Friday, October 6, 2006


Twin white supremacist brats, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, from the white supremacist rock band, Prussian Blue.
(Check out the Adolph Hitler tees. What's next? Cute lil pink tees depicting black lynchings?)


This is a story for any and everyone who blames BET (Black Entertainment Television), HIP-HOP/Rap music and young black children/youths for all the social ills on the face of the planet.

This news report come straight from our dear brother, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, written September 21, 2006, in his nationally acclaimed "The Hutchinson Report."
Published at and posted here for all of you.

Check this out. I can't wait to read the comments on this one...

Last October, ABC News profiled 14 year-old twins sisters Lamb and Lynx Gaede and their white supremacist band Prussian Blue. It branded them the new musical spokes kids for white supremacy. That ignited rage and disgust in their hometown of Bakersfield, California. The pair's mother said she wanted a whiter place to live and moved to Kalispell, Montana. That didn't quiet the furor. A group of enraged townspeople are now circulating flyers headed, "No Hate Here" and demanded that the family pack up and leave. That may or may not be a good thing.

After all, as odious as their hate message is, the twins and their mom have the right to say and sing what they want. But even if they were given the swift boot from town, their music and the influence they may have over some impressionable, naive white 13-to 19-year-old teens, which is their target audience, can't easily be booted away. Prussian Blue pumps their music through a 24-hour Internet Radio White, and other sites, which feature more than 5,000 youth-oriented, white supremacist songs through record labels and websites.

The twin's cleverly mix personal, introspective, giggly teen chatter in their lyrics, along with patriotic appeals to fight for freedom to a stomp down, toe-tapping rock beat. That appeals to the musical tastes of many youth. The songs can easily be slipped into an MP3 player and listened to away from the prying ears of adults. In "I will bleed for you," for example, they make a plea for pride and dignity: "Have you no pride in your heritage, and no pride in your name? I'm glad that I'm not like you. I know my children are proud of me. Mine will always stay free."

White supremacist groups quickly spotted a good thing in Prussian Blue. A critic on the National Vanguard website gushed over the release of the group's second album, "The Stranger." He hailed it as the first white nationaist album that appeals to young white girls. The potential tap of the mainstream alternative rock market potentially could translate into millions of listeners and thousands of sales.

The twin's lyric deception is crucial in order to sale their race baiting ideology to teens. Much of the public frowns on the crude racism and anti-Semitism against minorities, women, gays, and feminists are considered publicly impolite. And white supremacist groups have adjusted to the times. They borrow the technique politicians perfected during the past quarter century to win white votes. They use racial and gender-inferred double speak, code words and code concepts.

In the 1960's, it was law and order, crime in the streets, rampant permissiveness and out-of-touch federal bureaucrats. In the 1970's, it was high taxes, crime and OPEC. In the 1980's and 1990s it was heavy-handed government, welfare cheats, drug dealers and gang-bangers. The federal government is an omnipresent force for Americans. White supremacist groups have transformed the government into an evil instrument that wrings hard earned tax dollars from the shrinking incomes of the white middle-class. The money, they rail, goes to subsidize welfare scamming women, crime prone-blacks and Latinos and assorted social and gender deviants. Many white males are gripped by the ultra-paranoid delusion that the government conspires with minorities, women and poor to marginalize them.

Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh punched all the code buttons in angry letters in 1992. He railed against crime, high taxes. corrupt politicians, goverment mismanagement and the "eroding American Dream." McVeigh made only passing comment on race and nothing on gender. It wasn't necessary.

The new breed white supremacist groups are also helped by the storehouse dodge tactics many Americans employ to mask racism. They accuse blacks of always "making an issue out of race." They avoid having any physical or personal contact with blacks. They get angry or defensive when racial issues are raised. They resist programs for ostensibly non-racial reasons that they perceive directly or indirectly benefit minorities.

The immigration reform battle has created a fertile new field for white supremacy groups to slip in their race-coded bigotry and corral new recuits. They play on the anxiety and fears of many American over illegal immigration and cloak their message of white purity in a call to defend the borders and halt an alleged alien invasion. The Southern Proverty Law Center, which tracks 700 hate groups, in its latest Intelligence Report notes a jump in the number of threats and outright physical attacks on Hispanics. The Klan, Neo-Nazi and racist skinheads have also staged anti-immigration rallies and marches. The twins appeared at one of those rallies and sported "Stop Immigration" t-shirts.

Prussian Blue's disarming lyrics and soft-sell marketing has touched off warning among the Anti-Defamation League and other groups that monitor the hate groups. They warn school officials to be on the alert for sneaky efforts by the hate groups to recuit youth through catchy rock songs. The popularity and deadly innocence of two 14-year-old singers give the warning even more urgency.
Earl Orfari Hutchinson is the author of Emerging Black GOP Majority (Middle Passage Press, September 2006), a hard-hitting look at President Bush and the GOP's courting of black voters.

Well folks, these two white racist brats are making records and making money singing about white supremacy. Now I'd like to hear where some of today's more hardcore rappers such as 50 Cent ever made a record talking about killing the white man and his babies?
I haven't heard of the record if I'm wrong
please enlighten us all.

These two white supremacist brats were featured on ABC News 20/20 and got such a negative response from the viewers (probably 99.5% were of the jewish faith, the white-controlled media doesn't give a damn about what or how the black man feels) the whole racist Gaede family went into hiding!
I noticed in the story there were mention of the twins mother but not their white father. OOOOhhh could this be a case of a white single mother not knowing how to raise her children right - so now they've turned into two 14 year old out-of-control devils? What's wrong with the white man that he can't stay in the home to raise his own children? Is he out smoking crack or shooting horse in his arm? OR is he an unemployed slacker whose out making a bunch of other lil racist devils in other ungodly unwed situtations?

All of the above questions are some of the same questions the white man in his 'high and mighty authorative do no wrong so-called position' asked when the black community has problems and issues it needs to deal with.

These two brats need to be redirected in their thinking before they get a rude awakening from some black person or person of another race (they sing about hating) and it gets ugly.

Am I shocked at this story? Hell No!!! I already know what time it is in AmeriKKKa.
And the faithful readers of this blog, I believe by now, know what time it is too. Now the question(s) of the day is "How do you feel about these two white racist brats cutting records about hating and killing blacks and being supported by their white mother in doing so?" -AND- "Is this a form of child abuse?" They are only 14 years old so they had to learn this shit from their mother and maybe other family members.

I'll let the Jews, Latinos and those "minorities" on their blogs deal with what they feel about these tworace-hating brats. Here at The Black Fist Blog, we want to know how the BLACK MAN & THE BLACK WOMAN feel about this shit.

Do you agree with Bro. Earl Ofari Hutchinson? -Or- Do you think this is just a bunch of hype to pump up the sales for Prussian Blue records/CDs? Don't get me wrong now, Prussian Blue has every right in the world to love their own race and sing about it till the cows come home but when they cross the line and sing/"giggle" about exterminating blacks and etc. Then oh no, fuck that shit, they are planted firmly on The Black Fist: White Racist To Watch List!!!
And we are in deed watching!!!

This should be a lively discussion and we look forward to your comments. White racism is alive and well in 2006 and for anyone to think it is not is in sheer denial and/or most likely a racist him/ or herself.

On A Personal Note: I watched the entire ABC 20/20 News segment of these two brats and quite frankly it was disgusting, racist and sickening to see how the host catered and babied them lil racist. While I can remember watching The 2006 MTV Awards and hearing the black rapper, Chamillionare (who'd won an award that night) in his acceptance speak, talk about the news program 20/20 offering him to come on the show to be interviewed about racial profiling then having that offer retracted. Chamillionare was upset about that and then went on to say, "The MTV awards have given me this award and they won't take it back."

This was after the 20/20 airing of the Prussian Blue story.

My Point? The point is 20/20 can highlight these twin racist (I'm glad they did for now we know the who, what, when and where on these two lil brats) but they [20/20] will retract an offer to a top selling black rapper like Chamillionare to talk about his own personal experiences (rapped about in his song lyrics on his top selling debut CD) regarding the very very real ill of racial profiling by the police?!?




Anonymous said...

Do you have any understanding at all that multi-national corporations own the media? And amongst that group are jews, muslims, atheists and mostly Christians. The studio system broke up in the 1960s and yes, up until that time mostly Eastern Europeans, some Jews were at the helm. Know why? They invented the entire industry.

Today, all major media--print, film, music, TV are multi-national owned. You're as likely to have a majority Muslim Saudis on the board as any other religion, ethnic group. In fact, your as likely to have an African American in a position of power, as a white.

It's popular to blame the negative images of African Americans on Jews or others when in fact, directors like John Singleton--writer/director of the lowest piece of trash to come out last year--Hustle and Flow, will proudly claim their art. He said he was turned away continuously and finally managed to finance that trash, that glorified pimping, violence, drugs and degraded women in a way not rivaled in any other film. He proudly gives interviews claimng that film was his dream, his baby.

Major media has nothing to do with a person--it's a board of directors, it's shareholders, it's multi-national. Ever heard of Oprah? or a dozen other blacks? What about Christians? How many of them are in positions of power in the media?

You and that goofball, Louis X are about the last holdouts to claim that there are cigar smoking jews making deals in back rooms about how to portray people in the media. It's more likely helmet-headed white women, or dashiki wearing black billionaires. Don't believe the hype.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams, a respected, high profile writer blames hip hop. BTW, Williams is a black man. You won't call him a "brother" after you read this. He also has a book out addressing all the evil activities of blacks.

The only difference between the mainstream hip-hop & rappers & the Prussian Blue girls is the color of their skin.

There's black supremacists out there & they are free to exist, so I hardly see why white supremacists, Hispanics, & Asians can't exist as well.

Actually, the Prussian Blue gals are cute & they do send a positive message to white kids to be proud of their heritage & culture. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not illegal.

Earl Hutchinson is being paid by BET to say all that shit. BET is nothing but a pimp for everything that's wrong with today's black society. And they aren't going to stop - they're making entirely too much money, rolling around in it, living large & not giving a freak about the blacks. Another criminal outfit that sold out blacks. You people just don't get it.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I just keep looking at that picture, and then, well... I just don't know what to say.

How strangely and utterly wrong...

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

BTW, the hip-hop music persona is funded by white business interests, sold to white teen boys who want to "rebel."

They co-opt the alleged "black" stereotype in their teen years, shedding it when they get to their twenties. In so doing, they perpetuate the mythology of the black stereotype.

Black kids are just as vulnerable to this influence as whites, naturally -- but come an older age blacks are "stuck," so to speak, with the racialized persona.

In some ways, I view hip-hop as the ultimate white subversion of black identity.

I mean, if suddenly the white music industry starting buying gospel music, and all the up-and-coming black artists were singing gospel music... well, what then would be the stereotypical persona for people to adopt?

And how would urban young black culture be impacted?

Ricland said...

A couple of points about how to blog, then we'll dissect your pemise, whatever of it there is to dissect.

First, the idea is to quote the germ of the idea, not the entire article. State your opinion, provide the illustrative quite, link to the article, and post.

And we know you're a Brigadier General and brigadier generals do things differently, but I'm talking about readability here. CRT screens do not lend themselves to reading overly long tracts of text.

Secondly, how does the premise implied in your title connect to the full article you quote?

You write "Blaming Hip-Hop for All Social Ills?" then quote an article that has nothing to do with Hip Hop or social ills associated with Hip Hop at all. In fact, it's not even about black people, who are, of course, the main victims of Hip Hop.

Don't tell me, let me guess -- you get your writing style from The Cincinnati Black Blog, right?


Ricland said...

A couple of points about how to blog, then we'll dissect your pemise, whatever of it there is to dissect.

First, the idea is to quote the germ of the idea, not the entire article. State your opinion, provide the illustrative quite, link to the article, and post.

And we know you're a Brigadier General and brigadier generals do things differently, but I'm talking about readability here. CRT screens do not lend themselves to reading overly long tracts of text.

Secondly, how does the premise implied in your title connect to the full article you quote?

You write "Blaming Hip-Hop for All Social Ills?" then quote an article that has nothing to do with Hip Hop or social ills associated with Hip Hop at all. In fact, it's not even about black people, who are, of course, the main victims of Hip Hop.

Don't tell me, let me guess -- you get your writing style from The Cincinnati Black Blog, right?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dean your twisty twirly philosophy about rap being white funded is as old as the argument that "blacks don't bring in the dope." Things have changed my man. Blacks DO finance the planes, they are at the top echelon of each of these industries. Can't have it both ways. Rap is either an African American artform, or an evil white invention. Either way, keep it. It's brought no benefits to the white community

General Nikki X said...

anonymous 9:52am

I deleted your comment because it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of my post.
If you'd like to comment on my post please feel otherwise find another blog to get off what you want to get off because the readers of this site are not interested in any dribble drabble about your friend and my trolling stalker.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

ricland, I see you found your way back over to this blog? What happened? You get tired of trolling Nate's blog? The boycott of Nate's blog fail miserably? Did you not hear me clearly when I said I was no longer responding to your bullshit and personal attacks?

Well allow me to make it plain on this site too just for you:

To ricland the desperate houseklown: I've spanked you repeatedly over on Nate's site now you want the same spanking over here huh?

Sorry to disappoint you but I have to many constructive things to do to have to take a detour and deal with a white man loving black man hating slave like you.

If you have a valid comment based on the topic of my post then comment on that otherwise join anonymous 9:52am and go find another blog to get off what you want to get off Ok for I refuse to allow you to funky up this site with your nothingness.

One more thing "professor houseklown" you must be stuttering because you posted the same non-sense twice.

Stay on topic OR stay off this site.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

anonymous oct 6, 8:33pm wrote,

"Actually The Prussian Blue gals are cute & they do send out a positive message to white kids to be proud of their heritage & culture. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not illegal."

If you read what I wrote you'd know that I stated clearly there is nothing wrong with these two brats promoting whatever they want when it comes to their own white race till the cows come home but when they get to singing/"giggling" about exterminating blacks well that IS racist and if they are actually saying the words "black should be killed" that IS ILLEGAL and it puts them on The Black Fist: White Racist To Watch List.
And we are indeed watching just as the jews are looking out for their own.

But of course everyone in the world seems to be afraid of challenging the jews on anything. Sorry to disappoint but here on this site we challenge injustice, racism, hypocrisy and the jews, if need be.

Now what part of this comment didn't you understand?

Anonymous said...

There's white folks who look after their own, too. Some negro terrorists on the white watch list:

That kid Ashanti terrorist bitch, who lied when confronted about her racist poem. When backed against the wall, she claimed it was for black people, to stop killing each other & all that business.

Negro rap & hip hop terrorists who threaten whites, especially white women - including NWA & the rest of the black criminals.

And many more. They're all on the national white watch list.

Racist terrorists. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought.
Nikki would not publish my comment. You are as bad if not worser than Joy.

Joy is no less or more a stalker to you, than you are to her.

Further, Kabaka was not a friend to me simply because I'm Arabic. He made that clear the few times in our presence. But I love his daughter still. I happen to work with Jamilla's mother at the time of her loss so I know what I am talking about. It is sad to know that because of you to stupid bitches, that little girl will never grow up to know her father.

What you two bitches don't know, well Joy found out at court, is that Kabaka was getting ready to marry her.

Now his daughter's 2nd birthday just past and because of you two jealous hearted bitches, he was not present.

Yes, there are people still upset. What makes it worse is to know you to bitches are still at it.

Like I said, it should had been you and Joy as victims. Not Playing victim.

Lastly, I dont have to comment on your topic. I can comment on whatever the hell I want. Like seeing that little girl grow up without her father because of a dumb ugly bitch (you) and a dumb heavy bitch (Joy)

Go and ask for forgiveness.

Across racial lines, it is a sad situation. You two women are to blame no matter what you say. It was the two of you fighting over this man. You couldnt get over him and she couldnt get over the fact you and Joy should be ashamed of yourselves.

General Nikki X said...

To "anonymous" oct 8,10:11am --

I told you before you can not get that off on this blog. I decided to publish your comments so I could address them. They are off topic and are the personal opinions of a coward (regardless of your race) because you did not sign your name and you obviously no nothing of this situtation.

1. The most important point I will make regarding the course of your misguided uninformed vicious vitriolic rhetoric is this:

General Nikki X DID NOT force Kabaka Oba to take time away from his 2 year old daughter, her mother or anyone else in his life to repeatedly get in front of the cameras in the studios of Media Bridges public access television to threaten, defame, slander, lie about and laugh about what they [Kabaka and Joy] were going to do to the "coons" [their words] on their collective list.

It was Kabaka.

2. If Kabaka cared so much about his daughter or his very life he would NOT have been brandishing his gun threatening to kill Howard Beatty and members of his family. Nor would he have repeatedly gone down to Junebug's restuarant threatening Howard in person.

Kabaka would have been home with his 2 year old daughter, her mother and focused on caring for them and NOT focused on killing Howard.

3. I will say it once again, no matter how anyone out there tries to make this about "two women fighting over Kabaka" that can be futher from the truth. Kabaka Oba choose to leave. Nikki X let him go. It really can't get anymore simplier than that. My stalker (the person you named in the course of your misinformation and vemon) is FIGHTING me not the other way around...and why is that you may ask?
Well, I feel generous on this beautiful Sunday morning so I'll tell you, it's quite simply actually, my insane unbalanced stalker is jealous of a MEMORY. PERIOD.
The memory of what Generals Kabaka Oba and Nikki X HAD. The work in the black community we DID TOGETHER, the personal relationship and mutually respect we SHARED and finally being the ultimate coward and insecure loser that it knows it will always be, my stalker (even when it was running around with Kabaka instigating the events that finally took Kabaka away from his 2 year daughter forever)knows even today it will NEVER have the kind of courage to accomplish the work of The Black Fist founded by Generals Kabaka Oba and Nikki X.
That is why my stalker keeps up the terrorism the two of them shared because quite frankly that's ALL they had between them, that's ALL that sick twisted union was about...It was about us.
Us meaning-- the "coons" on their sick list.

3. General Nikki X was not the one on public access TV calling the mother of Kabaka's daughter (whom you said was a friend or something of yours) a "bootleg baby mama" it was the person you named.

General Nikki X was NOT the one who physically attacked Kabaka's daughter's mother at the courthouse, it was my stalker.

General Nikki X has NEVER publicly or privately spoken ill of Kabaka's daughter's mother. I don't know her. She's not my enemy. And I'm sure she is hurting by the actions Kabaka and my stalker choose.
Kabaka's two year old daughter no longer has a father because Kabaka and my stalker kept threatening people, Kabaka kept brandishing his gun and Howard in a fit of rage killed him.
"Did General Nikki X FORCED Kabaka to do all the stupid ill-fated shit he and my stalker kept doing?"

The answer is NO.
I don't have that kind of power. NO.
I didn't have that kind of power. Nor would I ever want that kind of power.

4. General Nikki X has not spoken to Kabaka since early 2005 when she attended her last protest with him and he began to call black people "coons" and I knew that was not the kind of talk The Black Fist engage in. So even though we were not speaking at all I knew he was outta control, unfocused on the issues and ego-driven without true substance for what he claimed on talk radio he was for.
Kabaka viciously attacked black people just as he viciously attacked Howard Beatty and other black people.

So blaming General Nikki X for a 48 year man's personal or public actions is irresponsible and quite frankly stupid.

5. Once again, I have said it publicly time and time again (maybe you and others will hear me this time maybe you won't): General Nikki X kept Kabaka Oba safe from hurt, harm or danger as head of security for The Black Fist and as his friend, confidant and woman.
My stalker assisted in getting him killed.
That's just a known fact.
Blame the stalker. Blame Kabaka. Do not blame me.

6. Whomever you are who didn't sign your name or send me a personal email which you could have found the email address in my profile because you felt the need to express yourself publicly through my comment section, I am addressing you the same way publicly (only you know who I am I don't have that luxury): Do not send me anymore of this non-sense about my stalker, Kabaka, his daughter, her mother or YOUR feelings (for that is all they are NOT fact just your FEELINGS) about this situtation because you along with your friend had been used, lied to, misinformed and tricked by Kabaka Oba. I'm sorry that happened to his daughter's mother but that is between her and the Creator because Kabaka is no longer around to question and confront.
NOT me.

7. You said it was the two of us to blame no matter what I say. If in fact that is true then why the fuck are you even bothering with posting your comments if you care nothing for the truth.
That's dumb don't you think?

I was not the one with Kabaka when this shit went down. My stalker WAS. I was not with Kabaka when he was cheating on your friend with my stalker. My stalker WAS. I was not the one on radio, city council meetings, county commisioner meetings, TV and internet threatening to kill people. My stalker WAS. I was not the one trying to fight and curse out Kabaka's blood relatives and your friend during the trial at the courthouse. My stalker WAS.
My stalker is jealous of her [Melissa] that's why she waited until Kabaka died to start terrorizing that woman and making public claims that her two year old daughter was NOT his.
That was Joy Rolland doing all of that. Not General Nikki X.

In closing: Simply put re-direct your anger somewhere else or more importantly direct it where it should be with Kabaka, my stalker and the person whom it a fit of rage killed him (if you so choose) because I am minding my own business, running this blog, living my life and not in any way bothering anyone.

If you try to use this site as a way to "anonymously" vent your own feelings about shit you obviously no nothing about you will be deleted without me even reading the shit. Yes it can do done for that's just one more thing you did not know.

I was a target of Kabaka and my stalkers threats. I clarified and addressed the lies the two of them repeatedly told in some of my blog entries over a period of months. Just as I have done here with you today. That is and was my right. But I am not the one with an entire blog with nothing but words and threats that can get someone killed.
My stalker and the LATE Kabaka Oba did [does].

In the future, if you would like to comment on my blog entries and stay on topic please feel free to do so.

Any comments containing issues dealing with your previous post save it. Because it's your personal feelings and they have no room here on The Black Fist Blog.

If Kabaka cared about Melissa and Jamillah then he should've stop running around threatening to kill people with Joy Rolland and been a decent forthright honest black man and married the woman (if he so chose too) and lived his life to the fullest.

Is it General Nikki X's fault that he didn't....


Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X thank you for putting that person in they place with the truth!!!!! Everybody knows Joy is a certified nutcase who should've been locked away a long time ago! Everybody knows Joy is threatening to find you and kick your ass at least that's what she said on that TV show she does but I saw the two of you at Beatty's sentencing where you sat directly in front of her and she looked scared the whole time so her claims of kicking your ass is nothing more than TV tough talk. The person who wrote that has a lot of nerve blaming the victim (you) when it was the deceased who did everything you spelled out. I watched those TV shows and the deceased and the nutcase were on there all the time talking about what they were going to do to you, Nate Livingston, The Beattys and like you said the "coons'. The nutcase said on that TV show she wanted you and Nate dead time and time again. My question to that person is if the deceased was gonna marry his daughter's mama then when was he gonna do it? before or after he killed Mr. Beatty? before of after he stopped terrorizing you? (I really think he wanted you back sister X cause you were THE best thing that ever happened to him and he knew it)and was he gonna marry his daughter's mama before or after he stop sleeping with the nutcase?
you're right that person and everybody else need to place the blame where it belongs on the deceased and the nutcase NOT on you.
Stay up stay strong and keep blogging about the issues black people want to hear!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope I can give you some advice Nikki X: Try putting all important or positive things on this web site and you will get positive things back.


Anonymous said...

I think that you are absolutely right...right about everything. I have not a clue as to where the times are leading us, but as you said, the Klan and all those haters are all alive and well today, sadly.

Why is there such evil in this world?

Why Iraq? I don't understand. We have TERRORISM right INSIDE of the US, so why are we just ignoring it?

And I agree with everything that you have said, you are the truth in this matter. They cannot justify their actions...their deeds.

I hope they will repent soon and be saved, or suffer the mighty God's full wrath in hell.

-Princess Rue