Sunday, October 16, 2005



The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police Union Lodge No. 69 have endorsed 9 candidates for Cincinnati City Council. This list read as such:

  1. Jeff Berding (D)
  2. Chris Bortz (C)
  3. John Eby (R)
  4. Leslie Ghiz (R)
  5. Sam Malone (R)
  6. Chris Monzel (R)
  7. Cecil Thomas (D)
  8. Wendell Young (D)
  9. John Cranley (D)

Oddly enough the term limited and Current City Councilman Jim Tarbell, whose always been endorsed by his good buddies in The FOP didn't make the cut this trip. Hhhuumm?

I'd like to take a moment to deal with list as a whole. They have (on paper) 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 1 Charterite. What is this list saying to Black people in the City of Cincinnati? It's saying The FOP is tired of Black people even putting in the "appearance" of getting good taxation with "representation". The FOP wants good ol' Cincinnati to go back to the good ol' days. The FOP is sending a strong message to every Black person within the sound of their voices, they [The FOP] are tired of you ungrateful knee-grows crying about what the hell they are doing when y'all don't even have your own sh** in order and this trip they [The FOP] are going show y'all [Blacks] since ya not satisfied with the mercy they've shown you thus far, then we'll [The FOP] take you Blacks damn near back to slavery and see how y'all like that!

Let's take a quick look at these FOP endorsed Candidates shall we:

  • Jeff Berding (D) - We all remember this guy from the "Paul Brown RiverFRAUD Stadium" rip-off/deal. Berding was in a sense damn near "The Mastermind" of the whole fiasco. A rip-off/deal, You, I and "our great-great-great grandchildren will be paying out the ass on and Hamilton County should be ashamed of themselves for letting this "deal" go through! (but the big whiteman and Mike Brown got RICH-ER, so hey Jeff's alright with us) The Tax-paying citizens (Blacks & Poor Whites) of Cincinnati should be saying NO to Jeff Berding on election day!
  • Chris Bortz (R) - Who in the devil is "Chris Bortz"? The nephew of former Cincinnati Mayor Arn Bortz and runs some sort of family realtor business. That's all I can tell you about this guy...smells like "Big Busines at it's finest". We don't need Chris Bortz. Just another guy running on "last name recognition".
  • John Cranley (D) - Good God NO! The answer can be nothing other than "NO"! Current City Councilman John Cranley is no friend to the Black race! His voting record speaks for itself. This midget John Cranley is responsible for blantant "anti-black" votes such as: "The Impaction Ordinance" (No more low-income housing built within the Cincinnati city limits) and if you coloreds don't sit down, shut up and be cool I'll [Cranley] orchestrate a move to tear down what little y'all got now like I [Cranley] did with Lincoln Courts/Laurel Homes and like if given the chance "The Fay Apartments"! "The Panhandling Ordinance" (Terrorize, Harass, Ticket, Fine) POOR and/or HOMELESS people, race not a factor! "The Hunnington Meadow Halocaust" (Cranley, along with now defunct figure-head vice-mayor Alicia Reece took the lead in throwing out over 600 [predominately Black] families into the streets of Cincinnati, just to make 2 greedy churches and a small-time greedy family in Bond Hill, the Reece Family some loot) To this day there are ex-Hunnington Meadows families still trying to get back on their feet and survive and some are still homeless. All in part to the underhanded senseless wicked deeds and lies of Alicia Reece and "FOP endorsed", Councilman John Cranley! There's more crimes that have been committed against Black Cincinnatians by Councilman John Cranley, just contact City Hall and get his voting record. Don't take my word for it....You do the reseach! This little wicked man, John Cranley is NO FRIEND to the Black race!
  • John Eby (R) - LORD God NO!!! Not Mr. "Hands across Westwood". Eby is the chief organizer of this annual rally in the community of Westwood & Price Hill by "white" westwoodians & "white" Price Hillians to support police for their year long service of protecting and serving "white" folks in Westwood & Price Hill and "white" Cincinnati, as a whole. Not Mr. "Citizens Complaint Authority" (deemed by The Black Fist and other activist as "Charlie's [Luken] Complaint Authority) This John Eby sits high and proud on this board of people with the exception of one (a Black woman) who decides whether or nor Cincinnati Police officers are disiciplined for police brutality and/or police misconduct. Which most times police get off scott-free when the evidence can clearly show "Police Brutality" at its highest form! Eby is 100% racially against any free-thinking Blackman or Blackwoman. And he is 100% in favor of police officers tasing to death, beating to death, kicking, stomping, choking to death and all forms of "Police Brutality" as long as it is brutality committed by "white" police officers and heaped upon "Black" citizens! John Eby is part of a highly race prejudice Westwood splinter group calling themselves "Westwood Concern". Who frequent City Council meetings spewing race-baiting rhetoric and committing overt intimidation of Councilmembers to get want they want for their white community. And guess what folks?... 9 times out of 10 they get just what they want! With FOP endorsed John Eby at the forefront of it all! Vote NO to John Eby!!! Believe me Black folks you won't regret it!!!
  • Leslie Ghiz (R) - This whining white woman from the Eastside who has her campaign office on the Westside is some sort of labor lawyer who bemoans every chance she gets the fact that she was passed over for an "appointment" to a city council seat because a black man named Sam Malone "took it from her". Other than that, I say, "What can Leslie Ghiz do to advance the Black agenda"?...Absolutely Nothing. So Leslie Ghiz can hang it up. Black folk don't need her. P-E-R-I-O-D!
  • Sam Malone (R) - This Black man is a nice cordial person if you're standing one-on-one talking to him, but his politics stink! Seems he gets the most satisfaction out of voting AGAINST his own communities best interest and FOR the white communities BEST interest. Every now and then he'll wake up and realize, "Damn I gotta do something for the knee-grows" and he'll be the 4th or 5th vote to get something passed. Does Sam Malone deserve to be re-elected? In the opinion of The Black Fist, we say NO. Sam should just bid us all a smooth farewell and move on.
  • Chris Monzel (R) - This joker can't even hold on to the 1 seat on Council he's been "appointed" to twice! His OWN "white" community constantly vote him out of office EVERY chance they get. So what usefulness can he possibly be to the Black community...NONE! He has some extreme racial problems AGAINST Blacks and In the opinion of The Black Fist and other activist organization we've worked with say the same thing..."Move on Monzel". It's just that simple!
  • Cecil Thomas (D) - HELL NAW!!! This Former Director of "The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission" (CHRC) is another one of these nice guys if you're just standing around chewing the fat with on a personal level. But "POLITICS", no, no! The FOP did right in endorsing Cecil because they know upfront this Ex-Cop, retired from the "FORCE" after 27 years will ALWAYS side with them even when it comes down to the vicious brutal rapes, murders, tasing and all-out assault on the Black man, the Black woman and the Black child right here under his "BLACK nose" in Cincinnati. This cat is nothing more than 3 things when it comes to "Police Brutality" in The Black community: An Excuse Making, An Excuse Giver and An Excuse/Blamer...But ONLY when the BLAME is directed towards the BLACK man NOT the police! Cecil Thomas should just sit it on down, chill and STAY retired! Black folk don't need no kinda Cecil Thomas nowhere near no City Council seats..But apparently The FOP does because they endorsed him. Like My Grandmother would say, "Lawd God of Zion", Help us!
  • Wendell Young (D) - Another Ex-Cop running for Council and endorsed by The FOP. Why? I don't know. The only thing I can put my finger on is...HE'S AN EX-CINCINNATI POLICE OFFICER...Duh. He's also another nice guy who is gracious and pleasant when you speak with him one-on-one. And he has a lovely wife with whom I have talked too. But does that make him "the man with the plan" to get elected to city council? I don't know. All The Black Fist can see in front of us is "EX-COP"! Now The Black Fist IS NOT anti-cop, we are PRO-good cops and PRO-good policing in our Black community, the same as what the white community receives on a daily basis and ALL year 'round. Now in Wendell Young's case I can't honestly say he wouldn't make a good council person, we're saying Wendell Young is an Ex-Cop endorsed by the FOP and if The FOP has a problem with Mayoral candidate and State Senator Mark Mallory being endorsed by The Black Fist because we have been deemed "racist" by The white power structure for standing up and speaking out for Black rights and against police brutality then does that say something about the nice guy "FOP endorsed" Wendell Young's political views in this city as it pretains to Black folk dealing with Police Brutality and misconduct? Maybe the Fraternal of Police know something about Wendell we don't...? Just an educated thought. What are yours?

Keith Fangman, Vice-President of The Fraternal Order of Police said, "The FOP endorsement committee would also revisit it's endorsement in the mayor's race, after its preferred candidate former GOP Councilman Charlie Winburn--came in 3rd place in the September 13th primary".

I've laid out some of the facts about these "FOP endorsed City Council candidates", Now it's time for you, Mr. & Mrs. Cincinnati Negro to look out for your OWN BEST interest, Do your OWN research and GET OUT & VOTE on Tuesday November 8, 2005. "RAIN OR SHINE".

And I have decided to open up this blog entry to all comments but let me remind you off the top, this is "THE BLACK FIST BLOG" and right here as it is stated in my first blog entry (See Blog Entry: "Welcome To The Black Fist Blog") we deal with issues and concerns surrounding BLACK PEOPLE, so I don't wanna hear no whining and bitching about, "Why y'all see everything as black and white". My answer to that would be simply, "In this world we're living in dammnit...IT IS"!

But believe me The Black Fist is NOT stupid enough to believe it's ONLY "Black and White"...IT'S ALSO "GREEN"!



Blinker said...

If you don't like anyone running for Council, why don't you run yourself?

The Smoke Eater said...

Dear Ms. X,

I have been trying to figure out what is going on with Kabaka... in a way I believe that he was framed and I believe it to be from the repubs in the courts...

It's about the courts...

How could I have been so blind... this isn't about the Mayor's race but people have been pointing that way... It's about the power in the courts!

What better way to make it look like judges are not going to tolerate the intimidation of a witness then to set someone up for the fall. Kabaka Oba was set up and given a harsh bond.

Just look at who Coes is running against...

Get the picture? What high profile republican lawyer would want Coes re-elected to a seat? And Coes is running against a high profile Democrat this year by the name of Ted Berry, in District 3.

According to Citybeat, candidate Ted Berry professes to have knocked on 9,000 doors so far with several weeks to go.

"I think it's important, if you're going to ask someone to vote for you, that you should meet them so they can get to know you face to face and see what you stand for," Berry says.

The son of former Cincinnati Mayor Theodore Berry, the city's first African-American mayor, Berry is one of three new judicial candidates with strong name recognition, Burke says.

Black & White Republicans are running scared and this whole Kabaka mess has just exploded in their faces, Ted Berry will be a shoe-in if the alligations are proved that Kabaka wasn't even on the scene when the alligations were made.

And we're all pointing at those that are running for Mayor...

What about the other races? In District 2, Rosalind Florez, R-Clifton, a mediator in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, challenges incumbent Cheryl Grant (D-Hyde Park).

Now here's another big one...

District 3 brings voters two heated races, with trial attorney Berry (D-Wyoming) challenging incumbent Kendal Coes (R-Springfield Township) and Lincoln Heights Prosecutor Rucker (D-Roselawn) challenging incumbent David Stockdale (R-Wyoming).

Go Rucker! What do you think Nate?

District 4 also has two high-profile races. Good (D-Hyde Park), a mediator, is challenging incumbent Russell Mock (R-Anderson Township), and trial attorney Jerry Metz (D-Mount Washington) is challenging incumbent Julie Stautberg (R-Anderson Township).

In District 7, defense attorney Jonathan Dameron (D-Golf Manor) is challenging incumbent Lisa Allen (R-Cleves), wife of former County Prosecutor Michael Allen. Will her husband's mistakes hurt her? Who knows?

Kabaka is in the midst of a battle for the courts... and already Coes had made a bad move... and if Kabaka wasn't at the scene... Coes is gone!
He should have remembered not to place all his eggs in one basket.

Rucker is a big name now and Allen is fighting for another term but sees the bump that comes with her husband's shame.

The Repubs are running scared and they want us to be distracted towards a conspiracy in the Mayor's race... But I am beginning to see through this band of bandits. And it's good also to see that with Mark Mallory not Co-Chair in the Democratic Party, we finally have people running against each other... Makes me think that Mallory has been for the retention of Repubs in Hamilton County for quite a awhile. Now that Mallory is out, the veil is lifted, and the Repub leaning courts are in a fight for survival, and they are grasping at straws... Kabaka was a straw that they probably picked but Kabaka gave them the short end of the stick!

Ha... ha... ha... I'm laughing all the way to election day!

And I'm standing by David!

And Berry and Rucker and Metz can hope on board if they want to...

Choo - choo - choo... don't stop the train from rollin now...
and free Kabaka! 250,000 cash bond? C'mon Coes give it a break!

As Always,

Peter Deane

P.S. Well Ms. X what do you think? I know you like white people to fear your organization but truthfully we need to figure this out. I'm sure that you would agree.

Now C'mon Ms. X, I think David will do a swell job as Mayor... you just have to try to get past the color of his skin. If you make judgements based on skin color doesn't that make you a racist? It's about the principle that matters Ms. X and one day I wish we can live in peace and harmony forever together.