Saturday, July 26, 2008


Haven't you heard? You can't stay if you can't pay! A person would think making sure they kept a roof over their head would occupy their time more than creating new ways to harrass, stalk and libel someone who hasn't been bothering them. But if the person (pictured above) is sick and twisted, torn between HATRED on someone else's behalf (a convicted felon/my bi polar stalker) and LUST (for me) that NEVER will be fullfilled NOT EVER IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT! I suppose ending up hungry, homeless and penniless on the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio would take the forefront.

Sad isn't it?

Look, don't let a little $550.00 get you kicked out onto William Howard Taft Rd.
Pay The Mutual Realtors LLC. (I'm sure these good people get tired of "making arrangements" with you every other month to get caught up on back rent). Get a first, second or third job to pay the people. Use your time creatively for once in your miserable life. Paying your bills on time, obtaining proper transportation at 50 years old and getting out of extreme poverty and hunger should be what you strive for in life -NOT- Libelling me on your fake pornographic websites and harrassing me through those websites helping a convicted felon to continue violating my restraining order.

Finally once again... I am asking you Terry Lee Summers to live your live (whatever that may be that's your business not mine) and Leave me the hell alone. Stop the harrassment. Stop the Libel. Stop the Online False Accussations, Threats and Sexual Exploitation.

Just Stop.

-It's Sad You Have Another G2 Eviction So Soon After The Last One.
-Good Luck On Saving Your Apartment.
-Just Pay The Good People At Mutual Realtors LLC. Their $550.00 in Rent & court cost.
-I'm Sure They Will Drop Their Eviction (case # 08CV21886) Court Case Against You..



(When a person ask for peace, don't continue to bring them war. I will not sit back in silence ever again hoping threats will just go away. As promised in my online journal titled: "For Tiny Terry Lee.." I vowed to expose my online sexual predator every time he continued onward toward evil and destruction where it concerns my good name and character.)



Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

Just like your freedom to move about freely via that electronic monitoring device on your leg.
Does Hamilton County Deputy Bryan Hale know you're NOT out looking for employment like you tell him but still attempting to hide in the public library cyberstalking me?

Sidebar: It appears he deceased you mentioned in your deleted comment told you just about anything to get blowjob and you fell for it. Way too funny!

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

It's so cowardly of you to claim to have all these so-called "facts" about me you claim to be "exposing" to the world, yet you continue to post them to my website "anonymously".
If you even believed a third of the non-sense you try to post to this site ALL DAY you should have the guts to sign your legal name to every single word and stand by it.


Anonymous said...

"sidebar: it appears the deceased you mentioned in your deleted comment told you just about anything to get a blowjob and you fell for it. Way too funy."

Now that was waaaaay too funny you got that idiot good Nikki X I can't stop laughing! However this is no laughing matter. protect yourself and know that you have people out here watching your back.

Anonymous said...

the dude in that picture is standing on our great american flag holding a rifle in his hand but can't pay his rent huh? I guess he'll have one more thing to cry about how this great american country held him down america is a great nation get a job black boy and get off the public dole!

Anonymous said...

Good idea cause homelessness ain't no joke them assholes need to leave you the hell alone! peace & supreme blessings
p.s. I laughed my head off bout what you wrote you got 'em good however sad it is that people can't leave well enough alone and take care they own! LOL!