Friday, October 7, 2005



North Avondale Neighborhood Association
North Avondale Community Center, 617 Clinton Springs Drive
7:30p.m. Tuesday October 11, 2005.
This will be a forum for ALL candidates on the November 8,2005. Ballot.

Come out and Ask the Questions you want answered!


Kemuel Yisrael said...
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the delegate said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

General Nikki X,
I heard that General Kabaka Oba has a 1 year old child, (Boy or Girl) is it yours? If not, Whose the mother? Is it this J.R, Joy Rolland chick?
Please respond, inquiring minds would like to know!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say what???!!!
I guess this could explain why "JR" has gotten so fat. She used to be skinny. she maybe hasn't lost the weight after having Oba/Bailey's baby?!!!

Oh my god!

I thought Nikki X was still with him up until very recent?!!

Come on. Give us the goods...

Anonymous said...

I am a neutral party to all of this, but have been in contact with the General since this arrest. I want to clear a few things up that have been posted on this blog and some others.
First, Kabaka does have a daughter that is a little over a year old, and the mother is neither Ms. Nikki X, nor Ms. Joy J.R. Rolland.
This is what I consider a "personal" and not a "political" matter, but since it has been brought to the table, let it be known on the record. The mother is in no way involved in the community activism sphere.
Second, this matter is getting worse. We all must wonder, is it worth it? We all have complained about our judicial system right here in Hamilton County. Regardless of the "ill" feeling some us us may have toward the General, you must ask yourself is this fair?
Some of us should not be able to sleep at night just thinking about the bond amount. It is not fair and excessive. He is being held on an extremely high bond and has now been indicted. With the indictment, the prosecutor has made it clear that he is going to ask to have his bond raised to $1,000,000.00. This is a very serious matter and a man's life and freedom from this day forth is at stake.
Those of us that have fought on the front line or in the back ground for an end to the injustices in our systems, this must be a time where we stand up for whats right. Regardless of how you may have agreed or disagreed with Kabaka in he past or even in the recent present we cannot allow an innocent man (In my opinion) to go through system under these circumstances. He has a 1 year old daughter who he is very close with and needs his support. I think we all can relate to that.
We all have our opinions as to what is going on, and we all are entitled to that. However, it is time for resolution, a resolution that will end this chaos.
While some of us are working to resolve this matter let others take a step back and a deep breathe and look at what is really happnening here. Ask yourself is all this really worth this man's freedom? Am I gaining something from this? Do I stand to lose anything?
Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Who are you to post something like this? Reveal yourself and what "proof" do you have that Oba has a 1 year daughter?
This is a serious matter and falsehood and lies are nothing more than a waste of time.

General Nikki X said...

To all the "Anonymous bloggers"...Remember one thing this is "The Black Fist Blog", NOT YOURS!!! I will shut down ALL COMMENTS if you can not stick to the subject matter.
I don't give a damn about ANY of your "personal" feelings.
I only care about "The Issues"!
Thank you for reading "The Black Fist Blog"!