Saturday, October 7, 2006


This cartoon is way too funny!!! I've seen several cartoons from the artist who has drawn this very acurate depiction who calls himself, Bearman. But I beleive he's out done himself on this one!

I Love This Picture!!!

Based on the current situation that's been brewing between Republican rich spoiled crybaby and sitting Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich and his equally rich spoiled crybaby Democratic challenger David Pepper.

Chris Finney is Heimlich's boy. And it's been said Finney has received plenty of money and a few contracts/jobs from repeatedly kissing Phil's ass.

The Subject of Bearman's Cartoon: I've read Finney recently made a public fool of himself (again) by cursing out crybaby Pepper (;-) at some Commissioners debate then turned around under pressure and apologized (;-( to Pepper for the cursing out then his puppet master Heimlich balled him [Finney] out for the cursing out he [Finney] put out on his [Heimlich's] behalf!

Wheeeew, did any of that make sense to you?

Our good friends, The Dean of Cincinnati and former 2005 mayoral candidate Justin Jeffres have been on Phil's ass from day one. These two fine journalist fellows have been publicly asking the hard questions no one else seems to have enough courage to ask Phil Heimlich, for which we understand he's been shaking, running, ducking and hiding.

Go to The Cincinnati Beacon website at and you can become up to date on this subject. The Dean has provided text, blog entries and a couple of youtube videos for everyone to witness the sissified punkified responses or non-responses from silly punk ass Phil Heimlich.

David Pepper is a bonafide crybaby bitch in his own right but this Phil Heimlich/Chris Finney deal is the topic of Bearman's cartoon today.

And way more funnier than the Son of P &G.....



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this funny picture Sister X!! Your take on the heimlich-finney-pepper deal was right on point!!!! I can't stop laughing that Bearman is something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!