Saturday, October 7, 2006


There is an Ohio gubernatorial race coming up in a few weeks. I've heard the back and forth rhetoric and I've seen and heard the commericals that are currenting being ran from two out of the four candidates in the race. The two more popular candidates are Republican Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland.

I have done the research on both of these candidates for myself. I am neither a republican nor am I a democrat. I vote independent. And I do my very best to vote smart.

I listened to 1230 am WDBZ "The Buzz" this morning and from 10am-12pm, our dear brother Attorney Kenneth L. Lawson host of The Law with Lawson Show, had republican guru Marcus Jenkins as his guest. Ken's topic of discussion this morning was this upcoming gubernatorial race and the pros of voting for the current Ohio Secretary of State, who is Kenneth Blackwell.

Whether or not you agree with Lawson and his guest in stating Blackwell would be the more qualified person to become the next governor of the State of Ohio can certainly be up for debate. However, it was a spirited show full of information and some of you may think misinformation. Either way, I'd like to ask the question and hear what your views and opinions are.

Personally, I want a candidate that will do his best and what is in the best interest of the black community. Blacks are suffering in Cincinnati and in the entire State of Ohio.

With that being said folks...


Republican Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland. Both are running for the November 2006, Office of Governor of Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Listen to the Green party candidate for Governor, Bob Fitrakis. He's an international election observer (and civil rights attorney) that documented how Ken Blackwell disenfranchised unprecedented numbers of African Americans in the state of Ohio.

Ken Blackwell stole the election in 2004. He's a trator to his race and our nation.

Anonymous said...

If you're against Affirmative Action vote for Blackwell. That's a big one. If you're against public school education, vote for Blackwell (in fact his wife is working to further ruin the system from the inside). If you don't want your vote to count, vote for Blackwell. If you want a Washington insider--one of the few people on the planet that get's one-on-one visits with George Bush, vote for Blackwell. If you want someone that is a two-faced liar that pretends he's not a Republican but speaks at exclusively right-wing neo-con Republican events, vote for Blackwell. If you want someone that cares more about catch phrases than people vote for Blackwell. (The Pledge of Allegiance, In God We Trust). If you want someone that is owned by the NRA vote for Blackwell. Or someone that has works tirelessly to make sure that gun manufactureres are not responsible for the carnage they cause. If you want someone that does not believe in universal health care. Vote for Blackwell. Ditto for rehabilitation and job training. If you want someone that supports the prison industrial complex, and more prisons, vote for Blackwell. If you want a liar that claims he's independent of Washington corruption, but did everything he could to (in his words) to make George W. Bush the next president of the United States. Vote for Blackwell. And what is the other side of the coin, what is his platform to get your vote? I'm black, vote for me. Is that enough? If he were a white man with this record would you vote for him? He's a filthy rich, low down scoundrel that has sold his soul, and is one of the main players, in the corrupt Republican party. Oh, and if you support unending war, invading other countries, losing your right to gain redress throught the courts if your wronged, vote for Blackwell. That's just for starters. On paper, there's no difference between him and David Duke.

Stickland has been rated by the NAACP as voting 92% favorably for urban and poor people's issues--housing, job training, child care credits, etc. Blackwell has no voting record but has been chastised by the Black Concressional Caucas as well as, as an enemy of women, poor people and minorities. Is that enough? I can give you more,

Anonymous said...

Ted Strickland is a status quo hoe. He takes money from the coal industry and any other corporation. He's not as bad as Blackwell, but he's still not worth voting for.

Free yourself from the two corporate party duopoly, where both parties protect the status quo prison industrial complex, the criminal injustice system and corporate welfare system.

Free Vote Independent!

Anonymous said...

Republican guru Marcus Jenkins? Shady business dealer, gay and woman hater, phoney address haver, West end wannabe, black people hating (unless it's maybe going to make him some money), jail everybody proponent fat-ass closet homo Marcus Jenkins. That Marcus Jenkins? No she didn't call him a political guru. Many other labels apply. How about asshole?

godstool said...

I prefer the guy who's looking out for the rights of everyone, not just specific groups. After all, if we're going to have a society that judges people on the content of their character and not their skin, we can't have a government that promotes one race over another in any situation.

That said, economist Bill Peirce has a great plan that addresses the root of black plight (and white plight as well in many Ohio cities), which is poverty. He wants to end the era of government strangling you for every dime in taxes and fees, and let you keep your money (and small busineses as well, who tend to make up the bulk of lower income employers).

check him out: Bill Peirce

Anonymous said...

These are endorsements from Blackwell's website. A group of more radical right-wing nuts would be hard to find. Notice he has not one endorsement from labor, civil or human rights, environment, or any other people's issue groups.
A-Rating from NRA
Club for Growth PAC
Ohio Right to Life
Cincinnati Right to Life
Citizens for Community Values Action PAC
Ohioans for Concealed Carry
Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families
Don Wildmon (of American Family Association)
Tony Perkins (of the Family Reserach Council)
Ohio Gun Collectors’ Association
Summit County Right to Life PAC
Family First
Concerned Women for America
Republican National Coalition for Life
Gun Owners of America
The Eagle Forum -Phyllis Schlafly
The 60-Plus Association

One last note. Any person that would classify themselves as an activist and then even consider Blackwell as fit for any office above dog catcher is obviously either stupid, naive, or a plant. Do you ever READ legislation or understand how Blackwell has thrown his support behind the most backward, heinous, immoral actions against minorities in decades. How would you even ponder this question. You have got to be a plant--on someone's payroll. There's no such thing as a Republican people's advocate. It's impossible. And of course there's no such thing as an independent voter. That's just another word for a Republican that's too cowardly to accept the label. You surely aren't a voice for the people, unless it's a voice for rich, republican people.

Anonymous said...

To the last Anonymous moron, plant or whatever you want to call yourself,the Democrats haven't done anything for black people since the 60s when people were in the streets.

Yes Ken Blackwell is the worst ever, but lets talk about the Clinton/Gore record.

They under-enforced civil rights laws while orating for them. Backed large prison expansions and failed to address discriminitory patterns of criminal justice enforcement.

They expanded corporate welfare programs while propmoting legislation for welfare reform that eneded the federal safety net and put many children at risk.

They fully supported the racist and failed drug war.

Independent Ross Perot cost Daddy Bush the election. Independent candidate Bob Fitrakis is a civil rights attorney and has a proven record of standing up for black people, most recently to expose Ken Blackwells crimes in the 2004 election.

Anybody but another corporate owned politician!

Vote Independent!

Anonymous said...

Independent candidates are not an option. In several states it has been proven that they were entirely financed by the Republican party to split the vote. You bring up Clinton. Certainly not a liberal politician, but don't forget, he was dealing with a Republican Congress. In fact, with a brief respite under Jimmy Carter, Republicans have been in charge since Reagan and that's what's happened to poverty programs--Republicans. Ken Blackwells. It adds interest to talk about independents. It would be wonderful if we had a multi-party system. But first, let's try to get back a two-party system. Then maybe move into a three- four-- party system. The conversation is about Blackwell. He is David Duke, George Bush and Rush Limbaugh all rolled up into one and in black face. Write down his record, his quotes, his stand on the issues and don't mention that he's black. Then see what people think of him. He's the guy that white racists get to say, "see, I don't hate black people, I like Ken Blackwell, or Walter Williams, or Condi Rice or Colin Powell. But ask if they like Maxine Waters or John Conyers or any of the real front liners. You'll get a different answer.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if REAL activists in cities like Oakland, SF, LA the Bronx had boot camps to train people like you that claim to be actvists. Throwing a fist in the air and calling yourself General doesn't give you the credentials needed. Understanding legislation, understanding local, national and international politics and its effects on issues of poverty, education, discrimination housing and jobs, is critical. Being able to intelligently articulate that understanding is also critical. You'll find NO political activists--other than right wing activists--attached to the Republican party. none

General Nikki X said...

And calling yourself "anonymous" and throwing a fit on a blog...accomplishes what politically?

Absolutely nothing.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Black people like Kenn Blackwell get spanked too, just because you are black doesn't mean you are right.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know, Just because strickland got elected, doesn't mean we ( black people ) like that white boy better, we just know a traitor like Kenneth Blackwell when we see one.