Would you?

Kabaka would still be ALIVE today if he'd steer clear of Joy Rolland! Kabaka used to tell all the activist she was nothing more than a "tackhead troublemaking tramp" then he turns right around and gets mixed up in her bullshit and ends up DEAD.
It doesn't get any clearer than that.
His family agrees with me. Are you gonna trash his family now too?

(In response to a comment I refused to publish.)