Monday, May 15, 2006


Here's the first ever "Open Thread Day" on The Black Fist Blog. A lot of our intellectual readers have alot to say about a wide range of subjects so today's your chance to get it off your chest and let it all out!

Comments will still have to be approved due to a few stalking trolls and their miserable imps but other than that as long as there are no threats against anyone being made feel free to go for it, it's your time to shine!

Will myself or any other contributor be commenting? Probabaly not, you hear our facts, views & opinions everyday. Now we'd like to hear solely from you. No subject (within reason) is off limits!

Have Fun!

And Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!


Anonymous said...

Can someone please help Nate Livingston get a driver's license. I'm worried that he is going top get a ticket for driving without a license. Fail to appear in court and turn into a fugitive. Then he'll die when some white cop is arresting him and breath new life into the Kabaka Industries.

Anonymous said...

I watch again this morning a grieving family whose son was killed--this time in Avondale--in front of people but there are "no witnesses." I'd like some discussion about snitching. Are black lives just disposable? The murderer doesn't need to pay because that victim's life meant nothing? The asshole that shot the young man last night will go on to shoot others, just because he can. He has chosen a role as judge, jury and executioner and until someone blows him away--because of the "no snitching" rule--he, and many more like him, have free reign to terrorize and kill anyone they choose. When did the flip happen that the murderer is more valued than the victim with the lame excuse that he won't get fair treatment in "the system"? Or poor murderer might end up in jail and and then some fantastic crazy excuse is posed like he did it because either (1) he didn't bring the guns into the country and therefore has no responsibility for using one or (2) he was ON drugs and didn't bring the drugs into the country and so isn't responsible for his actions or (3) he didn't have a "role model." I could go on with the excuses. But there's a point here. Somebody's child, friend, cousin, grandchild, employee, neighbor, mom or dad, is dead and and that once action changes many lives and everything the victim would have touched. The son-of-a-bitch that did it deserves to be caught, tried and put away so that he can't get another one. This whole "don't snitch" bullshit, is ridiculous and demeaning to the victims. It says they're worthless. Anyone that thinks it's okay to turn your back when you know that someone has murdered, is just as low-down and immoral as the cowardly no-good murderer. Whew. That felt great.

Anonymous said...

Today the Butler County Sheriff had to let the immigrants that he illegally arrested out of jail, without charges. What this foolish and ignorant redneck didn't know, but should have known, is that he has no authority over immigration status. That is the purvue of the federal immigration agency. Not having papers is a civil crime, akin to dodging your crediters. Should the sheriff show up to everyone's house that has overdue bills next. And now that Americans have begged for a militarized state, don't be surprised when the troops are called in to OTR. You asked for it Americans.

Point 2. The Chief of the Navajo nation has today declared America's official language to be Navajo. It is the first language of the U.S. He has proposed that laws be passed that all people that reside in America (and of course native Americans consider all non-native Americans to be illegal) immediately be required to learn and speak Navajo. Good going Chief!

And last, Anthony Munoz looks suspicious. How do we know his immigration status? Immigration should be notified and he should be investigated. He fits the profile doesn't he?