Friday, April 17, 2009


The Black Fist Blog (TBFB) has received many reports over the last several days that Christopher Smitherman (As of today known on this blog with the expressed combined permission from the administrators of the Cincinnati Black Blog and The Black Fist Blog to be renamed "SillySnake" . A combination of "Sillyman" and "The Snake in a Suit") has been slithering around area Senior Citizen Centers/Facilities scaring the living daylights out of our precious senior citizens regarding Cincinnati City Councils proposed building of a Streetcar in downtown Cincinnati. A Streetcar the NAACP likes to cleverly call (yawn...) the "Choo-Choo Train".
TBFB has also learned that the language used by SillySnake in his rhetorical aim at our senior citizen in an attempt to get them to sign the NAACP Streetcar Petition is downright out-of-control, if not (as has been reported) flat-out frightening!!!
To think that SillySnake is slithering in and out of area Senior Citizen Facilities/Centers and comparing the building of a proposed Streetcar to "The Great Depression", and to (as has been reported) outright tell to our precious senior citizens that to NOT sign the NAACP Streetcar Petition would be something close to signing on to one of the "Greatest Economic Tragedies" since "The Great Depression" is at the least irresponsible, and at the most could be classified as (mental) elder abuse.
Some of these fragile senior citizens that Sillysnake is lecturing to were grown men and women during the ACTUAL great depression. They lived through some of the worse economic times that only you & I can imagine. And for Sillysnake to compare his vindictive personal agenda against The Democratic Party, Mayor Mark Mallory and Cincinnati City Council, i.e. the proposed building of the Streetcar shows just how low this klown has sunk.
The lowdown antics, rhetoric and personal vindictiveness of The Sillysnake is playing itself out before the eyes of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, The State of Ohio and The National NAACP.
We here at The Black Fist Blog are just incredibly sorry that one of our most precious resources, our senior citizens, are now caught up, bullied, terrorized and frightened by a Sillysnake's Web of Personal Vindictiveness.


Anonymous said...

He has also been very disrespectful to long-time naacp member, and supporter Mr. Glenn Givens. Mr. Givens has been the only voice brave enough to challenge sillysnake and has every right to express his views. sillysnake and his supporters, especially a notorious wife beater and deadbeat that has an arrest, eviction, and bad debt record as long as your arm, have called Mr. Givens names and tried to use scare tactics against him . They even mauk a medical condition. To his credit, that elder refuses to back down. He deserves support and respect because he is an elder, he has wisdom and knowledge. We should be grateful for the good counsel of all of our elders. It shows just how far down the sewer the naacp has gone that they have to try to bully our elders in their golden years. You remember how they treated the sitting members when they illegally took over the naacp. But they're not shutting Mr. Givens up. He gives all of them hell.

Quim said...

While it's mainly yuppies advocating streetcars, I think there is a great argument for them in elderly empty nesters - which is what the baby boomers are rapidly becoming.
they are easy to enter and exit using walkers and wheelchairs. Downtown living would give the elderly easy access to entertainment & the medical community is right up the hill in Clifton.
The dense housing would be great for delivering in home services - almost as easy as a nursing home.
Sillyman is way off base on this one.

Kamal S. said...

It's pretty low to run around freaking out senior citizens.

I've long been of the opinion that the man is seriously out in the field on this issue. I couldn't care less if its mainly yuppies advocating streetcars, the simple point is that in a city with public transportation as pathetic as Cincinnati, I cannot see how a streetcar project could hurt.

The better our transportation infrastructure is, the more we benefit.

Is it a waste of resources? I honestly do not think so. I question the route on the current proposed plan, it is obviously a somewhat gentrified yuppie beloved route, but additional routes can be added, it can be expanded to serve more of the community.

I'm OPEN to REASONABLE arguments to the contrary. I have no ideological commitment to the issue either way, I'm in favor of what benefits the community.
But what I've heard of Smitherman about this issue, the guy's chasing a bad position. And I cannot figure out why.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your comment Kamal S.
Please do again.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Givens challenge everyone, anyone where he can get his name or message heard. He has challenged you and General Kabaka and all of you activist in the past.