Thursday, March 27, 2008


MSNBC's host of "The Keith Olbermann Show", Keith Olbermann gave a special 10 mintue SLAPDOWN COMMENTARY in response to the racist remarks made by former New York senator Geraldine Ferraro who was at the time on "Hilly's" campaign finance committee, and Sen. "Hilly" Clinton's lack of "denouncement" and "rejection" of such racist remarks made by Ferraro against Sen. Barack Obama.

Good for you Keith Olbermann!


Don said...

I can't see the video @ the moment but I saw it before. And I agree Olbermann pretty much spoke the truth about how a certain line of thought won't ever get a person anywhere. It's hard to find news people like Olbermann on TV anymore.

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

DELETED "anonymous",
Take your 1808 "White Confederate" racist bullshit against Sen. Barack Obama YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT (like it or NOT) and black people somewhere else!
Here at The Black Fist Blog, we are not trying to read something you would NEVER say to any of our black faces!
And would NEVER say to an intelligent black man such as YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT, Sen. Barack Obama!

Thanks for showing your white racist. It gave us a chance to tear you another one!