Tuesday, September 13, 2005



As I sat watching Ch.12 Newsmakers with Dan Hurley on this past Sunday morning, I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at 2 of the Mayoral candidates who were invited to be on the show.
The candidates were as followed: Councilman David Pepper, Councilwoman Alicia Reece, Charlie Winburn and State Senator Mark Mallory.

Whenever the show's host Dan Hurley would ask a question of Charlie Winburn and Mark Mallory, they would answer the question with sincerity and clarity. They just answered the damn questions! But whenever the host would ask a question of David Pepper or Alicia Reece it was straight up comedy/Pitifully embarrassing!

City Councilman & Chairman of The Law and Public Safety Committee David Pepper was defensive, arrogant, egotistical, reeked of white priviledge and flat out unprofesional in all of his responses. But I was not surprised one bit seeing as though I have seen this up close and personal at city council meetings and Pepper's (suppose-to-be) Law & Public Safety meetings where he does nothing more than "PANDER & PACIFY" the top brass of the Cincinnati police, a.k.a. Chief Striecher, Lt. Col. Richard Janke, FOP President Harry Roberts and FOP vice-president Keith Fatman...oops., pardon me I meant Fangman.

City Councilwoman turned "appointed figure-head" vice-mayor Alicia Reece was straight ghetto. Period.
She had the head going back and forth like she shouldn't even be questioned on ANYTHING AT ALL. She "tried" to re-invented herself as someone who is fighting for everyone when in fact she is only fighting for herself, her daddy, their little "bitnezz" and thier own personal interest.
Reece sucked her teeth, rolled her eyes and acted as if she couldn't understand the concept of "your time is limited to speak, Ms. Reece"" or "your time is UP, Ms. Reece"!
She just kept on talking like she was chilling back at Intergity Hall instead of on a Television broadcast.
Reece should understand a "time limit" concept seeing as though whenever Lame Duck Mayor Charlie Luken is missing in action or "gone fishing", Reece has the opportunity to sit in "the big chair" and preside over that weak ass council down there and whenever an activist comes up to the podium to speak and that 2 minute buzzer goes off she'll bang that gavel repeatedly and act a fool, (once again) rolling her eyes and yelling until she gets the person (always BLACK) thrown out either by the officer stationed in council or the Cincinnati police, who are always laying in wait like the devils that they are.
Ready to bust one of our heads for less than nothing at all..while she looks on with her trademark sneaky lil smirk on her face really feeling her (only for that moment) power.
Alicia Reece should understand when someone tells her to "shut the hell up, your time is up"!
She sure knows how to "shut up" her critics...remember the "Got Milk" commercials?
Reece's TV commercials should've been..."Got Fire"!!!
She performed that same act over at The Urban League/WCVG mayoral forum about 2 weeks ago. Loud talking and OVERtalking the forums' host, Tracie Hunter host of "Tracie Live" on 1320am WCVG. Reece told Tracie "repeatedly" she needed more time to answer "her" questions and when Tracie told Reece (repeatedly) she would have to "wrap it up", Reece told Tracie Hunter to "just calm down", she said that over & over again then laughed like a hyena.
What was so freakin' funny about being rude and insulting to the host of a forum you're invited to partake in?
Reece and her loud ass supporters have been outta control at these forums.
Councilwoman Reece really had a nasty attitude and didn't mine letting everyone see it at that forum and hear it over the air as that forum was being broadcasted live on the radio.
Reece has no class nor does she have simple common manners.

"David Pepper and Alicia Reece are NOT fit to lead this city"!

Winburn and Mallory, in my opinion "won" that particular debate. And that's what we needed to see more of during these last couple of weeks...All Mayoral Candidate debating E-A-C-H O-T-H-E-R!!! I would've loved to see Sis. Sandra Queen Noble take 'em all on!!! Now that would've been "COMEDY" at its best!!! Wouldn't you agree?




Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly General X!

the delegate said...
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Anonymous said...

You have a hell of a way of phrasing things Sister General.
I really enjoy your blog out of all the blogs I've read so far and I've read plenty of them.
You are smart, funny and gorgeous.
A triple threat, I'd say.
Keep up the great job Sister Nikki X and stay strong cause throughout it all, you will come out on top.


Bro. Richard