Monday, April 13, 2009


Our dear brother and true activist in the black struggle Nate Livingston has written an uncompromising article over on his Cincinnati Black Blog. And in a joint effort to expose the truth and deal with a puny super featherweight reptilian black devil. I will re-print Bro. Nate's blog entry then add some facts of my own.
From Saturday, April 11, 2009
CBB Could Call For Federal Investigation Into Smitherman's Role in Death Of Kabaka Oba
In his latest press release, Cincinnati NAACP PRESIDENT Christopher Smitherman threatens to call for a federal investigation into the death of Kabaka Oba. Since no one else seems to willing to deal with this Smart-Mouthed Little Punk, I will.
The Cincinnati Black Blog believes the people of Cincinnati deserve to know the role Sillyman played in Oba's death. To that end, the Cinicnnati Black Blog will convene a special emergency meeting of our editorial board and community advisers to discuss whether to request a federal investigation of Smitherman.
We further believe the issuance of the press release is another example of Sillyman abusing his position as PRESIDENT of the Cincinnati NAACP. The purpose of Sillyman's press release was to: (1) use the NAACP to level personal attacks against other black people -- in this case Kenneth L. Lawson, George Beatty, and Howard Beatty; (2) arouse the emotions, passions, hatred and prejudices of those people who don't know the whole story of what led to Oba's death and leverage those feelings into political power (this is classic demagoguery); (3) promote the foolish notion that there was a conspiracy to kill Oba to his Smart-Mouth Little Punks, even though he knows there was no conspiracy and encourage violence in the Black community (we know Sillyman created and mailed out a "Wanted Poster" with my face and Black Fist General Nikki X's face on them); (4) stir up controversy for the anniversary of Oba's death; (5) get me off his puny ass. (In addition to smoking him on this blog, I've called WDBZ Radio a few times in the last few weeks to speak truth about Sillyman.)
Well, that bitch ass nigga Sillyman can send out all the press releases he wants, it's not going to stop me from reporting the truth on this blog, or telling the truth about him in public. In fact, his bullshit antic let me know that I'm on to something. The more he squirms, the more I'm encouraged to turn up the heat on him.
Sillyman is pimping Oba in death, just like he did during his life. Sillyman was issued a subpoena to testify, under oath, Howard Beatty's trial. If Sillyman had something to say, why didn't he show up and say under oath in court, instead of talking in riddles on the radio? Why didn't he come share the conspiracy in court when it might've made a difference? Why didn't he let the judge and law enforcement know who was in on the conspiracy and what the details of the conspiracy were? And if he was really Oba's friend, not his pimp, why didn't Sillyman show up at the trial of the man who killed him to speak out in Oba's defense?
I'll finish this later....
There's only one thing I found wrong with Bro. Nate's blog entry, and that's the part where he stated, Since no one else seems willing to deal with this Smart-Mouth Little Punk, I will. The General, Nikki X has always been known to deal with a muthafuckah or two in her time that's been completely and utterly out-of-control.... So Here I Am!
Today Christopher Smitherman you get dealt with!
YOU! You phony wannabe hustling no-good reptilian black devilish user con man wannabe godfather of the black community no pimping silly simping ass super featherweight homogenized lil punk YOU!
Yes. I'm talking about a lying ass coward Snake in a Suit one-term sissy by the name of The Sillyman (as known on Nate's blog and FOREVER known here on this blog as The Snake in a Suit)... Christopher Smitherman.
Now. I've listened to him over the years rant and rave about this so-called "conspiracy" surrounding the death of Kabaka Oba. This Klown Snake in a Suit gets on his weak ass radio show and screams about what the fuck he thinks he knows about Kabaka Oba but I don't have to tell you my faithful readers, that NO ONE on this earth knew Kabaka like I did. NO ONE can tell you anything about the circumstances surrounding that man's life or his death better than me.
I've told the same truthful story over and over and over again. (1) Right here on this blog; (2) In Cincinnati Magazine; (3) On WDBZ Radio; and (4) On the witness stand under oath, under subpoena before the presiding judge in front of the glaring cameras of the local and statewide media, the defense and the PROSECUTION.
Where was the Snake in a Suit? Where was The Sillyman? Where was the homogenized, sissified, punkified, pastorized punk name Christopher Smitherman? That Klown received the same court-ordered subpoena to testify FOR Howard Beatty, I repeat testify FOR Howard Beatty that General Nikki X, Lincoln Ware, Joy R. Rolland (yes Joy Rolland was to testify FOR Howard not against him), Donald Coffer, Endure X, Willie Cunningham and many many others received.... the ONLY difference is the above mention and the many many others who recieved their subpoenas responded to the courts order and showed up under those subpoenas to do what the law required. The Snake in a Suit Sillyman DID NOT!!!
This sissified punk needs to drop down on his skinny knees every night before his afro hits the pillow and thank God & Jesus Attorney Kenneth L. Lawson was admittedly under the influence of prescription narcotics during the trial because if he hadn't he would have -I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut- sent Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis's boys in black a.k.a. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies to roll right on up through to 1000 Lennox Place or whatever rock the Snake in a Suit was trembling under at the time and yank his ass right on up, slap the cuffs on the klown and had his black ass thrown in jail for CONTEMPT OF COURT! Oh Yes, the gloves come off today punk!!!
You! Snake in a Suit should know by now how I get down when under attack! Your so-called "friend"/ (for real) puppet-on-a-string Kabaka Oba did NOTHING let me repeat for the retards in the back in this muthafuckah to hear me clearly, DID NOTHING on the battlefield WITHOUT The General, NIKKI X!
Do I sound angry, tired of this bullshit and fed the fuck up!?!
Well, I am!
The pimping of Kabaka Oba STOPS TODAY Smitherman!
The lies you've been telling STOP TODAY Smitherman.
And my silence regarding your black ass & this dumb ass "conspiracy" shit ENDS TODAY Smitherman!
Trust know and believe, you say you wanna "pull black folks from under rocks". You say what you're gonna do to so-called expose black folks. You say what you intend to reveal about a so-called "conspiracy" created only in the recesses of your warped egotistical mind.....
Then go ahead you little bitch ass no balls having punk! Because when it's all said and done, my balls'll be bigger than yours could ever dream of being and ain't a brainwashed Smart-Mouth Little Punk under the spell of your mind control will be able to come to your (political) rescue.
Kabaka Oba died at the hands of three people:
1. Christopher Smitherman
2. Joy R. Rolland
3. Kabaka Oba himself
Yeah I said it! Yeah I'll continue to say it! And No!~ Ain't a damn "Wanted Poster" created by YOU Smitherman in the cover of night as Snakes like to slither around and do thangs gonna EVER stop me from speaking truth to power on this blog and in the public about you.
Chump! My record in the Black community as a Black Militant Hardcore Guerrilla Soldier is what it is. I am a soldier punk I truly believed you knew that BEFORE you thought you could just rise up and spread lies and venom about me and other black folk of good standing in this community.
I stood WITH Kabaka Oba when he LIVED when it counted when everybody else including you SillySnake were trembling and shaking in your boots scared-to-death to let the white folks know you even knew the man. So fucking what his funeral allegedly had 1,000 people. On the battlefield of the black struggle where it counted he only had ME and maybe 1 or 2 others! YOU Snake in a Suit were NOWHERE AROUND!!!
Waaay before there were a crazed stalking punkified midget name Terry Lee Summers a.k.a. The Delelgate.
Waaay before there were an incarcerated convicted felon crazed bitch -WHO STARTED ALL THIS MADNESS- by the name Joy R. Rolland.
Waaay before there were all these fake phony WDBZ Radio activist/callers so-called crying over the spilled blood of Kabaka Oba, & YES PUNK waaay before there was a Sillyman Snake in a Suit by the name of Christopher Smitherman....
There was 1 woman.
A Soldier.
A Black Militant Non-Compromising Bold Sista.
A General.
By the name of Nikki X.
And today she's taking off the gloves.
And today she's calling you out!
Christopher Smitherman, you wanna continue creating lies, hatred, distrust, confusion and attempt to incite potential violence/murder within the Black community against other black people all for your own nonexistent political bullshit ass agenda & all under the guise of your so-called title of PRESIDENT of the Cincinnati NAACP, you go right ahead negro.....
You wanna continue to pimp a dead man for your own self-interest & self-elevation, then hell go right ahead negro.....
But Trust, Know & Believe, THE GENERAL, Nikki X will fight back with everything I have and expose your black ass for the two-bit Snake in a Suit hustling lying pimping Klown con man that you are and always will be!
The Black Fist Blog Could Call For A Federal Investigation Into Christopher Smitherman's Role in The Death of Kabaka Oba
I'll finish this later....


Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

Like the late Barbara Reece once said...."BRING IT ON"!!!

(Only next time coward sign your name)

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

first of all: I've always respected you and found you a most gracious woman.

second: i didn't know Mrs. Reece had passed until I read this post; as much as I disagree with Steve & Alicia's politics and how they practice them my thoughts are with their family; losing one's mother is very tough.

third: i don't know what happened with or between you and Kabaka but Smitherman's pimping of the very real work he did on behalf of African Americans in Cincinnati is disgusting. I don't know that Smitherman ever spoke to Kabaka publicly before being elected and certainly did nothing to mitigate whatever situation developed between Kabaka and Howard but he goes out of his way to glom onto Kabaka's legacy of advocacy and seek fame through that association.

I haven't seen you in years, but please keep fighting for truth through honesty and don't let Smitherman lead more gullible people into his oblivion.

Assalum alaikum.