Saturday, April 4, 2009


Pictured above: Crazed Convicted Felon Joy R. Rolland

Black community terrorist and convicted felon Joy R. Rolland has been shackled at the legs, chained at the hands and waist and re-deposited back on the bus bound for her home in Marysville Prison.

The City of Cincinnati and the County of Hamilton can breath a little easier knowing that rabid dog is no longer inhabiting and stinking up the southwest Ohio area.
We will continue to keep our faithful readers updated and informed on the movement, whereouts and activities of this bi polar criminal and her current love toy (also a known criminal in the community) the black mentally impaired midget creep named Terry Lee Summers.


A Redeemed Victim said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

are you going to do a write up on the current stories of the upcoming sentencing (and maybe provide us, your faithful readers, with some back ground info on the actual charges) on lawson, beatty, and broadnax? Please tell us what The B;ack Fist thinks of this.

General Nikki X said...

To answer your question anonymous mon april 6, 09. 10:13 am,
I don't know if I will do a story on the "upcoming sentencing".
I don't know what "back story" you think I can give.
I can tell you what the The Black Fist Organization as a whole thinks of this right now:
We think the public at large should STOP rejoicing in the temporary downfall of good black men within our community.

Thank you for your comment and Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Nikki X, Please, do not continue this story because it seems like you are more intune with something that is gone now so, let it go!!

General Nikki X said...

If you don't like what you read on The Black Fist Blog!

Don't read it.

Thank You For Comment.