Friday, September 9, 2005


Mayoral Candidate Mark L. Mallory honored to have personally received "The Black Fist Endorsement" from General Nikki X.

Let the games begin...
On Tuesday September 13, 2005. The mayoral primary is in full effect. So cast your vote for only one (1) mayoral candidate. Because if you vote for more than one (1) your ballot will be CAST OUT!

General Nikki X and The Black Fist Endorse the following Candidate for Mayor: "STATE SENATOR MARK L. MALLORY"

Congratulations Senator Mallory on receiving "The Black Fist Endorsement" for Mayor of The City of Cincinnati!

And Good Luck on September 13, 2005!

We feel Mark L. Mallory is the best choice for Mayor of The City of Cincinnati because he has "never" been on city council and can NOT be held responsible for the "mismanagement of tax dollars" nor can he be held responsible for all of the "anti-black/anti-poor" votes that as a result has caused alot of the CRIME we see taking place in this city today. The other two (2) mayoral candidates (who are currently on council) are talking "crime, crime, crime" but are NOT taking personal accountability for the votes they cast which in turn has caused this city to become crime ridden. Those two (2) don't want to even acknowledge how Cincinnati has gotten to the place it is "under their watch". Mr. Mallory can see from the "outside looking in" that the only way "a change is gonna come" is from someone with the conviction to stand up to big business, stand up to The Cincinnati Police Dept. (when and if they are wrong) and fight for Black citizens to become economically stable by creating the jobs in the neighborhoods that are so desperately needed. That will create stability in the black community which will in turn stop the out of control crime problem.
A Mayor that stands up for the poor + Decent paying Jobs = Less Crime in the Neighborhoods

Mr. Mallory gets The Black Fist "Stamp of Approval". And we hope he gets your vote on September 13, 2005.

Get out and vote Mark L. Mallory for Mayor!

Addendum (Sept.11,'05 @ 1:45pm): 1. State Senator Mark L. Mallory was endorsed for Mayor by General Nikki X and The Black Fist on Friday September 9, 2005.

2. State Senator Mark L. Mallory was endorsed for Mayor by The Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday September 11, 2005.

"Do ya' think the folks over at The Cincinnati Enquirer are reading The Black Fist Blog and are "finally" listening to The Black Community, General Nikki X and The Black Fist"?
You be the judge...

(Photo courtesy of "General Nikki X's Personal Collection")


the delegate said...
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General Nikki X said...


Take your bullshit somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

5 simple words..
You are way too fine!


Bro. Richard

Anonymous said...

I pray that God will soften the hearts of all men and women in Cincinnati. I don't understand why we are pushing race issues.... we are all human beings on this planet. Lift up God instead of ourselves!