Thursday, November 17, 2005



Congratulations are in order to our newest State House Senator, Mr. Eric Kearney!
Our dear Brotha Eric Kearney,42 is a newspaper publisher and lawyer from right here in Cincinnati. State Senator Kearney came out of nowhere and jumped right over top of some very well established and some less established shady wanna-be career politicians to be appointed by The Democratic Party to the seat that was vacated by 10 year term limited (Come December 2006) now Cincinnati Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory, who is officially sworn in on December 1, 2005 at 801 Plum St. City Hall in City Council Chambers.

Eric Kearney beat out the likes of State Representatives Catherine Barrett, Steve Driehaus and Tyrone K. Yates. Along with now defunct EX-Cincinnati Vice-Mayor Alicia Reece and Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory's Mayoral opponent Manchurian (crybaby) Candidate David Pepper (also soon-to-be EX-Cincinnati City Councilman come December 1, 2005)
So there will NOT be any mistaking my opinions. The last 2 persons I mentioned are the "2 wanna-be career shady politicians".

Eric Kearney is the President & CEO of Sesh Communications, one of the largest Black owned publishing companies in the southwest region of Ohio. Mr. Kearney's publishing company is in charge of The Cincinnati Herald, The Dayton Defender and Our Week. Mr. Kearney is also an Attorney at the law firm of Cohen, Todd, Kite & Stanford.

Bro. Eric Kearney has a beautiful wife whom I've met on several occassion and whom I like alot, Jan-Michele Lemon-Kearney and they have a beautiful little daughter whom I've also met, 8 year old Emmye and a little baby boy 18 month old Asher.

Mayor-Elected Mark Mallory should be very pleased at his replacement.

State House Senator Eric Kearney, I'm sure will do us proud! And good luck in December 2006, when you start your campaign for re-election. And good luck as well to Sista Catherine Barrett as she has already announced she will be challenging Mr. Kearney in that upcoming primary election.

Congratulations to Eric Kearney and The Kearney Family on his newly Appointed Position!

Now the Question becomes: "What does the future hold for EX-Councilmembers Alicia Reece and David Pepper"?
The Answer is: "Who really gives a damn"?

One Final Note: Wasn't David Pepper during the Mayoral election the one who constantly repeated the phases..."We DON'T NEED any input from the State House, we don't need their money..we in Cincinnati can run Cincinnati on our own"? Yes the hell it was! So why would David Pepper want to work alongside other State House Representative whom he blasted as this, that and a third...ALL NEGATIVELY, ALL FALSELY!!! He had absolutely nothing good to say about State Senator Mark Mallory's co-workers in the State house during the mayoral campaign and even went so far as to blast his [Mallory's] ability to get endorsements from his co-workers-- Black & White, Democrat & Republican-- but then this idiot [Pepper] turns right around after publicly stating he never wants to hold another political public office and damn near trips over his own two left feet to jump at the chance to take Mallory's vacating State Senators seat??!!?
Poor/rich arrogant spoiled confused David...No wonder Mark Mallory spanked his ass in what has now become known as a complete "Mayoral Landslide Victory"!

Well David Pepper, Punk whatcha running now? Except your racist pea-brain to figure out your next move! Cause it looks like you are S.O.L. this trip! That's Shit-Outta-Luck for those of you who don't know.

But I'm sure David is crying on his big rich daddy's shoulders and/or in the arms of his [alledged] homosexual kidnappers right now as we speak. And since General Nikki X is what one would call a "Gracious" Brigadier General, I will, David extend to you a future offer in the event you EVER choose to seek employment in political public life again. Which I doubt you could ever seriously be elected to anything less than County dog catcher at this point in time but I'm sure you'll give it the ol' college try!

Here's the offer to David Pepper I spoke of a moment ago:
Would you like a "Black Fist Endorsement" to help you along the way?....


Anonymous said...

Anton sez:

Little bitch David Pepper is done. He was not considered (correctly) for the Mallory seat and suffered a stinging defeat even though he out spent Mallory $2 to $1.

The City has spoken.

Hopefully, Pepper will take his San Francisco posse on a road trip. He got a ton of money from new York donors, maybe he can run for something there.

Anonymous said...

Once again thank you Miss fine ass General Nikki X for calling it like it IS!

Your Brother whom you've never met but awaits the pleasure of meeting you.

Bro. Richard

STONE X said...

For so long in Cincinnati, we've had wanna be career politicians
remain in office, because of the
purposeful dumbing down of it's

Thanks to (The Black Fist Blog)
General Nikki X, the blinders are being removed.

Politicians who have relied on
voter's being uninformed are
shaking in there boot's today.
The spirit of truth that lives
in Gen. Nikki X is being received
most graciously through-out
Cincinnati. Stay focused, play
past all haters.

THE DARK HORSE: Very Well Done



General Nikki X said...

My Dear Brotha,
I, Thank You.