Friday, May 12, 2006


14 year old Consonya "Sharee" Crawford and her grieving grandmother & guardian, Ms. Patricia Crawford.

Here's another tragic tale of a young black teen being reported missing to the Cincinnati police by her family, alledgedly the police not doing it's job in following up with the family--let alone actually finding the young girl. So now we turn on the all television stations & open the newspapers to find out she has been found.
Only problem is she's been found with a tire placed around her neck, burned from head-to-toe, body dumped and left in a park in the neighborhood of Avondale.

The first and foremost problem I have with this story is: The general public at large never knew this teenaged girl had been missing in the first place!

Where was the so-called "Amber Alert" for this young girl? I didn't see one on the television and didn't hear about one on the radio, did you? Could the fact be that the white-controlled establishment only ring the sounders for missing and kidnapped white children? Young Consonya "Sharee" Crawford is black. Translated: No Amber Alert, No Media Coverage & No "We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this breaking special report!" Naw, what we know we've gotten is a 14 year old black girl missing since May 4, 2006., and no one but her family, friends and the police knew about it!
That within itself is a damn crime! If we'd know maybe just maybe we, the public at large could've helped in some way.

We will never know now will we?

I remember some months back, maybe you do too, of the case where 2 white children who were just sitting in the backseat of a car while a caucasion man went into the main post office down on Dalton St. Some good ol' caucasion passerby saw those children sitting in the backseat of the car then looked again after he came out of the post office and they were no longer sitting there. This caucasion passerby sorta kinda thought maybe in a way those children had been kidnapped! So long story short this caucasion american called the "finest" of the Cincinnai police dept. to report what he "thought" was a crime in the form of a kidnapping and like lightening speed at the sound of light the police show up, yellow tape is placed all over the place, interviews and investigations are being conducted on the scene. And yes, dear readers, the AMBER ALERT was immediately sounded on television (breaking into regularly scheduled programming), radio and those white childrens' names plastered on every major interstate highway sign from here to California!

All to find out what? That those 2 white children where just playing in the back seat of their father's car and had pulled the backseat down and crawled into the trunk SAFE & UNHARMED!

I say all that to bring it back to these 2 facts of life: When white families call the police to report their children missing, the police in cooperation with the all types of media and highway patrol spring into action.
When black families call the police to report their children missing...they just STAY missing until Dr. O'dell Owens, Hamilton County Coroner is called to spring into action.

It's the truth. Don't get mad at me. I'm just the messenger.

Here's what The Cincinnati Enquirer online edition (finally) had to say about the now heinous crime committed against young Consonya "Sharee" Crawford that was reported missing 8 days ago & the public never knew about it. And whose decomposed charred remains was found yesterday burned to death & dumped like trash in an Avondale park:

AVONDALE - A burned body found here was identified Thursday as a 14-year-old girl who played basketball and wanted to be a doctor.

Consonya "Sharee" Crawford's grandmother and guardian reported her missing on May 4 and immediately called police when she heard a body was found Tuesday at the dead end of Blair Avenue.

"My baby was killed and burned," Patricia Crawford said. "I think that's the nastiest thing that could've happened to any human being."

Crawford tried to keep her composure as family and friends flooded her house to console her.

"I'm angry but I have a lot to do - all that can wait," she said. "I gotta bury my granddaughter, then I'll be seeking justice."

Crawford said Sharee left the house last Wednesday around 10:45 p.m. to go to her friend's house. She later headed to Blair Avenue to meet her boyfriend, Ra'Shaud Bowden, Crawford said.

She never saw him.

Bowden, 15, said he was talking to her on the phone around midnight when her phone cut out.

Crawford reported her missing the next day.

"Fourteen years she shared with me...she kept me at my best," Crawford said. "She was the one that kept the family together."

Sharee's brother, 8-year-old Jadon, sat on the porch and held his head in his hands, sobbing. He carried with him a framed photo of his sister.

The teenager's friends from school hugged and cried outside her house.

Diamond Wakefield had been friends with Sharee since the second grade.

"She was silly," the 16-year-old said, crying. "She was a funny person."

Friend Ra'Sheay Bowdon, sister of Ra'Shaud's, flipped her phone open and read a text message Sharee sent her weeks ago. "No matter how many ups and downs we have, I'm gon always be here," the message said.

Sharee attended Hoffman School, where she played basketball and made good grades. She would have attended Hughes Center's health program next fall, her family said.

Crawford wants justice. "No one should live that would burn a human body," she said.

The Hamilton County Coroner's office was examining the body to determine the cause of death.

The Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit was investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Section at (513) 352-3542 or Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

*****Cincinnati Enquirer story ends here*****

This is a tragic disgrace! Another life lost and for what? There are a lot of unanswered questions where in the days to come the family & the public should recieve more information on just what happened to this child.

Here at The Black Fist Blog, We'd like to extend our deepest most sincere condolences & prayers out to the family and friends of young Consonya "Sharee" Crawford. And we hope and pray that the animal(s) who did this to 14 year old Consonya "Sharee" Crawford burns in ETERNAL HELL just like you sadistic animal(s) burned & murdered her!






Anonymous said...

Heads should roll over this. Jobs should be lost and lawsuits filed. That won't bring her back but why the hell wasn't her name rolling across the bottom of the TV screen? Why weren't freeway signs alerting people? Wny weren't we all called together to form search parties. It's a god damned shame. What kind of a monster would do this to such a precious little girl? There are so many questions. And even today it's not even headline news. What the hell is going on in this city? Are there teams of investigators devoting 24/7 to this case? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Should people that know who killed and burned this child "snitch" on them or is the possibility that the monster or monsters won't be treated "fairly" in the courts override the call for justice for the child?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some concrete, truthful answers as to why an Amber Alert wasn't issued.

My first question is, why didn't Patricia Crawford lean all over the police & the media about getting an Amber Alert issued?

My second question is, why was this 14 year old out at 10:45 PM on a school night to visit a friend & then to meet her boyfriend?

I applaud Crawford for letting the perpetrator know that she's going to find out who did this. I pray she does. However, where was her parental common sense in letting this child out at that time of night & in a dangerous area of Avondale? This wouldn't have happened had the girl been at home.

I think we need to look at the entire picture here.

Anonymous said...

While I agree she shouldn't have been out at 10:45 or later on a school night - that is completely pointless.

The sad fact is this - if this were a white girl things would have been handled differently but it's not a Cincinnati thing it happens throughout our entire country. It makes me so angry every times I see cases like this it's usually any NON white children or poor white children that get totally over looked. I never knew Sharee was missing and now that they found another body - I started thinking have there been any children reported missing? Not that I know of - but that means NOTHING because it probably wouldn't have been on the news anyway.

I don't know how you change this. I blame the media more than police because the police can't control what the media reports and to them a missing black child is not the 'big headline' they are looking for. Only a cute and/or upper middle class or upper class white child is that 'big headline'.

I hope Sharee is never forgotten. And I pray to God that they find who is responsible and I hope that 'they' are punished to full extent of the law.

I care about ALL children regardless of race, religion or their wealth status. My heart goes out to Sharee and her family.