Friday, October 7, 2005


This is a reposting of a Blog entry I posted in July 2005. The time has come for David Pepper to be "EXPOSED" and "RE-EXPOSED" as the white privileged, anti-black, arrogant, spolied, ultra crybaby that he is. Black Fist Commander Brigadier General Nikki X has been listening all this week to the "uproar" David Pepper "the international crybaby" has caused in regards to State Senator and Mayoral Challenger Mark Mallory "accepting" The Black Fist Endorsement from Brigadier General Nikki X. (See Blog Entry: Black Fist Endorsement For Mayor) No reportee Greg Kortee from that rag The Cincinnati Enquirer and most stanch supporter of David Pepper and his run for Mayor has written articles about how Mallory accepted the endorsement from a "Racist Organization". Well, my comments were heard loud and clear on several different talk radio shows this week and The Mallory camp WILL NOT denounce The Black Fist Endorsement nor does he have any plans to denounce the woman who give it to him, Brigadier General Nikki X Commander of The Black Fist. So people like No reportee Korte Greg Korte and Lil Petey Bronson also from that rag called The Cincinnati Enquirer...QUIT CRYING LIKE 2 PUNKS, BLOW YOUR NOSES AND GET OVER IT!

Now since that lil trick by The white power structure DID NOT and WILL NOT work, Let us get back to the business of "EXPOSING THE REAL RACIST" AMONGST US WHO IS RUNNING FOR MAYOR OF CINCINNATI and that would be COUNCILMAN AND CHAIRMAN OF THE LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITEE DAVID PEPPER!

Let's take a little walk down good ol' memory lane...Shall we....


Making Councilmember David Pepper Mayor of Cincinnati would be one of the biggest mistakes we, as Black people could ever make. I'll tell you why...

Black people in this town make up 50% of the population and what are we getting for our tax dollars at City Hall? City Council is made up of 9 members and a Mayor. The Mayor has Veto power but NO VOTE. Councilmember David Pepper needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his voting record. The days of just coming into The Black Community grinning, shaking hands, slobbing all over Black babies, passing out greasy ass fried chicken to Black preachers and making "PROMISES IS OVER" especially in the case of David Pepper someone who was elected to City Council TWICE and has a voting record that is publicly accessible and can be looked at by anyone. David Pepper has a "History of Voting AGAINST Black Issues" on Council, and his feet need to be held to the FIRE!!
Is he really voting in the best interest of Black people? As Mayor would David Pepper fight to make Cincinnati better for Black People? Would David Pepper as Mayor tell Chief Streicher that non-compliance with that weak-ass Collabortive Agreement WILL NOT be tolerated? Will David Pepper as Mayor, should he win, insist upon changing the way Police Arbitrate cases involving Police who KILL Black people "UNJUSTIFIABLY"? For instance, No-Good Racist Cop Patrick Caton one of the Officers involved in the BRUTAL MURDER of Military Gulf War Veteran Mr. Roger Owensby Jr. in November 2000. had recently tried to get his job back on The Police "Force". Will David Pepper as Mayor DEMAND his firing, if ever rehired? And will David Pepper, if elected as Mayor do what No-Good, On-his-way-out-the-Door (and not a moment too soon), Lame Duck Mayor Charles John Luken, The Coward WOULD NOT do and that is "Give [The Owensby Family] a PUBLIC APOLOGY on behalf of "HIS" Police Dept. killing their son!!!
These are just some of the many many questions that David Pepper needs to address if he wants to be The Mayor of this place called Cincinnati, Ohio and garner the Black vote to do it.
David Pepper CAN NOT win the Mayorship WITHOUT the Black vote. Now don't get me wrong we, in The Black Fist are NOT stupid by a long shot, we know damn well "CHEATING" happens every dag-on day and if y'all so-called "Presidential Election" was stolen not once but TWICE right from under your noses then please believe that this lil jive-ass Mayors race can be "HIJACKED" too!
So we must remember that at all times and be intellectually sound when casting our votes in November '05.

Let's take a look at some recent very important, high-profile issues that were brought to the floor of Council regarding The Black Community and see how Mayoral Candidate David Pepper, deemed by one local Black activist as, "THE SON OF P&G" voted...

Council members also chair different Council Committees, That is where most of the work gets done before the full Council meets on Wednesdays at 2:00pm to vote on the issues facing You & I. "Mr. & Mrs. Black Sinsinnati".

The Chairmen/Women of these vast Committees reads as followed:

Councilmember John Cranley: The Finance Committee
Councilmember Laketa Cole: The Neighborhoods Committee
Councilmember David Crowley: TheIntergovernmental & Education Committee
Councilmember Jim Tarbell: The Arts Committee
Councilmember and now Mayoral Candidate Alicia Reece: The Tourism & Health Committee
Councilmember and now Mayoral Candidate David Pepper: The Rules Committee & The Law and Public Safety Committee.

"Law & Public Safety Committee". Why is this so important to repeat? Well listen up & Dig this..

David Pepper made the annoucement that he's running for The Mayor's office in the first part of this year. He is seen on the front page of "The Cincinnati Hearld" (a Black weekly newspaper, 01-28/02-04-05) holding in his hand a "Cincinnati Hearld" newspaper with the headlines: "Our Children Are Dying": The Violence Must End..."Am I missing something here"? Isn't there something wrong with this picture Brothas & Sistas?
This is Councilmember David Pepper, Chairman of The Law & Public Safety Committee announcing his candidacy for the next so-called strong Mayor of Cincinnati and his "voting record" shows that every opportunity he's had over the last 3 and a half years to step up to the plate and help the Black & Poor Black Communities and come up with new and inventive ways to help stop the crime in our community David Pepper has squandered it! And don't take my word for it check his voting record.

Let's take a look at some of David Pepper's votes while he's been on Council, shall we...

When this City was facing "Brownouts" in 6 communities and 5 of thoses were predominately Black, David Pepper sat by "quietly" on his " WHITE PRIVILEGED ASS" NOT offering any solutions to ending this crisis that affected not only Black citizens but jeopardized the safety of some of our good Firemen & women in The Cincinnati Fire Dept. (that were becoming stressed & frustrated) by having to put out fires in communities they were NOT familiar with ie. not knowing where fire hydrants were, taking extra time to even get to the location of these burning homes/businesses & etc.
Now this Mayoral candidate David Pepper "sat on" a "$2,000,000 Slush Fund" called "The Clean & Safe Neighborhood Fund" a.k.a. what we, in the Black Fist called "Pepper's Playhouse Fund". Bottomline to all of this is David Pepper, "The Son of P&G" could have stopped The Brownouts BEFORE they even started if he would have "stepped up to the plate" the way he now wants Black Folks to believe he will do as Mayor and RELEASED at least $1.5 million dollars of that money! What is the purpose of having a "Clean & Safe Fund" if The Chairman of Law & Public Safety WOULD NOT use the money in that fund to fund The Fire Dept. that's in charge of keeping us safe? And to be real clear to you Davey Pepper....THAT IS NOT YOUR MONEY ANYWAY, IT'S MINE AND EVERY OTHER TAX-PAYING CITIZEN in this City!!! The effort to release this money (in all fairness) was spearheaded by Councilwoman Laketa Cole, Councilman Christopher Smitherman & another.
And what did Councilman/Mayorial Candidate Pepper do instead?
The Answer: NOTHING! except vote AGAINST using that money to fund The Fire Dept. and stop the brownouts...and for the record 1 Blackman DIED in an Avondale house Fire due to that Fire Company being "Browned Out a.k.a C-L-O-S-E-D DOWN" !!!!
Peace be upon that Blackman & his Family.

Seems like Mayorial Candidate David Pepper has some "BLACK BLOOD" on his hands as well as being an all-around Racist Wimp!!!

All Pepper did was whine & cry" like a bitch on "Black talk radio" shows saying repeatedly like a lil sissy "They [council] won't leave my money alone" (insert some punk-ass tears here)

Why did all of these Brownouts have to happen?
The Answer is simple. The Brownout locations designated by The "so-called Black" City Manager Condoleeza [Valerie] Lemmie WERE NOT in WHITE communities ONLY 5 BLACK communities and the other community is probably 80-85% BLACK... Hell we Colored Folks can't win !!! On top of City Council "CONSTANTLY" mismanaging Tax Payers Dollars and/or spending Tax Money on stupid shit like $7,000,000 or so for plastic mannequins in Sak's 5th ave. HHHuuuuhhhh ?????

Let's move on...

When Councilman Smitherman put a motion on the floor of Council to NOT have this rogue outta control Police "Force" Tase children under the age of 11, who was it to vote "FOR" Tasing the little helpless bodies of children under 11...You guessed it. It was dim-witted David Pepper! And we all know whose gonna be "Burning & Frying & probably Dying" under those "deadly" Tasers don't we?
Yep, yep, you guessed it...Black Children! Hey,now The Police can KILL our Black Children along with our Black Men and guess what..."The Black Woman is Next"!!!

Councilmembers are PAID to set policies for The City so putting this motion on the floor was what any good Councilperson should have done. But in good ol' Racist "SINSINNATI", of course Mr. Smitherman caught unadulterated pure 'D' hell for even opening his mouth like so many others before him in the past kept their mouths SHUT! (Councilman Paul Booth was one, remember him?.... A Blackman, Pitiful)
And this is the same David Pepper who in January 2005. (refer back to that Cinti Hearld article I spoke of earlier) came into Walnut Hills (another predominately Black Neighborhood) & posed in a Police Sub-station and had more "Knee-Grows" around him than he's probably associated himself with in the 3 and a half years he's been on Council and made his announcement to run for Mayor and vowed to "Work for All Citizens". Hell boy, you been working for all citizens...All WHITE Citizens! And for the record there were about 200 people that came out to City Hall on Wednesday January 26th at 6:00pm to "Speak Out & Voice their concerns" Regarding the Tasing of our Children! (So don't believe the WHITE CONTROLLED PRESS that stated about 15 people were there. NO! only 15 people were ALLOWED to speak, the rest of the Blacks who signed up to speak were DENIED by Lame duck dim-wit Charlie Luken)

The Vote went down like this: AGAINST Police Tasing of Our Children:

1. Smitherman: NO
2. Cole: NO
3. Crowley: NO
4. Reece: NO


1. Cranley: YES
2. Tarbell: YES
3. Monzel: YES
4. Malone (another scared to death ass mouth closed Blackman): YES
5. Pepper: YES

Whhaatttt???? Mayoral Candidate David Pepper voted "YES" to have lil children (mostly Black ones) Tased ??!!!!? My God, Lawd-a-Mercy...What kinda beast is this man?!!?

So what do we have here Mr. & Mrs. Black Knee-Grow of Sinsinnati? What in the world is this telling us Black Folks?
Like Director Spike Lee would say..."WWWWaaaakkkkeee UUUUppppp"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to stop electing politicians based on political parties and concentrate on "VOTING RECORDS"! We MUST NOT ALLOW these WHITE politicians to come into our BLACK Churches and use our pulpits for nothing more than "Grandstanding & Exploitation". And when these politicians come-a-knocking on your doors asking/begging/pleading to put up their campaign yard signs know who you are dealing with FIRST and what they have DONE for you, NOT what they PROMISE to do but what have they DONE!
And if you wake up one morning & look outside and there is an UNAUTHORIZED Elect (insert name here) yard sign in your yard..TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!! No one has the right to put ANY sign in your yard without YOUR permission first!

And one more (of many more) votes that should be of interest to the Black community...

When Councilwoman Laketa Cole, Councilman Christopher Smitherman & other black members of Council wanted to start a "Black-on-Black Crime Initiative" (The Black Fist thought it was WEAK to start with, but anyway) back in January 2004. to try and combat the so-called Black-on-Black crime epidimic in Cincinnati. Who do you think was the very FIRST person to step up and voice LOUDLY his OPPOSITION AGAINST that intiative...
Ding, Ding, Ding, yall on a roll! Councilman/Mayoral Candidate David Pepper! The same boy that was seen in "The Cincinnati Hearld" holding up the front page that read: "Our Children Are Dying": The Violence Must Stop that showed more than 20 Black Men who were brutally murdered in the streets in 2004. "Do you understand what I'm saying here"? That intiative was brought to the floor of Council in "January 2004." Pepper is holding up this picture of dead Black Men in "January 2005."! Saying that violence in our streets must stop. Maybe if he really cared about "The BLACK VIOLENCE" as he's stated in a Black newspaper & on Black talk radio but NOT on WHITE talk radio, there he makes it clear he IS concerned with crime "WHITE CRIME"!
Then maybe some of those Brothas on the front page of that Black newspaper would be ALIVE TODAY!
Huh, Seems like MORE "BLACK BLOOD" on this boy's hands!!!

David Pepper has REPEATEDLY had his chance to put something in place that would help Black Folks but instead he "punked straight on out" everytime.

There's more voting "evidence" out there that Pepper DOES NOT have the Black communities interest in this City at Heart.
I've named just a few "publicly accessiable votes" made by this "Politrickster Lite-weight Slickster" who is begging to be your next Mayor.

The Black Fist Organization is NOT impressed one bit by this talkin' outta both sides of his lying neck WHITE PRIVILEGED ARROGANT RACIST POLITICIAN so you folks out there don't get it twisted...In our opinion NO POLITICIAN can "save us" NONE!!! But present Reality & past SLAVE SHIPS dictate that while we are trapped here in the Hells of North AmeriKKKa we pay taxes (even when we don't want too) so we DO (on paper) have a say in this corrupt politicial system....Remember The Whiteman's Constitution STILL says, in 2005, that we Black People in AmeriKKKa are 3 fifths of a Human Being BUT that same wicked White Devil takes MORE than 3 fifths of our Tax Dollars don't he?!? Ain't that a Bitch?

So with that said, I implore you to look at the ENTIRE voting record of David Pepper and make up your own minds.
Does this man simply want to use Black folks ONCE AGAIN because he has a "D" behind his name (you know how you Colored Folk love to get down on thier knees & pray at the feet of the "Democratic" god/party) OR Does his voting track record PROVE he's a crime fighter, someone who cares about the senseless MURDER of Black Men?, Is he a man who would NEVER ALLOW a BLACK child to be Tased? (we know he'd jump in front of a Taser to save a Lil WHITE boy or girl)

And will David Pepper listen as intently to BLACK speakers at City Hall and "DO" something for Black Folks like he listens VERY INTENTLY when "The Westside" Whites come down in "CHARTERED SCHOOL BUSES" to speak/THREATEN them (council & Pepper) and Pepper JUMPS HIGH, GRINS & COMPLIES WITH THIER WISHES/THEATS?

The Question becomes: Has David Pepper "earned" the votes of Black People?
Based on his voting record which only validates his deep-rooted Race Hatred for Black People, I say NOT!!!
No, I'll make it plain & say "HELL NO" he hasn't earned Black peoples' votes !!!!!

But I do say is this....


Let your voice be heard at upcoming Candidate Forums (check back here on "The Black Fist Blog" for times, dates & locations)
At City Council Meetings: Wednesday 1:30pm, if you'd like to speak before Council, 2pm regular Council session begins with NO SPEAKERS ALLOWED or should I say "NO BLACK SPEAKERS ALLOWED!

The Mayorial Primary from which only "2 Candidates" will emerge will be voted on September 13, 2005.
Election Day: When The 2 Mayoral Candidates and City Council Candidates will be vote on is November 8, 2005.

"We Need To Throw Some "SALT" in the Politrickin' Game of a Racist Punk named "Pepper"!!!


I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

I've always admired you Miss General X!
You are beautiful strong black woman and what you have said about this little rich boy David Pepper is so true.
Keep up the good work glad to be able to read something from such a strong black female.

Anonymous said...

David Pepper has sold out Cincinnati time after time and to even consider voting for him is absurd. He won't vote for black people. He voted against HIV/AIDS and voted for $52 Million in tax credits for Convergys. We have children going to bed hungry living in substandard housing and he voted for Fifth/Third to have an atrium remodel. We need jobs and he wants to privatize our city. He prefers 3CDC over the City Planning Department.

Leopards do not change their spots and this little punk is a corporate mole! He should not be asking for your vote, He needs to ask your forgiveness.

Your actions are speaking so loudly, David, it is hard to hear what you are saying.