Saturday, July 19, 2008


The midget holding the yellow sign wearing a doo-rag and dark glasses in the first picture above is another one of my cyberstalkers, a 50 year old desperate house-shrimp, by the (legal) name of Terry Lee Summers a.k.a. the EX (so-called) "delegate" with The Black Fist.

This mini punk has, for the last 2 years joined evil forces, and under the very misguided direction of my other stalker who is currently (and how many times has it been now?) under house arrest awaiting trial for 1 count of stalking, 1 count of telecommunication harrassment and 2 count of violating a permanent restraining order, to now himself (Tiny Terry that is) harrass and issue extremely empty threats against me as early as today. This desperate little house-shrimp under the alias name and alias email address of, on July 19, 2008., attempted to threaten Nikki X but the little punk as he does on all his alias dummy websites & emails FAILED to be a man and sign his OWN name to his bullshit. He even lied in court under oath when asked by the magistrate who held up a copy of his website stating to the magistrate that he "never had a website that ain't mine". The house arrest loser said the same thing when asked about her filthy libellous website. BOTH OF THEM SHOULD BE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW FOR PERJURY!

Terry Lee Summers emailed me a letter of his resignation from the Black Fist Organization which I accepted and posted to this site without object from him (It is still posted in the October 30, 2005 archives). So all of his 2 years worth of slander, libel, defamatory and nasty filthy pornographic website postings (yes, Tiny Terry Lee has set up a couple of pornographic websites devoted to nothing but his online sexual assault against me, and threats of incited violence against me by others. I will NOT provide a link to Tiny Terry's filth) He is also emailing me bogus "copyright" threats & etc under the email address and name of a deceased Kabaka Oba. Why he won't he sign his OWN name to his threats, libel and pornography? Could it be because he knows what he's doing is a CRIME?

What Tiny Terry Lee's been doing since late 2005 & on is nothing more than a concerted effort to stalk, harrass, slander, libel and defame me on behalf of my crazed stalker Joy R. Rolland. It's just that simple. There was never any trouble between Terry Lee Summers and I within the organization UNTIL his unwholly union with my crazed stalker. You see within my restraining it clearly states that Joy R. Rolland is NOT to stalk, threaten or harrass me nor is she to have OTHERS stalk, threaten and harrass me on HER behalf.

Joy Rolland CONTINUES to violate the restraining order put in place by the court to once again await trial -WHILE- currently on probation for 3 years for hitting her son's father with her car. For which she changed her plea to GUILTY.

Terry Lee Summers is so stupid, dumb and ignorant he has allowed this convicted felon (Rolland) to brainwash him into doing the evil bidding she can not. (at least not openly anyway)
He learned absolutely nothing from the last man who hooked up with evil Joy Rolland and did her unwholly bidding terrorizing and threatening people who were NOT bothering him. Think back to April 12, 2006. Broad daylight 6 shots rang out in front of City Hall.

A MESSAGE TO TERRY LEE SUMMERS: LUST, Jealousy and Hatred eats the soul Tiny Terry. It's not my fault that when I co-founded this organization 8 years ago and established a well documented history of fighting for the liberation and salvation of the Black Nation, you, by your own admission to me (sitting in my car after I'd once again driven you home from a Black Fist protest) and also as public records document, Tiny Terry Lee Summers were emotionally, mentally and PHYSICALLY ABUSING your then wife. Thank God she sought help & got out before you had a chance to kill her. (I suppose it is true that birds of feather do flock together)

Take my advice and Free your soul today. And for once in your miserable life be smart and LEAVE ME ALONE. I've never done anything against you. I've never said anything against you. You were my brother and everybody whose followed The Black Fist knows I ALWAYS treated you as such. On the battlefield when you went to jail I ALWAYS had your back, I fought and paid money to get you out of jail and what do you do? You turned on me like a miniature rabid dog, attempting to slander and libel my good name, setting up a couple of fake websites chocked FULL of libel against me by order of my crazed bi polar stalker then tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to destroy my character even going so far as to lie in court under oath on me for a two-bit broke-down never done nothing for nobody CRIMINAL like my crazed bi polar stalker. Which by the way, my faithful readers, the magistrate DID NOT believe Tiny Terry's lies, crazy bi polar's lies or for that fact Alma's lies (Whose Alma? That's crazy bi polar's mama) and the magistrate proved that by granting me a permanent restraining order on December 4, 2007., and dismissing all three of the aforementioned LIARS.

I won. You two make-it-up-as-you-go liars lost. You big (I mean) You little dummy you.

And to think I was your comrade in The Black Fist. Wow! What a pity! What Disloyality! What a Total Betrayal!

Now my faithful readers, Tiny Terry Lee the Sawed-Off Punk That Just Won't Grow is issuing big threats against The General... and that's something else considering those BIG threats are coming out of such a teeny weeny itty bitty body!

Bottom Line Is This Coming Directly from General Nikki X Co- Founder Of The Black Fist Organization and Administrator of this website,

To Terry Lee Summers the COWARDLY punk ALWAYS anonymously or using a deceased persons name (Kabaka Oba's name to be exact) & ALWAYS hiding behind a computer extraordinaire...


(Now take your little bitty worn out teddy bear -OR- That wore out whore (before the law truly serves its purpose this time & FINALLY puts her in prison)... to bed tonight and sleep on that!)


One More Thing,
If you don't like what I publish on The Black Fist Blog then I have a simple solution that even a dim 10 watt bulb like you can comprehend..STOP HIDING IN DIFFERENT PUBLIC LIBRARIES ALL DAY EVERY DAY READING IT!

By George!!!...
We Hope He's Got It!


(This blog was the result of 2 years of harrassment, lies, libel & lewd pornographic online sexual assault on me by Terry Lee Summers and 2 years of my sitting back in silence attempting to just ignore it hoping he would tire, get a life and leave me alone. Well as of today NO MORE. From this day forward I will continue to expose Terry Lee Summers every time he threatens, stalks, libels, harrasses, uses my good name in any type of filthy sexually explicit way, defames, libels and/or slanders my good character.
Sometimes twisted sick people take silence for weakness and that silence does nothing but feed their already twisted sick obsessions.

Terry Lee Summers appears to be torn between his misdirected hatred for me on behalf of Joy Rolland, and his own longstanding twisted sick wanton pornographic lust for me that he can no longer HIDE nor CONTROL. Get some help for your sick hate-filled fantasies & twisted sexual obsessions Terry Lee. You are already 50 years old. Don't wait until tomorrow, do it today.

In The Meantime...

Newsflash for The Online Sexual Predator and Mentally Unbalanced Terry Lee Summers Mouthpiece For Joy R. Rolland: NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER! GOD MAY NOT COME WHEN YOU WANT HIM BUT HE'S ALWAYS ON TIME!)