Monday, November 21, 2005



As I sit hear listening to a broadcast of "Tracie Live" with host Tracie Hunter and her guest Jim Clingman on WCVG 1320am "The Gospel" live on location at "The Brighter Day Bookstore", I can not help but to think how far so-called ex-councilman, sometime "Rev.", sometime Civil Rights Commission worker, sometime friend of the black community and ALL the time friend of the whiteman & his dirty money Charlie Winburn has sank into his own personal filthy abyss of deception & deceit! And Charlie (who just popped up outta nowhere to make "himself" a guest on this radio show) talk about Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory and his "campaign" and this whole previous election cycle. Listening to Winburn speak about how he supported Mark Mallory and then go into his "Politician/Christian thing" makes me-- quite frankly wanna vomit all over this radio & computer screen!!!!

Charles "Charlie" Winburn went out of his way after running a failing campaign himself for Mayor, he lost in the September 13th primary where the winners of that primary were Ex-councilmember David Pepper & Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory where out of that we now have Mark Mallory as the new Mayor-Elect. Charlie went out of way every chance he got to sabotage the campaign of Mark Mallory, even going so far as to [allegedly] take money from the [David]Pepper campaign to write negative articles about an organization who endorsed Mark Mallory such as "The Black Fist" and was also [allegedly] paid big bucks to jump on talk radio shows around this city (black & white shows) to disparage "The Black Fist" and in turn subliminally going against Mark Mallory. You can not say you are for something then turn around and every word out of your mouth is AGAINST what you are saying you're for.

Why would Charlie do that? Maybe Charlie sold his soul to the devil himself to get out of a $200,000 debt he acquired during his failed race-baiting Mayoral campaign. I mean somebody had to pay for Charlie's "spooky scary tha colors are coming to getcha" commercials, remember those? I'll never forget 'em. I'm still having nightmares.

This is what Charlie Winburn is doing now. He is on "The Gospel" lying his black ass off. I have to make it plain as Bro. Min. Malcolm X taught us to do. Charlie is on "The Gospel" pretending he is an innocent of all the negativity and viciousness Mark Mallory suffered and could've been harmed by during his campaign for Mayor. I just thank The Creator, the people saw through Charlie's wickedness and beleive you me he wasn't working alone. Charlie and his crew worked overtime to sabotage Mark Mallory, writing lies in "The Cincinnati Enquirer" and working with their chief devil in charge "No Reportee Greg Korte" and staunch supporter of David Pepper. Korte, Pepper & Winburn were thick as theives during this election and all of Korte's articles were slanted to make it look like he was staying neutral and objective but right beneath the surface letting the [white] people know in no uncertain terms "Pepper is our [white] man"! And who was right there to help the white man in his devilment, lies and mischief...You guessed it! Charles "Charlie" Winburn, The white man's brain in the black man's skin!

There will be more on Charlie Winburn's wickedness and deceit coming soon..I'm a little disgusted right now so I will end this blog right here dammnit !!!!

(The Black Fist Endorsement of State Senator Mark Mallory came directly from Brigadier General Nikki X -NOT- any other member or Ex-member of this organization. State Senator Mark Mallory understood and "accepted" this endorsement directly from Brigadier X and he stated publicly that he was proud to receive it and he would NOT give it back regardless of the pressure he received. Mark Mallory stood strong & loyal with General Nikki X and General Nikki X did the same with Mark Mallory...Mallory & X stood strong together. See Blog Entry: "The Black Fist Endorsement" & "Mallory's The Man")


STONE X said...

He's a "sad man" whose desparate, going from talkshow to whom ever will listen to him trying to "Con" his way back into the grace of Black Cincinnati.

Black Cincinnati will never forget the "Dog Crap" that Charlie dropped, sprinkled with pepper, trying to stink up Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory's shoes. We all saw it and stepped right over it, on our way to the Polls.

Reminiscent of that "Rat", Marcus Jenkins, scavenging throught the trash of Ex-Councilman Paul Booth, in order to prove his loyalty to his "Massa".

Two examples, of "Sambolism", at the city level of Goverment,to show more loyalty, they would most likely lick
the white man's spit off his mouth, if asked.

You've forgotten how to talk to people an not just at them, creating
dialog is part of being a public servant. By the way you conduct business, you will never become Mayor of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati, do not be fooled by his Politician/Christian jargon, Charlie
is trying to ride into Political Prominence on the robe-tail of Jesus.

Follow the scent of Sambo droppings,
you'll prombly find the trail leads from "The Encampment" to "WCVG" right on to "The Buzz".

(Togather we can turn Willie Lynches
reality into Willie's Greatest FEAR,
Willie's Nightmare")


Much Respect To... "THE BLACK FIST"

General Nikki X said...

Thank you & Much respect to you as well Bro. Stone X.
And Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog!