Saturday, March 22, 2008


Or...Does this look like a modern day hollywood movie poster of "King Kong"?

Why in the sam hill would NBA Star LeBron James agree to pose for the April 2008 edition of Vogue magazine, being only the 3rd man to ever do so & the FIRST BLACK MAN ever to do so, agree to looking like a hunched over growling gorilla holding the (so-called) damsel-in-distress (while grinning) white woman?

Three Questions swirling in my mind:

1. Why would LeBron even pose in this manner knowing the white man perceives the black man as an crazy ape, monkey, essence a THREAT to him?

2. Why would the "handlers" closest to LeBron James (if he didn't have enough common sense of his own) agree to the FIRST BLACK MAN EVER on the cover of one of the whitest magazines on the planet striking this particular pose? And why wouldn't these "handlers" not tell him, "We don't think you looking like a growling gorilla holding the proverbial in-need-of-assistance white woman on the white man's magazine is an appropriate image for you to send out to the already racist white world?"

3. Where in the world is this man's mama?

Nothing against brother LeBron but with all the money this man is making due to his talents on the basketball court why in the name of Jesus did he allow himself to be demeaned with this pose that quite clearly resembles the pose of KING KONG holding the white woman?

This picture is totally unacceptable!
And quite frankly FUCKED UP!!!

This is my opinion.
What is yours?



(In the comment section of this entry, a question was raised by "Kevin LeMasters". Basically, he said I "absolved LeBron James of any responsibility" on how he viewed himself on the cover of Vogue Magazine then went on to ask the question, "What does Lebron James think of posing on the cover in this manner"? I thought of this question myself AFTER the publishing of this entry however, I did not go back to include it. My additional response to my entry & the raising of this question was as follows: "LeBron James with a nice suit, tie and some Stacy Adams holding his basketball would've been more DIGNIFIED than his "King Kong holding the White Woman pose".

We here at "The Black Fist Blog" value the views and opinions of our readers and when they have good points, finds one of our contributors in error of some sort and/or feel the "addition to" a particular subject would be fitting to the discussion, we have no problem in returning to the entry in question and adding a footnote, correction or deletion.
We thank the commenter for his observation.)


Anonymous said...

You're the only one that thinks LaBron looks like a gorilla. The rest of us think he looks like a black, handsome, powerful, in your face M-A-N. Not A-P-E. Check yourself on this one.

General Nikki X said...

"Anonymous", You're right. LeBron is a "handsome, powerful, in your face M-A-N. Not A-P-E".
So why I wonder did he allow The WHITE MAN to portray him as looking like one.
Go back & re-read this entry. I'm speaking from the black militant point of view and in speaking like that and thinking like that I know just what the devil is thinking and HE not I put him on the cover of the whitest magazine in the world that's been around for 116 years with Bro. LeBron being only the FIRST black man to "grace" its cover looking like a replica of KING KONG HOLDING THE WHITE WOMAN.
That's what's I said.
That's what I meant.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!
Please Do Again We Look Forward To Your Comments!

Kevin LeMaster said...

General Nikki X,

One problem with your argument is that it completely absolves LeBron James of any responsibility, as if he's not a human being but just a malleable lump of clay.

Mr. James is a grown man, capable of making his own decisions. I think one thing we need to ask is: What does LeBron James think of appearing on the cover in this manner?

General Nikki X said...

Kevin LeMaster,

You are absolutely correct in raising that point.

I had that very same thought and I should have gone back & included it in my entry. You asked the question, "What does LeBron James think of appearing on the cover in this manner"?
My feelings are he should be thoroughly ashamed. A nice suit, tie some Stacy Adams holding his basketball would've been more DIGNIFIED than his
"King Kong holding the White Woman pose".

Thank you for adding your thoughts to the discussion and Thank you for Reading The Black Fist Blog!

ThatDeborahGirl said...

This post reminds me of that stupid TV show dancing with the stars. I don't watch it but my mother does. I'll never forget being so embarassed for Emmet Smith dancing around with some white girl to strains of "Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree".

I remember being angry and pissed. They should never have picked that song for them. I looked it up on Wikipedia and that's been 2 years ago and I still haven't forgotten.

It would do for white people to remember that black folks still smart over things like this long after they've ignored it ever happened.

General Nikki X said...

ThatDeborahGirl said...
..."It would do for white folks to remember that black folks are still smart over things like this long after they've ignored it ever happened".

You're absolutely right DeborahGirl! My memory is long & strong!

Thanks for your comment sista!