Saturday, July 26, 2008


As Head of Security for The Black Fist Organization, I want to take a moment to remind everyone that as we are now in the middle of a hot humid summer season, we as adults must keep a watchful eye out for our elderly and our children.

Our elders and our children are the most precious resources we have. In this hot weather, check on your elderly relatives and neighbors to see if they have working fans and/or air conditioning systems. Make sure you visit them on a regular basis. And it doesn't hurt to suggest they drink adequent amounts of water/fluids as this hot weather can quickly dehydrate them without them even knowing it. Our elderly can become extremely vulnerable in this blazing summer heat.

We often hear in the news how our children left unsupervised can fall out of unlocked windows. Please check to make sure ALL windows, balconies and window screens are properly secured and in tip top condition. Little bodies can literally "slip through the cracks" and fall to their deaths! Children love to swim & play in and around the pools, so please remember to watch your children carefully as it only takes seconds for an unsupervised child to drown!
Children left unsupervised can drown instantly in undrained and/or unsecured swimming pools. There should always be an adult who is trained in CPR in and around the pool where children are swimming. And NEVER EVER should children swim alone!
Life-jackets should be worn on our littlest swimmers and/or those children who are not so experienced at swimming. First aid kits should also be kept close by, seeing as though slippery surfaces can cause children to fall and hurt themselves.

Children should NEVER be left ALONE in cars during this hot season. Even left alone for 10-15 mins. in tempertures soaring upwards in the 80's, 90's & with a heat index that can make it sometimes feel like it's "100 degrees & above", even with the windows cracked can cause little ones to become "overheated" which can cause "INSTANT FATALITIES".
NEVER leave a child alone in a car. PERIOD. But especially don't leave them alone when this hot weather can take their little lives in a heartbeat.

Please remember these safety tips and in cases of any emergencies call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

In times gone by, our elders loved us and cared for us when we were too young to care for ourselves. They sacrificied for us, they broke their backs to put a roof over our heads, food on our tables, clothes on our backs and "disciplined" us when we needed it. Let's MAKE THE TIME to give back that same caring protective spirit to them during this hot summer season and ALL year 'round. We must "Respect and Protect" our Elders.
Our children look to us and DEPEND upon us to keep them protected, healthy, and whole. They deserve to have a fun-filled "SAFE" summer. It is our job to make sure that happens.

"The Black Man & The Black Woman" must work together in "our communities" to watch out & look out for our own.

Make Safety #1 and remember "It's all good when Black folks have Safety in The 'Hood"!

(This entry has been previously posted during the last 3 summers and published in "The Cincinnati Herald " newspaper. Enjoy the summer and remember Keep Peace in The Streets!)


rob said...

a superb safety tip! now that the creepfist oba is gone, another summer is free for us to enjoy. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Children should never be left alone in cars in any weather.

Anonymous said...

I talked to a black female doctor at the University of Cincinnati Hospital and she said, " I am so upset because the white doctors were giving this new medicine to white patients that would either help or cure a lot of heart conditions," I tried to help one of my black patient and their were an outcry about it.

They came together against me and told me I couldn't do it. This is wrong because heart conditions affect most black people in the United States.When she told me that and I saw the cry in her face,that sadden me very much, This is something we have to look into and find out more on.

I'll get back!

Charles* said...

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Monday, July 02, 2007



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Ric Ricland said...
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Ric Ricland said...
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Anonymous said...

Bottom line: As long as we have chief Strichier in office as police chief, we will not have peace for what I can see. They must forgot about the crime he comitted against his ex wife who divorced him after he abused her.

He also murdered a unarmed black man is 1980, lied and got away with it.

Anonymous said...

The Boycott is still in Effect!