Sunday, October 30, 2005


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On Sunday Morning October 30, 2005.@ 12:04am the following letter of resignation was post here on The Black Fist Blog:

"I, The Delegate, am resigning from the Black/Blax Fist.

That was a direct quote from "The Delegate w/ The Black Fist" to the readers of this blog and his personal public announcement to the entire world. The Delegate wants everyone to know that he is NO longer associated with ANY organization holding and/or calling themselves "The B-L-A-C-K Fist" ~OR~ "The B-L-A-X Fist".

General Nikki X accepts "The resignation of The Delegate w/The Black Fist", from the organization with the name "The B-L-A-C-K Fist".

Good Luck to you Delegate on any and all of your future endeavors.

[UPDATE MARCH 30, 2007: I decided to re-post this entry from October 30, 2005., because there seems to be a little midget running around Cincinnati by the name of Terry Summers who was formerly a member of this organization and called himself "The Delegate" (what he supposely delegated in this organization never ever materialized nor did we ever know what it was suppose to be anyway), but this tiny fellow is now the NEW self-appointed lap dog/sucker/mouthpiece for a certain bipolar convicted felon. This tiny fellow feels the need to spread lies and falsehood about General Nikki X seeing as though in court on March 27, 2007., a certain bipolar convicted felon was harshly warned by the court to keep my name out of her mouth. So here we have the midget Terry Summers who has turned on me like a little bitty salvating beast for just a sniff of the dirty dingy drawers wore by the convicted felon, seeing that she was commanded by the court not to speak my name-- so in walks a midget to do it for her. What a shame! It is noteworthy to add that never not once in all the years the midget and I worked side-by-side did I ever once not defend, speak up for and protect his little worthless ass. But hey, the bible speaks of betrayal, lies and treason- mostly induced by a wicked scandalous Jezebel of some sort. Maybe he should spend less time making up lies about General Nikki X and take some time to sit back and try to learn a lesson or two from the deceased general about what happens to a person who gets involved and takes on the enemies of a known community terrorist and simple-minded coward like the bipolar convicted felon.

I hope this worthless little midget who perjured himself repeatedly in court for an already convicted felon, a midget who denied even having his slanderous little website along with the so-called "black norma desmond" bipolar convicted felon standing at his side denying she ever had a evil slanderous website which also constitutes perjury, can sleep at night. And I pray he doesn't end up like the last man who decided to stick his nose in where it didn't belong and take on the enemies of the bipolar broke-ass cowardly convicted felon.

NEWSFLASH Terry Summers: The bitch is a user and a coward! Get out while you can! Cause I'll tell you Terry...the bitch ain't worth it! But this shouldn't be news to you for you used to tell ME how crazy she was. And wasn't your very own sister whom I still love to death gonna beat the fuck out of the convicted felon a time or two? I believe so.

My how some worthless blowjobs and sweet talk/lies from a convicted felon can cloud a midget's mind and memory! It's Pitiful!

Your being used boy!!! WAKE UP!!!

And attempting to defame, slander and lie on General Nikki X won't make that bitch look any better when we return to court on December 4, 2007. In fact, instead of wasting your time creating generic watered down meaningless blogs in an attempt to be what you never can be again (if you ever was in the beginning), why don't you give that up, obtain a second or third job (that's if you even work at all) and help the bipolar convicted felon pay her victim his $3,140 worth of court ordered restitution and get her to her probation officer's appointments on time.
Judging by the looks of her in court on March 27th...she ain't got a pot to piss in, a window to throw it out of and not a clue as to how to get one.

Terry Summers I have NEVER been your enemy. In your heart you know that to be true. We worked together, I've always been there for you on the frontline and during all your legal troubles and incarcerations. I protested outside the Hamilton County Justice Center until you were let out of jail on bond. I drove you to work and picked you up from work too many times to count and it didn't matter whether the white man let you off at 12:00 NOON -or 12:00 MIDNIGHT. We were close friends and friends look out for friends. I supported you and I looked out for you not just behind the scenes in our personal lives but in full frontal view of the public in The Black Fist. And I might add that during all of your incarcerations, all of your legal troubles (For which our dear brotha Kenneth L. Lawson brought your little ass out on the WINNING side) and all the protest organized by myself, other members of this organization and other black activist (whom you and the bitch continue to attack) personally on your behalf and with us for Black Fist rallies and black community purposes -NOWHERE EVER WAS THE BITCH- you are now running around lying and keeping up trouble for EVER present at ANY of the above mentioned events. Except for driving around the block in her ragged ass car taunting and calling us (Terry Summers, General Nikki X, General Kabaka Oba, General Bahatisha "The Black Madonna", General Shannon X & others) vile ugly names for having the courage to do what she KNEW she could NEVER do. You remember the convicted felon dogging you and your beloved sister as we stood in the elements fighting for our people don't you? Well if you don't OTHERS IN THIS COMMUNITY DO! And that, my dear hoodwinked by a ho midget is ALL THAT COUNTS!

FOR THE RECORD: The convicted felon was NEVER a member of The Black Fist nor is she a member today. Attempts by Terry Summers (just as Kabaka Oba attempted before he died) to re-invent Black Fist history on behalf of this bitch will NEVER negate the PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH. What the bitch IS, is a member of the FUCKED UP CONVICTED FELONS CLUB and that is precisely where she will remain for the rest of her broke miserable worthless pathetic life! Sorry midget you can't scrape or polish the dirt and filth off that tarnished trick no matter how hard you try!

GETTING BACK TO TERRY SUMMERS: Boy don't start some shit with me on behalf of that bitch you can't possibly finish. You better do like our sista Aretha Franklin said back in 1980 and "THINK"!!!

Keep on lying in court for that bitch you you want too. Keep on sniffing her funky ass draws if that's your thang. Keep on fucking her for as long as she lets you that's your business but do leave me the fuck alone. I haven't done a damn thing to you but you've repeatedly lied on me and turned on me for whatever reason and you'll just have to live with that. But once again, you little worthless bipolar lap dog chasing midget keep my name out of your twisted black mouth!]

NOTE: The above statement within the blog entry was based on an email I received from the midget Terry Summers back on October 30, 2005, regarding his SELF-PROCLAIMED EXIT from The Black Fist Organization. The midget was never man enough to tell me in person or by phone that he belonged to the deceased general's "Blax Fist" outfit. He made it out like he was just finished with activism period as he wrote in the email that I re-printed. I even wished him the best and I meant that at the time. What a sorry state of affairs this has turned out to be.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Anyone dumb enough to be associated or get involved romantically wth the bipolar convicted felon is doomed from the start. The bitch is trouble and taints every fucking thing she touches. She's a coward who enlist weak-minded pu**y hungry men to fight her battles and keep shit going while she instigates, laughs and pulls the strings.
Evil is as Evil does. You reap what you sow. You live by the gun you die by the gun.

We all found that out around this time close to a year ago.

I will not be responding to any further outlandish bullshit from the midget Terry Summers for I can see he is just as twisted and sick as his convicted felon lover for whom he is now doing all the dirty work.

May the two of you do well in hell!

I encourage anyone interested in what was REALLY said in court on March 27, 2007., to please obtain a full complete transcript of my court proceeding against the convicted felon from The Hamilton County Courthouse. I was there in an attempt to obtain a 5 year restraining order seeing as the convicted felon has repeatedly threatened to kill me. The midget (in those proceedings as the felon's "witness" which I cross examined) admitted to reading this blog daily to the chagrin and anger of the convicted felon who was commanded by the judge to step away from the midget as she was BUSTED attempting to coach him in his lies against me. The midget stumbled and bumbled in his lies so much so, that the convicted felon was livid! It started loud talking and verbally attacked the court staff including the court reporter and upon the direction of the judge, a Hamilton County Sheriffs Deputy was ordered to stand next to the convicted felon for the remainder of the proceedings. Needless to say the convicted coward shut the hell up then.
Guess it was kinda hard for the midget to remember his rehearsed LIES when he was actually standing before the "powers that be". Both of them should be in jail right now for PERJURY!

Oh, and if you didn't already know, you lying convicted felonious tramp allow me to make it plain, Terry Summers is ALSO a SELF-CONFESSED WIFE/WOMAN BEATER so beware you could be next!
Old habits are sooooo hard to break!


The Black Fist Organization will now return our attention BACK to REAL issues that concern the black community...