Monday, September 19, 2005



Once again, As Head of Telecommunications for The Black Militant Organization "The Black Fist", I want to state for the record what used to be stated by "ALL" members of our organization on ALL radio, TV and newspapers until arrogance, ego and falsehood "interjected, rose up and reared it's ugly head".

In the year 2000, there was a "boycott" of downtown restaurants called by some Black activist AFTER downtown restaurants "boycotted" Black people during the so-called "Jazz Festival" weekend by closing their doors to Black people. I suppose in their (white) view we (blacks) weren't good enough to sit our black bodies in their "fine dining" establishments. Although Black people "were" good enough to spend "black dollars" at the so-called "Jazz Festival" located also in downtown Cincinnati.

In the year 2001, The Economic Boycott and Sanctions on Travel and Tourism was called by the following Organizations: "The Coalition For A Just Cincinnati", Lead by: Pastor Dr. J.W. Jones (Peace be Upon him) and "The Black United Front", Lead by: Pastor Damon Lynch III, who is now running for Cincinnati City Council.
And The Economic Boycott & Sanction on Travel and Tourism continues today....We say, "No Justice No Profit", Keep your Money in your Pocket!

What needs to be cleared up today in August 2005, is this:
No member of "The Black Fist" organization WAS, IS or HAS EVER BEEN a Boycott "Leader". We have ALWAYS stated on TV, on all radio stations and in all newspapers, "We, in The Black Fist are STAUNCH SUPPORTERS" of the economic boycott and sanctions on travel and tourism. "NOT THE LEADERS".
And EVERY member of The Black Fist agreed UPON ONE ACCORD that, that would be the statement given throughout this movement. We, The members of The Black Fist have engaged in some "hard-core guerilla protesting" on behalf of The Boycott, called for some of the most "controversial marches and protests" on behalf of The Boycott and (even to this day) are "The most outspoken Black activist organization" to voice the concerns on behalf of all black people when it involves "Injustice", "Racism", "Police Brutality" and "The Boycott" at Cincinnati City Council Meetings.

Period. It's just that simple.

And contrary to what's being "expoused" by (1) member of this organization on various media outlets today..."That is the TRUTH".

I would be remiss as "Head of Telecommunications" NOT to have "communicated" that with the readers of "The Black Fist Blog" and I will continue to "set the record straight" on TV, on various radio stations and in newpapers whenever and wherever "arrogance, ego & falsehood" rears it's ugly head..

That's what I define as, "Untwisting The Twisted"....Once Again.

My only desire is for "TRUTH".
No matter how many times I must tell it!

Thank You (once again) for reading "The Black Fist" Blog.